Angry Fans Burn Their Nike Products In Protest Of New Kaepernick Ad Campaign (Video)

Customers of Nike have decided to burn their Nike products in protest of the company's choice for the face of it's new Just Do It campaign which features Colin Kaepernick. Nike customers uploaded videos of them burning their sneakers, clothing, and other Nike products after Kaepernick was revealed as the face of the new campaign.

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buying the merchandise and then destroying it. fucking idiots why would nike even care? you already bought their shit. and keep in mind, the ppl that are so "offended" over this, are the same ones that wipe their mouths with american flag napkins on independence day and have skidmarks on their american flag underwear. what a sham of false patriotism.

its a step to make sure they never buy it again. its more for them than nike. they just publicize it because of a need for attention.

Why? I use a specific model of Nike because they fit my feet better than other shoes I can buy at the store without custom fitting. If I find a better fitting shoe that doesn't break down in a month I'll buy that instead. Why would anyone care about Kaepernick?

which ones? are they rare? pics?

Just some common model you can find at the store for $50 or so.
Its a shoe. It'll wear out in a year or two if you aren't a couch potato. Who gives a shit?

Genius marketing. Blanket media coverage, for free. Love or hate Kapernicuck, most Americans are talking about Nike.
Let the shekels flow.

To those of you saying people are destroying their Nike gear for attention are only part right. People are doing it for attention, and saying they are going to Nike's competitors for replacements. Most people are not buying shit to just destroy it, they are doing it to stuff they already owned. By making a big show of destroying the swoosh, it makes other companies pay attention. It also represents lost sales in the future, something shareholders are always worried about.

Because then they have to buy new shit, which will likely not be from Nike.

if I had to Google him, shows how much impact he has as a person

If they really wanted to protest they would have gone to the stores and set fire to the stores' merchandise.

The sad thing is that those clowns don't even realize that capitalism itself is at fault for all of this. And two weeks from now they will stand in line for the next collectors edition Nike shoe, like they always do.

>choosing (((Kaffernig)))
Nike, what the fuck were you thinking?

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Remember that scandal back in the 70's involving Nike's use of sweatshops? Yeah, I do, you zoomer faggots know nothing about it. I swore to never own anything Nike made then, and this just shows they never gave a fuck about anything but bottom lines even to this day.

Kid's in africa could've eaten that.

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Fuck all of you racists! Nike is based!
*ignores the repeated human rights violations and child labor employed by Nike in the thirdworld*




Why buy socks and shoes at all? All they do is cramp your feet and warp your toes out of shape!
Be like me and wear no shoes.

This tbh

Athletes foot didn't exist before shoes

I think they publicize it to get other people to stop buying nike, though there's plenty of attention whores among them.

This, ask sandal wearing Asians and nothing wearing niggers in Africa about their knee problems. Guess what, they don't have any body chain problems because they don't tie constrictive fluffy pillows around their feet like faggots.

This, also it's less brand representation, companies don't just put their logos on everything so you remember what brand you bought. They do it because it's virtually free advertising. Less brand representation = Less brand relevance.

they also work themselves into an early grave or work their bodies to nothing as opposed to just getting knee problems. they also don't need to worry about frozen toes and trenchfoot in africa and tropical asia.

We had cavefucks who hunted, so it depends what you call a sport.

Oops, I thought you meant athletes, not athletes foot. But still, I'm sure some cavemen had some fucked up feet, but they probably considered athletes foot a normal state rather than some condition.

The world is tragic in it's idiocy. Rather be entertained by an over-payed clown than give money to a nerd.

Now I get it. Should have googled before asking questions. Its politics.


They line up around the block to work at these places. 1 dollar/day is a lot to them or something. Not slave labor, in all fairness.