Trump Trashes NFL Kneelers As Ratings Down Another 9%

Sunday Night Football’s Opener ratings continued to stumble after longtime rivals Chicago and Green Bay play at Lambeau Field only drew a dismal 14.4 for NBC. That’s down 9 percent from last year’s 15.8 for Giants vs. Cowboys, and down a bit from 2016, which saw the Patriots at the Cardinals.

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ratings for all sports have been going down over the years. live tv is dead. people watch netflix now. whats funny is that people in middle America that have shit internet think this is some "success" they are only killing off their local tv stations faster. people that are watching netflix now will still just watch netflix they are doing zero damage.

Not soccer.
The Premier league is continually setting records for highest ever viewing figures.
Obviously they keep their niggers under control better.

white people sports are dying, becuase of the death of the family
it's all single moms watching Netflix with tyrone while the kid watches youtube

Nigger sports like Soccer will get bigger because the world is becoming nothing but niggers.

The biggest growth area for Soccer is places like China.

US netflix subscribers, 55million. Live TV down to 94 million. Netflix charges like 10$ instead of the average of 80-100$ for tv packages.
There is no way netflix is a replacement, if anything it seems subsidized or at best 10% of the revenue.
If they manage to push tv packages under and onto netflix the media is pretty fucked influence wise. Especially with the lack of commercials which value is way higher than any of the things listed above.

Thank you, Based Kaffernig.

If you watch Football you support child abuse.

Don't try to tell me that coaching kids to run full speed,

head first,

into each other is not causing brain damage.

If brain damaging children

during their crucial developmental years

is not child abuse in your eyes,

then you are not worth talking to.

How does one become an NFL super star? They have to be coached from a young age.

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yeah, ratings have more to do with the fact that people are cutting cable. Of course trump will say his tweets (and not outlandish cable prices) are the cause.

It's been so long since I was forced to watch commercials (10+ years) that I can't stomach them at all anymore. Netflix and similar ad free on-demand entertainment is priceless. Not to mention, I will happily pirate stuff just to avoid seeing ads. Even stuff that I wouldn't mind paying for if I had the option of watching it ad free. That's how much I hate commercials.

live sports is the only thing left tv has to offer. remember fox just gutted everything that wasn't sports and news, gave it to Disney


in this day and age with places like Amazon, ads are pretty useless. If you want or need something, its quick and easy enough to look it up, compare prices, read reviews, maybe watch a YT video or 2 and decide yourself what to buy. Commerce is doing just fine, better in fact, that way.


Trump isn't the only one who noticed the poz.

commercials are for women. men do research.

Amazon's store search algorithm is what I'd call a fucking embarrasment if it weren't very likely awful on purpose in order for them to push whatever shit they want on you.

If they were interested in the quality of your search results, they'd do something less retarded, like sort by confidence interval

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heh stupid easily triggered libs, luckily im so so easily trig- WHY FOOTBALL MAN NO STAND

you only kneel you your king good sirs.

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NBA ratings are up so it's not because of the "le cable cutting" meme

ive been watching football for over 30 years. its become stale boring and looks fake. the nba is much more entertaining but ill see bullshit in that too. i can see why a lot of fans don't like football anymore and it has nothing to do with the protests. the players get the crap kicked out of them and get brain damage. most of the money goes to 1,2 or 3 players on the team. lots of steroids and human growth hormone use. lots of the players end up freaking out and having domestic abuse charges on them. the costs of tickets, and merchandise/food in the stadiums costs a shitload too, in dallas they charge $100 for a pizza in the stadium. the overly patriotic shit that comes with football is annoying too.

hey we don't need to show america why its the greatest country on the earth. we just need to tell them over and over again as we use guilt, shame, and pride until they believe it.