2.6 million Leave voters have abandoned support for Brexit since referendum, major new study finds

More than 2.6 million people have abandoned their support for Brexit and now back staying in the EU, a major study has concluded.

If the huge number of Britons who have changed their mind had voted to stay in the EU in 2016, the referendum would have delivered a clear Remain verdict.


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Bull. Shit. They've just forced enough rapeapes into position to sway the vote.

Of course they have, they suffered thanks to politicians like may making living hell for them as punishment for voting leave.

Surely this is the end of Drumpf's campaign

Knesset really gagging to get a revote.
These kikes have been hammering the fuck out of England for getting the balls to reject direct kike rule.

Ok, (((political polling experts))), guess we have to have more referendums until you get _the correct result._

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shut up, the *nglo menace needs to die

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EU can fuck off

democracy works! Just keep voting till we get the results we want.

Truly the niggers of the White race.

its just proved that voting made no difference, the muslims pretty much own the country now

I bet they're all boomers

Fuck off kike


I remember reading another article that said the exact opposite. I bet it something more along the lines of "do you think the current Brexit talks are working/is May right for the job?" etc. and people will obviously say no because they are intentionally doing a shit job. So they reinterpret that as "BREXIT IS FAILING, PEOPLE ARE LOSING FAITH AND WANT ANOTHER REFERENDUM".

This is probably what happened.

Wanna go against your overlords? Lets see if you feel the same after some starvation.


t. amerimutt who still speaks our language


this. but the person is dangerously obese and youre doing them a favor because they dont know how to make good decisions.

"B-but we told the goyim that if they leave, they'll lose shekels and their BMWs will cost more! I don't know why they could still possibly want political independence from our puppets in Belgium!" Shill harder.

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how many, like me, voted remain and would now vote leave? and yes, i fucked up. fuck off.

Post-ref propaganda successful.

I'm pretty sure it's bullshit.
By the way I think that if democracy existed and people from all EU countries were asked if they still want to stay in EU or leave, fucking EU would be no more.

We're not going to ask you to change your vote, because a certain tribe didn't like it.

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If you don't think brexit was about the EU sanctioned migrant quotas, you've got to be absolutely sleeping.

You faggots are doomed. Kikes own you. The E.U. owns you. Muslims will take over your country and you won't do shit. If by some miracle you manage to leave kikes will made an example of you. Your country and it's people will suffer but mostly your men will suffer. Your women will spread their legs for whoever and get food and a nice bed to sleep in.

I won't say anything other than asking: why you voted remain and also what has made you realise you wish you had voted leave?

Reminder that the (((BASED))) Polish immigrants threw their full weight behind the kike and mainstream media anti-Brexit propaganda in the days and weeks following the vote, with spokespersons from their UK interest groups appearing on the Televitz tearfully telling takes of taking terrible thrashings at the hands of "white britons filled with xenophobic hatred, fueled by brexit".
It was even proved that the most famous "anti-migrant" attack against a Pole, which was leveraged to the max against Brexit, was in fact a thrashing at the hands of a group of non-Whites, after, being drunk and Polish migrants often are, he called them niggers.
tl;dr Polish migrants fight for the migrant bloc, a classic case of "fellow white people".

Those statistics have been massaged like a king with a happy ending included

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Wait. But polls said brexit wouldn't happen?
Polls said x y z wouldn't happen?

"abandon hope for brexit"


Regardless of the vote it looks like the UK government is telling its population to go fuck itself anyway.
Reminder that your governments hate you and want you dead and replaced.