Microsoft adds ‘warning’ in Windows 10 when you try to install Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been around for 10 years and at this point, it’s one of the most popular browsers on the planet. That’s put a lot of pressure on Microsoft to convince Windows users to go with its own browser option, and now it seems Microsoft is adding a warning when you try to install Google’s browser.

Microsoft has been trying for years to direct users to its own browser, going so far as to add pop-ups and prompts that direct users to keep using Edge when they use Chrome or Firefox. Now, though, the company is trying to redirect users before they’ve even installed the new browser.

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chrome is spyware unless you change certain settings, isn't it?

Linux gaming is getting better and better. Soon the normies won't have a single reason to use wangblows unless at work and forced to by employer.

Normies don't give a shit, they will take what their off-the-shelf PC comes pre-installed with. Windows users are not the customers, they are the product. Microsoft's real customers are PC manufacturers.

TempleOS gaming is the future tbh

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I can imagine it now

Isn't everything any more?

I got an email from 2002. They want their edginess back.

That's why it is the duty of every nerd to guide normies toward the light.

and even then, it doesn't stop the spying.

Chrome is a malicious piece of software. Microshit is in the right here.

Windows 10 market share is actually decreasing because people are going back to Windows 7, so there is some hope.

Windows 7 is impossible to install goy. The USB drivers suck!

Dat shitskin in the 'warning'
They could at least have used some fat tranny for maximum diversity.

Still MS has a point.
Chrome in Win10 is a botnet within a botnet. Not that it matters which browser you use there. Win10 is spyware regardles of the settings you choose.

FF ESR can be hardened pretty well with some effort. Even better use TorBrowser on Linux or Tails.

They said that back in 2005 and it's never been the case. Even with WINE the biggest bottleneck nobody is able to fix is the fact that it has an extremely noticeable performance decrease due to the fact it uses emulation. Almost everyone I know that uses Linux dual boots it with Windows.

That and businesses. Businesses are their biggest consumer base.

He just spelled Windoze wrong, that's all.

Even better than that, stop using the internet or even a computer, because if you're that fucking paranoid that the NSA is going to find your stash of octogenarian fisting pics, you really don't need to be online in the first place.


Win 10 still be around until one day linux will become a cool thing among normies and MS will become history.

Oh hi goglekike

If you want a secure environment without spyware that's my suggestion.
If you're a normalfag with (((nothing to hide))) enjoy your botnet.

Is this current or is there an updated list of suggested browswers sumware


t. (You)

Since Windows is the equivalent of AIDS that's actually not an unreasonable thing to think about.

Got a page from the 90s. They want their shitty comebacks back

When they cut down on all the spyware, it also cuts down on a lot of shitty bloat. So even if you are a retard that post on an anonymous imageboard that doesn't value his anonymity you can at least gain from the more efficient programming. After all if you have "nothing to hide" then they have nothing to gain from passively spying on you. Might as well get rid of some worthless bloat.

Valve is working on changing that.
Wine is not an emulator(WINE).
It's not as great as running on native windows but it's getting better.




Yes although there's a curious thing going on where MS is eating its own market by pushing businesses into Azure and Office365. Its possible the windows OS will actually stop mattering in a few years.

wew lad. Games work fine natively on Linux as much as windows. There's a major increasing list of Linux games on STeam and I haven't noticed the difference. Also since windows stopped being a moving target and stagnated for so long WINE has actually got very good.

Both gather data regardless. Google/Alphabet (punny if you're thinking about clandestine agencies), is the figure head of data mining. Microsoft probably wants to be the only miner for the Chrome users, even though its already pulling Telemetry from every Windows machine. (You'll see this pop up in task manager when your computer seems to be loading something).
Although I wonder if Google will kick up more spyware on its website to off set what Microsoft is doing.

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Did you just get here? Wait until you hear what we have to say about jews.

You almost had me.

Lol Linux

gf uses adobe premiere. she is a girl so she wont use any autistic linux alternatives. so im stuck having a windows partition.
also we tether our internet through t-mobile and need pdanet+ to avoid detection

actually, it started as "(Win)dows (E)mulator"

lol I know you are just some dumb kid but hey why not.
yes you can think nvidia profusely, not that their drivers aren't shit on every platform. Otherwise this claim has been bullshit since forever
Also bullshit but hey delete a random .dll in system32 and see how you go. Every OS has dependencies, it comes down to packaging.
Every hypervisor (including azure), network, storage, web, firewall etc etc platform uses it as abase. I'll put this down to you just not knowing shit about the IT industry.
lol ok. damn throw it all out because 0.1% of some industry doesn't like GIMP. Woof!
There are several.
There are several.
Citation needed.
STEAM says otherwise.
Did you just come directly from the 90's?
Right because Google isn't this and Microsoft isn't signing up to serfdom.

Windows 10 looks like it going to be the last windows in perpetuity, nobody cares winfags anymore.

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edge is a good browser. its about as fast as chrome. it uses a little less battery as well.

can we all just accept that edge is okay and nothing like ie

i know nobody here runs windows (i don't either) but have you ever tried using it? its perfectly fine for the average user.

wine doesn't use emulation, it is a compatibility later. nothing more, nothing less.

its literally in the name, WINE means Wine Is Not an Emulator. look it up

i use palemoon on an un-updated windows 7

fuck yourself
also, look up the definition for "emulate." wine does not emulate a different cpu architecture, but it DOES emulate a different operating system.
wine is not windows, wine emulates windows.

because youre a faggot and wont look it up, here is the definition of emulate:
wine imitates windows and tries to equal or surpass it. wine emulates windows. something that emulates another thing, is an emulator. fuck you.

According to google:

Only ungoogled Chromium is non-spyware. Palemoon is a close second, just make sure you don't let it connect the first time you start it up because it's default start page calls a bunch of bullshit, but after you turn it off it's fine.


I do all of this weird shit:

linux is aids
anyone who needs to do something, besides wasting 400 hours a week configuring their mouse cursor, uses a mac or windows, because no matter how shit they are, they are still more useful and useable than the aids experiment known as linux

there isn't a person alive who wants to know what someone like you is hiding. So you look at degenerate porn? Nobody is coming to kick in your door. Anything you have to hide is valuable only to you and is not relevant to anyone else. The only reason you should fear you are being watched is if you've invented new tech or discovered legitimate secrets, not trash posted here. You are being paranoid as well as having illusions of grandeur. You are not special and you are not changing the world. You could've but you chose to waste your life. You are no threat to the power structure

.308 hits a nigger just as hard as it hits a kike or a billionaire.

What about brave?

Hope you're behind 7 proxies user
Otherwise you just registered (low mind you) on their auto threat indexes.
I speak from personal experience

you are bad at following directions. I said to look up "emulate." The word "emulate" was around before computers were invented. I don't give a fuck about the modern revised definition of emulator.
If you ask Google, they'll tell you men can have vaginas and niggers invented everything

So men should take the curtains off their daughters' windows?

tell us your full name, credit card number with expiration date and security code, your home address, and your ssn
also post scans of the keys to yourhome so i can have copies made

when will retards understand that linux's main purpose isn't gaming

Micro$oft fucked itself. It had the browser war won when nearly everyone was using Internet Explorer but if you wanted to use the next version of IE you couldn't until you first upgrade to the next Winblows version but wait there was a company giving away it's latest browser and you didn't have to upgrade your Winblows…..hmm….I wonder why M$ lost browser share. They will do the same with Edge—force people to upgrade if they want the latest version. They use the same tactics with M$ Office—you can't install the latest version of Office on an old version on Wangblows.

got numbers for that? i want this to be true.

Cia botnet slapfight

How's that SJW-infested development going?

Google has done the same thing when you use any of their sites in a non-Chrome browser for years