Washington - Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Dying Beaver


A man in Kennewick, Washington has been arrested after performing a despicable act on a dying animal. The incident began in Columbia Park in Kennewick, Washington late Monday night when a woman said she saw someone run over an animal with their car.

When she stopped to try to help the animal which turned out to be a beaver she wrapped it in a towel and ran home to get a container to put it in. To her surprise, when she returned to the scene 30 minutes later she found a man on top of the beaver with his pants unzipped.

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Beavers are a scourge. It deserved to get raped in its final hours. I hope it was in extreme pain. These cunt-ass cocksuckers chew down all the birch on the bank of the creek going through my property. I hope they all die painful fucking deaths.

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you should feel bad for being such a fucking failure

It was going to die anyway, who cares?

That's some serious wood

Less pozzed source:

Why am I not surprised that meth was involved?

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why boner

was the womans name Wynonna?

Daily reminder..

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Even Jim has been known to unzip his pants for a beaver or two..

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Is your beaver dying, Printz?

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Diana, your teeth are so big, you could hire a beaver to gnaw away at them until Monday and STILL have enough left over to supply an equestrian dental implant specialist

……..uh oh………..

I hope you didn't find that to be offensive

Diana, if I could hit your purple beaver, I'd let you live rent-free

after all, Jim's loft condo is only 375 square feet

and my kitchen is over 420 square feet

shit, even Wendy would like to make a meal out of your bucktoothed hole

the differences between Jim and I are:

-I'm not bisexual
-I'd make your beaver feel ALIVE again
-my kitchen is bigger than his entire condo
-and I don't need two wheelbarrows to transport my breasts

you and I should hook up, so Wendy and I can turn you into a fuck sandwich

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also, I don't have to be worried about entering the United States like Jim

I know you've thought about fucking me


(I'd treat your beaver SO rudely)

you should come to the United States and I'll give you some real MDMA and teach you how to take it up the ass… you'll have a blast….

plus, the Philippines are awful… you don't want to be there… it's gross as shit…. it's filled with disgusting Filipinos

Mein Sides!

Your sides don't matter, 69.
Just the tasty bits matter.
I personally like to eat beaver.

see a shrink please

I'm willing to bet you've never fucked another chick before, have you?

and I'm not talking about making halfhearted drunken innuendos you'll never follow through on….

I'm talking about you eating some beaver

Wendy will teach you how….

I could be your assmaster, blowing loads into your turds from behind, while your face is between Wendy's legs, getting busy and jizzy all night long to hardcore eurodance….

(hint: you'll never get pregnant in the ass)

I fucking love you, baby



not eurodance

I'm sorry, baby


you don't mind if I call you 'baby', do you?

check out my cats butthole, baby

I fucking LOVE YOU, Diana

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baby, I hate it for ya', but I gotta go

I'm painting tonight

keep that sassy lil beaver alive for me

until next time,
I fucking love you baby


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I'm back, baby….

but just for a minute… taking a short break from painting…

Diana, did you miss this sweet, sweet Beaver Cleaver between my legs?

This is some of the worst artwork I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen some really really bad artwork !!!

This is so hideous and amateur, it makes the average anime look like Salvador Dali or something

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Diana, I bet you'd enjoy this movie.

It would be really nice to take you out to see a movie in the theater (after taking you to the vet and having you dewormed)

you and I are amazing together

I'm sure you understand.

I just don't know where you been, or if Jim ever had you dewormed.

I love you, baby

I'll take good care of you

Happy to see Beaver-Bread still going..
Pleeze Don't H8 PicsArt..

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who the fuck does he think he's talking to? wtf is all this 'deworming' bullshit, anyway?

The amount of rage against the beaver scourge in this post made me laff. Cheers.

I thought you were leaving you autistic loser.

Trying this hard to get Satan to leave.

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You're gonna die anyways too, where you at?

He could have been canadian.

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Was the beaver still wet at the time?

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I love this site!

You would.
[spoiler]or shouldI say, 'You Wood'?

Wow! I really fucked that post and spoiler up!
Kudos to me!

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I am now magining that sound coming from the beaver while I am fucking it.
Thanks, user.
Just been awhile since I've seen that one.

Were you trying to say
Inquiring beavers want to know.

He feeds off of (yous) let's starve him, eh?

I would sigh but this is an incredibly common form of retard.

Police did not show up in time to save the life of the beaver.
Guess he's sorry now about this little display the day before.

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Why does everything have to get political nowadays?

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Because, beavers..

what kind of stupid moron does this
not even furries are this idiotic

What part of
do you not undestand?

The raping a dying beaver part, maybe?

It's on my bucket list now.

Don't worry. I wanna fugg a dying beaver too, user. Someday I'll get my chance. You run over one for me and I'll run over one for you, k?
we'll obviously post the livestream links here.

nigga that's an otter

You otter pay attention to yer own bizness.
Nice catch though!

They all look the same to me.
I otter have a beaver whenever I damn well..

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You mean the baby bird, right?

No. Beavers are chicks too, ya know.

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'Little' being the operative word, amirite, user?

How old was tge dying beaver?
Did both parties give consent?

/zoo/ strikes again.