South Africa - “Shocking Drop In Agriculture” Sees Economy Enter Recession

Although the mainstream media claimed that the pending expropriation legislation and the killing of white farmers was nothing but a white supremacist conspiracy theory, international investors decided to take no such risks.

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"It's almost like those whities were the ones keeping us fed or somethin'!"

Stupid commie groids ruin their own country's economy again. Who could have ever foreseen that?

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If we would live in a perfect world the entire Africa would have been reduced to ash by now.

Nah. Just the sub-human filth living there. Niggers don't deserve that land. They deserve to exist either.

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Out of that billions they will see 10$, maybe, and still survive, barely on that 10$ for a good while.

I'm calling it, they blame the hwhites for this and send revenge their way

Yet libcunts still hold the belief they are somehow our equals.

like the sand in the sahara?
"Believe it or not, the deserts on a number of continents today are said to be the result of (prehistoric) nuclear warfare."

well imagine that!

When the economy enter free fall the genocide will really start. Then after the boer are gone africa will have the worst famine the world has ever seen. Followed by colonisation and conquest by china. There boom just laid out the next 100 years of african history for you

Wow, it was fast. Well done. I was about to say that these racist apes should understand that they are just too stupid to survive without the smart whites, but I do not want them to survive actually.

This is the kind of stuff many videos and books, with always Erich Von Daniken and his friends behind, like to claim. But don't be fooled, these guys themselve don't believe in their theories, for they misrepresent facts on purpose when they don't just totally make them up. And they were caught several times making things up. Their ideas are interesting as a fiction though, and it started as a fiction by the way, but then they turned it into almost a cult to make it bigger and most of all make more money, and they make MANY millions.


Is that true?

Fucking let them starve, hopefully the smart ones will leave

The smart ones have been leaving for 75 years, voluntary immigration to the west naturally skims the more productive/high IQ top off of the populations of developing nations.

Africa isn't failing because the west holds them back, it's failing because actual Africans have been passively abandoning it for nearly a century.

Wow, just wow. What the fuck did you expect to happen.

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Is that true?
Scientists believe the Sahara alternates from wet to dry every 20,000 years due to Earth's wobble.

When you take over a ship, you don't kill the damn engineers!

Obviously the nogs never thought of that.

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the root of all african problems are niggers

And that's the exact reason why it belongs to China now.

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Adopting communism makes them double niggers.

That i can agree with

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