Russia: Feminist Faces Five Years In Prison For Inciting Hate Toward Men

While Western countries may be pandering to social justice and identity politics, Russia is not interested in playing games with the left. The country has jailed a feminist blogger and charged her with inciting hatred toward men on social media.

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The difference between the East and the West is that the East has prior experience with "class struggle", cultural revolution and agitators who stir things up for self-validation and power.

Good on Russia. May the Western nations follow suit before the muslims complete their invasion and abolish women's rights entirely (even though they deserve it at this point, especially in Sweden).

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Freedom must win over communism, but we can and must do bad things to communists.

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I want to hear shitheels like turd complain that this is a human rights violation, just to see him and the little rodent of a country canada get into more international hot water.


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It is simple. The system is a failure for the common man. So the system needs ways to deflect the hate. If it's not class it is race, if it is not race it is religion. Only two things will not be touched as they are the pillars keeping the system up. Force and money.

So, I don't hate russians, americans chinese or africans. BUT when they act on behalf of the system, they are enemy.

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Surprise surprise Russia doesnt accept the cultural marxism that they pushed on the US for decades.

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I never got this cultural marxism meme. Marxism is a criticism of capitalism a specific economic system based on property and the exchange of capital. It's not even a system itself so what is cultural marxism supposed to mean? A criticism of culture? It alwas struck me as a stupid term intended to rile up stupid people with buzzwords. Can't we have an adult conversation about how feminists are cancer without using meaningless buzzwords? I'm joking. Of course we can't. Buzzwords are how we conduct dialogue in America. Thinking is too hard

Fuck this bitch. Feminists are unironically a literal terrorist group and it's about goddamn time someone treated them that way.

What comes around… Nice to see a leftist getting what they advocate for everyone else.

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it is kind of trigger word for professors. I saw it online and asked a philosophy professor about it. he gave me a look and didn't answer. Another way to call it is the Frankfurt School and by itself the thinkers are just philosophers. the issue is when people try to put into action. especially incompetent people trying to do it to feel better about themselves instead of actually help society

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Cultural Marxism means that they are using the same arguments as Marxism. By that I mean that they are using the argument of oppressor and oppressed.
The main part of it is to convince your target group that they are being oppressed by another group.

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