Texas - Truck Driver Rams Into Dallas Fox Studios Wanting To “Purge Fake Media" (Video)

A man wanting to ‘purge the fake media’ rammed his pickup truck through the walls of the Fox 4 studios in Dallas multiple times and was later arrested.

The suspect left papers and was heard ranting and “screaming about treason.”


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Four more days till the political landscape of the largest Scandinavian nation is set to be rocked by an earthquake, because if polls are correct then the rightwing anti-immigration anti-Europe Sweden Democrats could take nearly 20% of the vote.


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Pisswater reporters are so retarded they put other articles in the same thread instead of making a new one

He missed CNN and MSNBC by alot.





FOX news was the only one that actually went to court and argued they were not real news and had every right to broadcast fake news stories and make their anchors report them. FOX news won that case.

this is how you can tell you're a trump supporter. you like the "news" network that the president likes, because they don't report on all the stupid shit he does every day… meaning they don't report the news, just shove their noses up trump's ass all day.

Yes because freedom of the press and what not you don't have to tell the truth legally. People shouldn't be so trustful of the media, then turn around and freak out when they find out it's not the truth. These are COMPANIES, businesses, they make money off of YOU. It's not their actually job to inform you for fucks sake America get a fucking grip.

If he rammed into CNN building then the entire (((media))) would be shrieking about crazy Trump supporter but since he rammed into Fox no one says anything

Dead media can't tell lies.

no, it IS their job to report on the facts. FOX is the least capable of that, and as mentioned the only broadcaster who actually fought in court for the right to broadcast pure fiction.
Just because CNN shits on trump a lot more than FOX (for good reason, he does stupid stuff every single fucking day) doesn't mean they're "fake."
Actually making up fake news stories, distracting from real news stories and omitting trump's stupidity from their broadcasts makes FOX as fake as can be.

You mean you don't remember when CNN forged papers to claim Bush wasn't in the airforce and was sued for it?
Or when they gave debate questions to Hillary?

He had a choice of targets and he aloha snackbarred Fox? They're no angels but CNN is far and away the worst culprit. I wonder if CNN arranged for this to happen.

this guy only got one turd in a sewer of shit news.

no I don't remember that. do you have proof? other than someone's blog?

you're deranged. fox is terribly biased. CNN is not nearly as much. they give equal time to all sides, even if they are forced to report on trump's daily stupidity

You're either retarded or Don Lemon. But I repeat myself.

CNN are DNC shills.

I can't believe someone is actually defending CNN. This has to be a troll.

Go fuck yourself lazy cunt.

still so much wrong with your posts

You said CNN. The pages say CBS. I guess you got that detail wrong because trump has you frothing at the mouth with his constant attacks on CNN while he doesn't say anything about CBS
second of all, it seems that CBS was duped and later aired a retraction. I'd like to see FOX do that once in a while. Bill O'Reilly, the scum, used to ALWAYS lie on air and misrepresent "facts" and after being caught out, would NEVER air a retraction. He'd just make his next show, airing more bs that he would never vet or apologize for when it was revealed he was dead wrong. (remember, FOX official position is that broadcasting fiction and "fake news" is their right)
I was actually only referring to the Bush assertion. Which you were wrong on. There was no "fake news" or anything remotely resembling an actual INTENT to air fiction (CBS retracted and apologized) whereas FOX does this with no apologies as a matter of normal business. Broadcasting fiction is their official, legally court-won right and they exercise it regularly.
Also, try posting a link to something that I don't have to pay to see.

Ronald Reagan repealed a law that required news outlets to report factually. Being able to say whatever you want has nothing to do with freedom of the press.

No one cares nigga lol.
CNN is considered propaganda at this point your bullshit doesn't carry weight as much as you try to spin things.

CNN is only considered propaganda by a president who is the greatest, sorry WORST liar in history. And the reason for that is because they actually broadcast the truth. you know it too, no matter how much you regurgitate trump's words.

CNN is considered propaganda by pretty much everyone.
You don't need to take the God Emperor's word for it.

It's shocking how stupid and clueless people are sometimes

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found the NPC.


FOX makes fake news too

Shut the fuck up we don't like jew boy Trump, he's on your leftist Jewish side not ours

Based truck driver


Imagine how deranged you'd have to be to believe this. You're nuts. Seriously, seek help or take your meds.

how deranged would you have to believe to put FOX anywhere but near the bottom of the pile for credibility? As has been explained, they FOUGHT a legal battle to broadcast fiction. It's simply in their daily mandate, to broadcast fake news. CNN is not fake just because the president is criticized (as what happens with every president, since news was aired) Trump is just an arrogant, but precious snowflake who can't stand the fact that someone may think he's not the greatest and takes every valid criticism as a personal attack. so he attack back with the only weapon he's honed, lies.