Two women are caned under Malaysia's sharia law for 'trying to have lesbian sex'

Two Malaysian women have been caned after an Islamic law court convicted them of having lesbian sex, despite an outcry from activists at the 'cruel and unjust' punishment.

The women, aged 22 and 32, were arrested in April after they were found in a car in a public square in northern Terengganu state, one of the country's most conservative areas.

The pair, whose identities have not been revealed, pleaded guilty to breaking Islamic laws and were sentenced to six strokes of the cane each and a fine of 3,300 ringgit (£620).

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Sharia keeps sluts in line. I would like to see a video of them getting beat for science.

Isn't Malaysia fucking rich? why couldn't they travel to a neighboring country in order to get their dyke on?

So much this. 1080p stream to teach the world the meaning of justice served…and make me rock hard in the process.

They might not be. It's probably a political hit job on the two.

Don't see anything wrong with this. Caning is a great substitute for jail time. Immediate results and no unnecessary financial burden on society.

this but unironically tbh

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Oh, come on. All that did was just turn them on and give them a torture fetish.

Muslim asian people… This paradox feels like space aliens who would be at same time thousands years ahead and retarded.

Islam is all over the world. Which is why steps must be taken to either reform it into a non-mad dog version or remove it.

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It's so strange to think how disgusted I would have been 10 years ago at this news. But now I see the monstrous bloom of unbridled perversion in the West, and know that they are just in keeping it at bay. I hope these women learned their lesson.

Strange. I wonder how the authorities determined they were unsuccessful at having sex?

Also, I wonder if attempted lesbian sex has a lesser penalty than actually pulling it off. Similar to attempted murder being less serious than real murder.

Thirdly, some women like being caned so that could be a reward for them?

Yes I know my lines are double spaced but its technically not leddit spacing because its 3 distinct points

They probably liked it the dykes.

There used to be a site that uploading such things. It's gone now sadly.

ohh my G

"N-no, goyim, you're the bad ones!"

I see nothing wrong with this. Malaysians cane in public, more for the sake of shame than pain, sluts deserve to be shamed.

You can't reform a rabid hyena. You can only put it down.


So progressive
Such peaceful.

Wow, it's fucking nothing. If anything it just turned them on even more. In other muslim countries they throw degenerates off buildings.

An excuse for Jews to harvest White embryos for their blood rituals.

A 2010 report by Amnesty International described the severity of judicial caning as follows, "In Malaysian prisons specially trained caning officers tear into victims' bodies with a metre-long cane swung with both hands at high speed. The cane rips into the victim's naked skin, pulps the fatty tissue below, and leaves scars that extend to muscle fibre. The pain is so severe that victims often lose consciousness."

As the caning officers are trained to strike the target and drag the tip of the cane across the wound, the laceration will cause the skin to come off immediately and thus draw blood. Due to the physical pain and intense fear, the offender may lose control over his urinary and bowel functions, or even lose consciousness altogether. Offenders have variously described the pain as "intense", "burning", "being bitten by red ants", "like an electric shock", "worst pain in my life", etc. In any case, judicial caning usually leaves permanent scars on the offender's buttocks

meanwhile, the US executes

almost anyone would rather have the first than the second AND the first is less costly for the gpvernment and thus for taxpayers
it should be a no-brainer what system we should be using

They're executing jack shit. They're nothing but little boys torturing helpless animals. What's even worse…they don't do it because of animal instincts but only for selfish greed. The US prison system is a human slavery scheme and the few execution nothing but tools for greed infested politicians. Furthermore the entire US system of incarceration is a complete and utter failure, since it doesn't prevent future crimes, it doesn't rehabilitate or cure the prisoners, it doesn't send a moral message to anyone and it helps further corrupting the US justice system thanks to greed, corruption and power tripping. In the Jewnited States of America every citizen is guilty until proven otherwise and the justice system only works towards the end-goal of incarcerating everyone.

Why am I not surprised.

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Scars are the reminder.
When their 60 year old, morbidly obese husband buys them and makes use of his purchase, he'll see the scars and add to them.