Sweden - "Man-Free" Music Festival Opens, Where's The Gender Equality? (Video)

With legislators pushing for a law that would mandate a certain amount of women on each company board, it sure seems like the push for gender equality is being pushed behind reason. Why not hire the best, most qualified person for the job? Well, Sweden is taking this far-left ideology to their own extreme with a "Man-Free" music festival where "cis-gendered" males are not allowed. Cis-gender is SJW speak for "straight white male".

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/36064-Sweden-Man-Free-Music-Festival-Opens-Where-s-The-Gender-Equality-Video

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So a bunch of unprepared women are going to show up to a music festival that wasnt set up beforehand? This is going to be like that big fire island party that turned into an episode of survivor because the people preparing it didnt think things like water, food, and housing were important.
As soon as we give them the power to vote, they use that power to turn everything to shit.

Just imagine the smell.

Hiring at least some men to keep the muslim rapists out might be a good idea

It's not discrimination when we're doing it.

No sympathy for rape victims…what once was a sexist commentary can now be irrefutably proven right…they were asking for it.

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Gender equality never existed. Its just happened so that women are on the top priority of our decaying civilization.

What about the guys who are victims of the media's promotion of homosex

Deliberately not listening to all the warnings, even defending the most insane worldviews presented to them, and never speaking up against the injustice done to them, to everyone…sorry, but I can not waste sympathy on suicidal creatures. Also if you think the future for homosexuals is a golden one, you're in for a nasty stab in the back.

I'm pretty sure man only festivals are allowed. It's just that it would only be for gay men, because most straight men are going to festivals to pick up chicks.

I'd love to think that is the future but you know Jews in the whitehouse and all

t. boomer

A whole festival of piss break songs. How ever shall we go on?

wearing skirts on their exterior
they know the truth hurts women are inferior
they're born to be slaves and pieces of tail
and nothing on earth will make them male

It's happening all over the world—men are becoming the sub-slave class. SK is thinking of jailing men for calling cunts stupid bitches in game. archive.is/kCKlT


Women are weak and stupid.

If you die, you die bitch, your not my problem anymore

Your gender equality is that you can host your own music festival just for men. Enjoy your sausage fest.

Someone pls let the Muslims there know about this

pretty sure there are more than a few governments in the world that are not jews or the white house, who are making it a point to kill as many gays as they can everyday. why dont you start there instead of the usual imaginary suspects?

So its all bullshit, "men" can still attend. they just have to be homo, or pretend to be one. lame (how do they even police that? ask you if you're a "cis" when buying the ticket?)

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Wo-man music.

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Oh you mean this one?

And this one?

Let's hope it is user. Let's hope it is.

These cunts have been allowed to drive the country off the cliff, and are a prime example of how the western world has been irreversibly corrupted. Women don't understand any needs or concerns above their own and what their feelings demand, so every kneejerk sentiment they feel gets rammed into the legal system so they get that sense of moral superiority.

Meanwhile, the third world muslims taking full advantage of these open borders are coming in en masse, blatantly violating laws (and women), and won't be deported.

To a degree, we knew what our enemy was going to do the second we let him into the city. It was the traitor, the rat, the liberal openly crowing about how much she hates her country, that we never saw coming.

by man free they mean immigrant-rape-free

Like you and your mother
That's why I fucked her last night

Given how shitty their taste in music usually is, I think men probably dodged an awful bullet this time.

That's why these traitors must be the first to go.

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sexbots soon

they know they're going to be taken down soon, which is why they are doubling down now.
they also know they deserve what's coming for them so they are doing their last "fuck you" maneuverings before going down in flames forever


The wait is killing me but it'll be worth it.

I can only watch and laugh at them.

Working for women management sucks. Women are emotional, indecisive, dramatic, and they provide endless unnecessary gossip on the company dime. I'm sure an all woman get together would also suck. They can have it.