Obama 2016: Trump Will Destroy Economy - Obama 2018: I Deserve Credit For Trump Economy


Two things I have always appreciated about 2012 Presidential Candidate Mr Mitt Romney. Firstly, during an interview with BBC World at the time of his presidential campaign, he mentioned that he had read ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ over the summer, the excellent non-fiction history book about the European colonisation of America by Jared Diamond, the professor of geography and physiology at the University of California, Los Angeles, which is one of my favourite reads of all time.

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Obama is pathetic.

And the natural instinct of "gibs me dats" strikes again…

Just another proof of mentally ill left

Typical nog behavior, claiming rights to someone they didn't do

politicians gonna politicianize, my friend.

the left wing in a nutshell. "everything bad is someone elses fault everything good is our fault and everyone who isn't us is evil."

Hows the weather over there in fantasy land?

RINOs deserve the rope just like you.

the fact is that the stock market IS thanks to obama. But I expect things to change soon, probably before the end of the year once the fallout Trump's tariffs hits home. the stock market has pretty much ignored the instability of a US president (as it should) because really when the economy is rolling, as it was already approaching record levels when obama left, the president doesn't have to do anything, just stay out of the economy's way. The tax breaks (for rich and corporations, mostly) would give them a bump and make stock buyers feel more positive, but the roll has been going on for too long and everyone is expecting a crash soon. The results from tariffs by the end of the year will probably be the catalyst.

Of course the stock market is thanks to Obama. His whole economic policy equated to funneling money we didn't have into the stock market and hoping that works out. Which is stupid because the stock market has been and always will be a gamble. The economic policy was pretty much "make a bunch of IOUs and bet it on black." I'd blame it on a nigger wanting to shoot dem dice but that wouldn't explain why every other retard thinks it's a good idea.


Those two statements are not mutually exclusive, I hope you realize.

But expecting basic logic and reading comprehension from a reader of (((TheJewWater))) might be a bit of a stretch.

The Chinese real estate bubble will pop.

That will result in a chain reaction that will put the entire CCP in a tough position politically.

Meanwhile, the US is heading for a recession.

hello russian spambot

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what the magic word to make Russians disappear? does "Beslan was a gas" still work?

>(((republicans))) aren't left of center goyim
Fuck off Mordecai.

And once again Obama shows that he may be half-black, but he's 100% KANGZ

Check your head and realize that not everything that contradicts your ideology is a Russian plot. We already know that Russia was playing both sides, paying both right and left wing advertisements. That's it, you fucking nutter. That was the amount of Russian interference in the elections, and it was unequivocally bipartisan. Now fuck off and do your own research instead of blindly parroting what the head on the TV told you.

They aren't though, neither are the Democrats, Zig Forumss is more leftist in the Communism v Capitalism paradime than them
NatSoc is a Centist ideology while Neoliberalism is Centre Right
Sick of the mis use of the terms left and right


The same way that I get Trump shills, Soros Shills, Hillary Shills, Q Shills abd such to leave
Say that Putin sucks Bibi's Dick

Didn't Obama also blame Bush for the economy being shit while he was in office? What a fucking faggot

In all justice GWB is claiming credit for Trump's boom now too.

What a joke.

Actually no. If you look at the way the boom is taking shape it's a long term boom with a lot of fundamental investment in infrastructure and productive capacity. It's far from being some wild consumer blip on the charts. It's big steel mills being built, big factories.

Obongo is a worthless nigger. The only good thing he ever did was to shut the fuck up after Trump won.

go back to your >>>Zig Forums containment board and stay there faggot


You just blow in from 4cuck? I hear you have to pay to post now.

i hear >>>Zig Forums is dying, so sad
they must have migrated back to reddit

ive said it once and ill say it again, obama is a glory hog who tries to take credit for everything.

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He won the noble prize for doing NOTHING. What a waste of space.

and even tho he had a peace prize he still went to war and they just looked the other way and never talked about revoking it.

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Fucking kikes. Fuck off.

It's really that triggering to (((you))) that people are fully aware that the (((GOP))) is extremely far left of center?

know what else is funny? the technique of going "BUH WUH ABOUT SHILLARY AND OBUMMER" is an old russian propaganda technique

gee i wonder why the aliens want nothing to do with us. maby its because we are two faced untrustworthy greedy assholes who are as selfish as can be.

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It amazes me how some (Obama)(Hillary) base their intelligence level on How Good a Liar they are.But the Scary part is,,Some actually Still Believe them.

Socialists seem to forget that True Patriots Welcome them with Open ARMS.

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coulda swore that's what trump does every day

they all do

but only trump has the manpower to make sure you never see any benefit from the economy

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James O’Keefe Is Back With More Bombshells, 'Deep State' Is The Target For Next Week's Leaks!

This year The Gateway Pundit, one of the most influential conservative websites in US politics, is joining Phyllis Shlafly for this leading mid-America conservative conference.

We are very excited about this year’s lineup of top American and European conservative leaders.

On Friday afternoon investigative journalist James O’Keefe teased his upcoming investigation with The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.



OMG! Just met with ⁦@JamesOKeefeIII⁩ and ⁦@charliekirk11⁩ to view The upcoming BOMB James is about to Drop on Deep State!!! ⁦@TheDemocrats⁩ should be VERY WORRIED!! pic.twitter.com/xpmoAocbUu

— Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) September 14, 2018

Charlie Kirk posted his reaction…

Oh my goodness….. just got exclusive preview of @JamesOKeefeIII latest video

This will change the midterms and the entire conversation about the deep state

He has multiple deep state high ranking government officials explaining how they undercut @realDonaldTrump from within pic.twitter.com/n9TZxKq6To

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) September 14, 2018


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uh… yeah. I guess you never heard of 2008? the sub-prime mortgage crisis? big banks going bankrupt? That was thanks to Bush's deregulation and banks going wild stretching shitty investments and making "money" off of crap. Obama came in and fixed it all up and just check any charts (stock market, jobs, gdp, whatever) and you'll see a steady, quick upward trend during the time obama was in office. In fact, one of the things Obama did was to sign an executive order to make sure banks couldn't sell those deregulated shitty investments again and start another collapse. But guess who signed an executive order to remove that protection? Yeah, you guessed it, trump! Why? Just because Obama's name was on it. GREAT STRATEGY! ART OF THE FUCK-UP!

"You didn't build that!"

Maybe you should actually learn some economics so that you can see how much bullshit you are spouting.

maybe you should actually check the info I mentioned, before showing what an idiot you are.

It is a rouse. Trump is claiming the economy is so great. Got Obama to latch on and claim it for himself. Now when it crashes, Trump has someone to point to. Smart man.

Anyone with an education in economics can tell that you are full of shit.
Do you honestly think that telling people that having an education in economics is useful in understanding economics is idiotic?

Unemployment rate was 4.9% when Obama left office, 10% when he got in. Yet you Trump Chumps give Trump the credit? Fuckin inbred morons


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Feels good to be #winning. Embrace it :)

Obama predicted that the jobs wouldn't come back. He made a point to manage expectations that there was no way to bring them back. He was a fool, a community organizer, had never built anything in his life. Only a partisan hack would seek to give him credit, and I don't think you even believe it. Weak rhetoric, weak man. That's you.


Fuck off asshole.

Undeniable proof of superiority is really getting to you Obummer-defenders.

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>implying (((RINOs))) aren't extremely left of center
>implying (((republican))) isn't extremely left of center


That's also because the use two different metrics for unemployment. Under King Nigger underemployed aren't counted in the unemployed. Under Bush they are.

Obama was such a good honest kang he brought slavery back to libya such tolerance and openmindness from such a wonderful president.

maybe if your degree in economics was from trump university. you obviously haven't checked the numbers, otherwise you would have know that you're dead wrong and I'm right. go ahead, just check one of them. Check the stock market. Then come back here and tell me what you found. (prediction, you won't come back)

that's a nice republican talking point, but what they don't tell you is that ALL unemployment was drastically reduced under obama, including the U-6 that you are saying is the "real" number. you know, I know it really hurts to say it, but obama did wonders for the USA. Trump has only ridden his coattails.


How about you tell me what education level you have in economics?
I bet you don't have any.

Obamacare itself was only a bandage, and a dubious one for the country's problems, it might have solved ONE ISSUE out of the dozens out there. It's unrealistic to solve all these problems in 8 years, but there's only one solution to his name and we're not really better off.

And his bailouts didn't help either. If it saved our asses, I couldn't tell, because it was only a return to the status quo instead of a solution. A patch to a bad elbow, not the golden threading the suit needs.

apparently you don't need a degree to be wrong (you), or to be right (me). still waiting for you to show how anything I wrote was bs, meanwhile I've posted link to a site showing how much unemployment numbers (yes even the "u-6" numbers) dropped under obama. so we know what was happening with the average worker. How about you post the stock numbers so we see what was happening with business?

he even failed at his own predictions.

obama fails at everything.

Your points make no actual sense, if you had an education in economics then you would know that already.
All you are doing is telling me to look at numbers that do not actually prove anything.

actually, that's exactly what numbers do. go back to elementary school, mr. "economics degree"


Please educate yourself.
You are just embarrassing yourself right now.

no, the only who's embarrassed himself is you. You never backed up your argument (i did) and you won't admit that every metric improved under Obama. You're not an economist, you're just an Obama hater. I'm STILL waiting for you to post anything, ANYTHING at all that shows the economy did worse under Obama.
protip: it didn't. it recovered amazingly well.

I have no interest in educating you, there are books for that.
Feel free to speak your stupidity. Personally I am going back to what everyone else is doing, which is to ignore the stupid monkey and his ignorant and uneducated opinions.
It is a shame that you have no interest in trying to better yourself.

another reply, another post without anything to back up your claims.

so I've already shown you how unemployment improved under Obama. here's another from me. feel free to check 2008 to present to see what the stock markets did.

You actually need me to post proof that an education in economics helps you to understand economics?
Are you retarded as well as uneducated?

Trump economy? Lol,

This worthless nigger fucking shitskin just can't get the fuck over his sorry ass can he? He needs to let go and fade into obscurity already.

I'll give 10 bitcoins to whoever on here will shoot him the head before the end of the year.

no, because a degree doesn't prove anything if you don't understand what you're talking about. do you need me to post another metric of some aspect of US business that improved over obama's term? you still haven't posted anything refuting it.
so once again, you're a prime example of how having a degree doesn't mean jack-shit.

The uneducated telling me that I don't understand.
It is funny, but also kinda sad that you don't think that you need to educate yourself about what you are talking about.
You don't even realize that your argument doesn't make any sense.
Educate yourself so that you can at least make a sensible argument.

Wew lad – the edge.
Did you forget how Jim is required by law to turn your dumb ass in?

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I have plenty of education. not only that, I posted proof of what I said. You've made what, 10 posts with nothing to prove your side? still waiting…

It is like I am talking to a retard.
Forget it, I do not have patience to educate someone with your lacking mental capacity.
Feel free to continue being wrong by yourself as I will no longer respond to your idiotic responses.


Not sure how anyone thinks offshoring, shutting down entire industries, and more regulations on small businesses helps any economy. To hell with any specific names here. This is just bizarre on it's own, just taking it solely on principle and in the abstract.

you don't need to educate me. you just need to educate yourself. and post one proof of your claim that the economy was doing badly under obama. (still waiting, weeks later)

understand the reference. ALL referred to both unemployment measures, the old way and including u-6, which obama haters incorrectly said was being ignored when mentioning dropping unemployment.