Reddit’s 100% Free Speech Does Not Apply To Serena Williams

Reddit, the popular image board site where everything is open for discussion has met it’s limit. The Serena Williams cartoon in the Herald Sun seems to have set off a whole controversy over whether Ms Williams has been wronged this weekend during her US open final against Miss Naomi Osaka and thus users had been uploading past videos of her losing control and breaking out in anger.

Ms Serena Williams, handily married to the Reddit chairman, called sexism on her treatment this weekend.

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Yes the tennis player who yelled at a lineswoman in 2009 during that same US open, and we quote: "I swear to God I'll fucking take this ball and shove it down your fucking throat," claims that she has clearly been wronged after angrily breaking her racket and calling the umpire a thief and a liar (in soccer, the most popular sport in the world, the whole game would have ended right there already).

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There is no free speech on Reddit period. It's a fucking garbage site.

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There was never any free speech on Reddit. They have a lengthy history of censorship


stop you right there there is no such thing as FREE SPEECH ON REDDIT

They killed mde :(

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Why am I not surprised

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Reddit was like patient zero for bans and censorship holy shit. That's how it got so reviled ages ago.

why does a world class athlete have a gut?
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I like a few of the forums on Reddit.

what, just now?
like, you never noticed this before?

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That same website where people openly talk about revoking the First Amendment, except for mass media?

I think you mean chairwoman, the only man in that picture is Serena.

I fucking hate how this piece of shit has swallowed alot of niche forums/hobbies over the past three years. It's the only shithole I can get news about my country now because of fucking normies.

If they're any good they'll be banned from reddit soon. They're allergic to good forums.

How is reddit even remotely free speech when fatpeoplehate and others were removed?

Their co-creator "suicided" and the guy left is married to her. No way to protest

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If you want to post anything why not just make your own site? Reddit is a private business. I mean you wouldn't ask a baker to make a gay cake would you?

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Go watch some anime and have your waifu help you cope.

Tell me that's custom css to deter mobileshitters

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His name is ALEXIS Ohanian. Yes, the co-founder of Reddit:
Guess who wears the pants in that marriage?

Serena Williams has:
Those are two very common side effects of women take heavy doses of male hormones.

All the subs on Reddit criticizing women's nature and the bad deals society demands men take are going to get banned soon.


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been trolling on twitter w/no phone number for a while
started telling serena how much of a fucking joke she was in a somewhat polite way, thru gifs and memes
twitter shut the account down until i provide a phone number
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p.s. fuck you too serena, you roid taking bitch… "but but the men say worse stuff, even tho they are breaking the rules, that meanz i can break teh rules too!"

censorship is for pussies.

Then go back there and stay go.

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