458 pigs seized from Kentucky farm to be euthanized unless they find new homes

Animal rescuers are hoping to find homes for 458 pigs that were seized from hoarders in northern Kentucky.

The state rescued the pigs from a farm in Falmouth last week. Most of the pigs are malnourished and some are pregnant.

Farm owner Lori Tristan says she started a rescue operation but realized she could not care for that many animals.

Rescue group officials say they’re hoping donations will help offset the cost of veterinary care and to relocate the animals.


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I had a pet pig once
Let me tell you, they're fucking adorable little things, very loving animals as well. They will snuggle up to you and fall asleep on you.

Now here's the bad news, they little guys are fucking loud. Don't believe all the cute pig videos on YouTube, they cherrypick a lot. Pigs make more noise and are louder than dogs, cats, and in my personal experience even a lot of birds. These guys are constantly snorting, which can be adorable, but keep in mind everyone can hear them making sound so be warned if you live in duburbia as you will be known as "that guy" very quickly, it is impossible to hide the fact you have a pig, you are warned.
Next caveat if you do not raise them from birth, they will NOT like being picked up, they will scream as loud as possible from even being attempted to be lifted, a pigs screams are louder than a jet engine and they sound jarring as fuck. This even applies to putting them on leashes, they will not tolerate even attempting to be put on a collar, do NOT think its going to take a few tries to get them used to it, you are wrong, its going to take months just to get them to tolerate a leash on them again, unless you raise them from birth and condition them right away to tolerate them. Pigs are also really, really fucking strong, stronger than even the biggest dogs and cats, their muscles, even as piglets, are roughly the same strength as a full grown man and they can fuck you up.

If you have a big house with a lot of land for the pig to roam around and make as much noise as it wants, then they can make great pets, otherwise stay away.

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