Trump Says Google, Facebook In “Very Antitrust Situation”

Trump said some people see an “antitrust situation” with Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Responding to reports that Silicon Valley social media platforms are censoring conservatives, President Trump stepped up his criticism of technology firms – telling Bloomberg in a wide-ranging interview that they may be in a “very antitrust situation,” while repeatedly censoring himself over whether or not the companies should be broken up.

“I won’t comment on the breaking up, of whether it’s that [Google] or Amazon or Facebook,” Trump said in an Oval Office interview Thursday with Bloomberg. “As you know, many people think it is a very anti-trust situation, the three of them. But I just, I won’t comment on that.”

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"In a very antitrust situation isn't proper English.

Trump is an illiterate caveman who can't construct a coherent statement.

Possibly anti trust, people don't trust them, makes more sense than jumping on the caveman hyperbole. Dumbfag

Trump is probably THE stupidest person I've ever seen.

Trump's creative neologisms continue to enrage his critics. They seem to be in a very anti-win situation.

I love a good neologism…

In fact, in the one who coined the term 'thiquid' in 1996 when I watched my sperm rollout of a teenaged girls gaping rectum.

I'm not 'enraged' at all. I just think he's a stupid caveman.

lol @ YOU grasping for straws, defending the guy who couldn't figure out how to color the American Flag in a coloring book, and calling ME 'dumb'….

hahahaha !!

putin cum slurpers

The caveman didn't just color one of the stripes blue, he also left TWO white stripes between the red stripe and the blue stripe


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compared to the caveman….
this kid is like Albert Einstein

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"makes more sense"


Such shills. Such fail.

Also, Goolag had it coming. Do no evil they said.

Oaths mean nothing to liars.

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YES. This can only end with him winning bigly.

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nice anime pic


Sure is samefag in here

VERY antitrust laws to VERY monopolies


*in an exaggerated, lisping sissy voice*

"Sure is samefag in here"


"Thure is Thamefag in here"


Thure Ith Thamefag in here!"

dude, the way you use anime girl reaction pics is AWESOME

………..nothing effeminate
about you at all, huh?

If you stop censorship at jewgle, twatter, fagbook, etc., it will then shift to ISPs. ISPs would then be the ones enforcing censorship. Net neutrality is gone. The stage is set.

Ive seen all these same comments wtf.
They all made fun of trump lol. I dont even care to look into if the flag coloring thing is real

*writes a tiny eye chart on each of my testicles, then lays them directly over your eyes*

you don't have to 'look into it' too hard

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Very monopoly

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I want you to read the
first line for me

hey Turdskin,
I never read your copy n paste bullshit articles, and tonight is no exception. I just glanced at your stupid headline, and that's going above and beyond as far as I'm concerned.

I don't give a fuck about Trump's opinions or Google or Twitter or Facebook….

all I care about is Diana. when is that horsetooth prostitute gonna get a fucking job?

Good. Shut them down!! Google and Facebook have been up to no good for decades

hahahaha !! stfu

It's really just Philip and James who handle the bullshit stories at the Goldwater….

Diana is a nuisance who gets in the way, pretending to be a 'reporter'….

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Of course I realize that Jim is a cheap piece of shit, and he encourages his tiny staff to use an assortment of pseudonyms, in an effort to try to make it appear that he has a larger staff at the Goldwater….

So…. I'm not sure if you're one of the other monkeyfaced Filipino prostitutes, like 'Jash' or if you're an Eastern Indian dude, or WTF you are….

All I know is everytime I see your name associated with one of these ridiculous copy and paste articles, I don't bother reading any of it

All I know is your creepy name only pops up on Sundays… Which makes me think that you might be the douchebag who started this douchebucket board, which somehow ended up becoming nothing more than a Goldwater copy n paste shithole


what I guess I'm asking
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You'd be doing Diana a huge
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some people get triggered simply by seeing trumps face in this thread i love it

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The Eton Emerald seems nice, especially in a shithole like Manila

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What odd is how Philip and James get shit on by Jim, getting their 'yearly bonus' in the form of gasoline and bullets, while Jim pays for Diana to go on vacations, buy clothes, etc.

She's a prostitute

I haven't seen anybody get triggered at all

Are you sure you're talking about THIS thread?

That is a correct sentence in English.

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At least Google is leaps and bounds ahead of Fb in terms of social responsibility.

best post ever


whatchya been up to lately?

see any good movies
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this thread

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Here's her house…….

*gathers duct tape, stun gun, mag flashlight & video camera*

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Did you know that potatoes and apples have identical hexagon shaped cells?

*extinguishes a lit cigarette on top of your head*

Trump may actually be right about this one since Google has their shit installed on every Androidshit by default which could be a case that they are essentially controlling their services supply chain. Microsoft was hit for the same reason in the 90s

and yet manlier than you faggot.

Burgess Meredith was a Captain in the US Army Air Force

just in case you wondered

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Alt-kike fagots like you make me sick. Every alt-kike fagot must die, and will die, by the hands of a white renegade (in minecraft). The white revolution will not be started by limp-wristed fagots such as yourself, but proud white renegades igniting the fires of revolution (in minecraft).

Is it possible that irritable bowel syndrome could be contagious like yawning?

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Cydia Deshaisiana

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Sometimes I can turn my foot and my ankle makes a popping sound

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Then, other times it doesn't make that noise at all

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what is this thread about again? I can't remember

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Oh yeah now I remember

It's about trump not being able to construct a coherent comment

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Hate to burst your bubble but that topic doesn't interest me.

I want to talk about architecture

Outside the person in the mirror.

You've lived a really sheltered life in that case, my dude.

ahahahahahahaha oh my god, shills both mad and terrified. Desperate to derail this thread. Trump must be doing something right!

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liberals loved playing by saul alinsky's rules until we started playing by them.

For me he is right social media is not good to express what is your feelings.. Your life is not a showbiz


I don't think trump knows what anti-trust actually is. Or how to use it in a sentence.

it's not called "triggered" it's called, somebody does something stupid, so you make fun of them. It's not our fault trump does this every day.

Lol you watch anime and . Play video games faggot.

How mad do you have to be to respond to a post like that?

go to sleep steven king.

yes go out

'very antitrust situation' lmao i can't get over how perfect trump is as an american leader

You definitely earned my
with that stupid post

perhaps in Tel Aviv they haven't taught you that sometimes you can twist a noun that would otherwise be ordinary and require more syntax, in the case of words that bear enough weight they may act like proper nouns and may thus be used differently, as in the case here.

"very 'AntiTrust' situation" means here a situation which is very likely to be AntiTrust sparing the extra word "worthy" or some other variant because it is implied you dolt. Language is a vehicle for meaning - the meaning is fucking clear and that means that he was successful in what he intended to do.

Fucking kikes man, it seems like you're intentionally being retarded to make these shill attacks when this is GREAT FUCKING NEWS and you can kindly fuck off back to your stolen land, fingers crossed for some Iran action ;)

in other words, Trump is incapable of constructing a coherent comment


If a black woman came up to you and "axed" you a question, would you make the same argument?

didn't think so.

Unfortunately your claim is invalid as he's made several coherent comments. Maybe work on your argumentation as you should've said "Drumpf is incapable of constructing a coherent comment in at least 50% of all publicly available interviews".

also fuck fascist on both sides of the aisle

Axed? Like chop with an axe? How do you axe a question? That makes no sense, nigger.

The idea of Google getting broken up is a horror situation for a ton of people. You have NO IDEA how deeply burrowed Google is into shit these days.

100% agree to president trump maga US