Adopting more active forest management policies such as increased thinning of trees and conducting controlled burns will help mitigate damage from future wildfires, the Los Angeles Times editorial board writes.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke began advocating similar policy prescriptions earlier in 2018 after President Donald Trump blamed California’s “bad environmental laws” for creating a wildfire-prone environment. (RELATED: Trump Administration Is Taking Its Fight Against ‘Bad Environmental Laws’ Straight To California)

California forests have grown drier and less healthy from overcrowded trees, infestations of bark beetles and the effects of climate change, the LA Times writes. California’s restrictions on active forest management have contributed to the poor and worsening conditions of the forests, allowing them to grow uninhibited while suppressing fires that would normally naturally control the forests’ growth.

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This is all right wing propaganda. And right before midterms…convenient much?

Are you saying none of it is true?

To the terminally left, anything that contradicts their most holy worldview is false. Pick a side and then the truth that fits.

nice try CIA

everyone knows "fake news" is trump's un-secret code for "news about me I don't like"

Considering most people voted for him Its how he got elected, genius I'd have to say you need to reconsider what you think is true or not.

No such thing. What dumb nigger goes to the forest and goes, "too many trees!"
Yep. Damn immigrant bugs.
Uh-huh, yeah, those wildfires never appeared before, goys! They aren't natural cause they hurt my property value. It's climate change!

Next thing they'll tell me is to feel sorry for those idiots in hurricane land without hurricane proof houses.




please explain how an election result defines the truth. aside from that, most people did not vote for trump. just over half of voters that could vote, did. not even half of those that did vote, voted for trump, which means just about one quarter of americans voted for trump

Victory is an embodiment of truth, Trump won. If you didn't vote you don't have any right to complain about the results one way or another; even less than someone who votes for a candidate who lost. You should reconsider why you hate Trump when he's done no harm that Obama didn't do first, only Obama kissed the left ass-cheek instead of the right, all the while blaming Bush for why he couldn't do a damn thing to fix any of the problems he promised to fix, promising bipartisan cooperation when dividing the nation clean in two along party lines.

tl;dr Trump is a winner and his detractors are all whiny pissbabies

Bullshit. GW Bush and B Obama are proof that it is bullshit.

Right, but most Americans did.

Most of the voting American citizens did.

1. they planted those trees like retards. more green = better, so yes, those trees were not natural and placed too close to eachother.

source: me

2. just so happens commifornia is also infected with the beaner virus

3. wildfires have never happened before. this is all new. pinetrees and pinecones were genetically introduced in the 40's to combat the wildfires that were caused because of the industrial revolution. /s

such is real

IF that's the case the inverse is also true - if you voted you have no right to complain as you got precisely what you wanted out of it; a democratic say. So we should just stop talking about politics entirely because no one can have a political opinion outside of a few neat little colored boxes on a ballot. If you vote, shut up the end results, regardless of their outcome, are what you sought. If you did not vote you can shut up, the end results are precisely what you sought by not involving yourself.

So there we go, we can just end the first amendment with regards to policy making. Thanks man you've solved the problem that has been plaguing biology since the dawn of social animal behavior.

You fucking short sighted retard.

there are so many things wrong in your post. first of all, obama didn't "blame bush" and get nothing done. Bush in fact did make the 2008 recession happen, and what did Obama do? Pull the economy out of one of the worst downturns in history and in 8 years bring it back up to record levels. The success of which trump has inherited. Trump has passed no policies that would have any effect on the economy (other than the tax breaks which benefited over 80% weatlhy elite and corporations which did not "trickle down", as it never has in history, not even when Reagan tried "trickle down")
and considering he accomplished all that while governing against racist GOPs in congress is an accomplishment in itself. It wasn't him that was dividing, it was literally the right that fought against a president for the sole reason that he was black . It was during obama's time that the right closed off the usual compromise and STARTED the animosity that has become the norm.
The only thing trump does is try to undo anything obama, whether or not it makes sense. And his tariff bullshit is doing more harm to the economy than he realizes. Well, that's not difficult to understand, because trump knows NOTHING about economics. absolutely everyone around him from his own economic advisors and intelligence and family told him don't start this shit, but he's an arrogant, clueless sob.

most americans voted for hilary.

And most of the electoral college voted for Trump.

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As someone in the Forestry industry, I'm laughing my ass off. Told tree huggers for years that the forests in this country are suffering under anti logging laws and limiting controlled burns. The forest is a massive ecosystem that needs replenishment and cleaning to thrive. The fucking plants have evolved around the cycle of fire, new growth, old growth back to fire. Some pinecones need fire to melt the thick resin to release the seeds into the now fertile soil. Coniferous trees do better when their lower dead limbs are removed. They also do better when there is spacing at the trunk and crown from the next tree.
The fucking native Americans knew the importance of the fire cycle. People that didn't know how to farm in one place, knew how important the cycle was to the forest and its health.
You can do so much more for the environment with a truck, chainsaw and chipper than anyone with their hybrid or electric car.

You mean Mexicans.

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True but South Americans shouldnt have been allowed to vote.
If they only allowed US citizens to vote Trump would win the popular vote as well pretty easily.

no, i'm talking about americans. they said before and after the election that there was no evidence of "voter fraud" even though trump claimed there was once he learned he didn't get the popular vote. he pushed for an investigation while everyone around him said don't bother, organizations who already look into this stuff found none. as usual, experts tell him something and he dismisses it because he thinks he knows everything. So he started his own investigation and guess what? it also concluded there was no voter fraud.
but somehow after the results of his own investigation said "no voter fraud" he tweeted about voter fraud again.
and then you guys read his tweets and believe him, the greatest liar in presidential history.

not buying it

Found the lying Jew.

most whites too

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You have to clear dead wood you ignorant commie. Trees die naturally. Then they start to rot or fall over. This creates fertile tinder over time. Guess what? When the temperature gets too hot, and with a little wind that tinder could rub together and spark. ONE SPARK IS ALL IT TAKES.

Land management is necessary. If your environmental regulations outlaw proper land management then you get fires! Commies are destroying their own states with their anti-human anti-industrial stupidity now. Go figure.

BTW, unlike the eco-loonies like to claim, most isolated wildlife goes extinct for THIS very reason. Natural causes that have nothing to do with human activity. Just the cycle of nature acting on its own!

An adage that I keep in mind at all times goes like this: It isn't just that cities accumulate garbage, they turn what accumulates in them into garbage



I'm Christian, and obviously more knowledgeable than you.

it was trump's own investigation that he commissioned that also concluded there was no voter fraud, idiot.

actually, something is very right with my browser (tor) if it catches what's supposed to be an encrypted connection not being encrypted. Most other archive links load just fine, just not those. good luck with your shitty compromised browser that loads whatever the fuck with no regard to security.