France - Man 'Shouting Allahu Akbar' Drives Car Into Nîmes Crowd - 2 Wounded (Video)

At 1.30am local time this morning, a man driving a small Peugeot car tried to drive his vehicle into a 50-person crowd in Nîmes where the annual ‘Feria’ was taking place.

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Look at the diversity in that picture. Five fucking bitches. This is what diversity gets you…all the terrorism in the world and no men around to stop it.

Based retard terrorist. That's some low energy shit.

Those aren't the ones who do patrols and such.

Yet it's this picture they show the world as a first response to an attempted mass murder of up to 50 people. This sends a clear message…diversity propaganda first, human lives second.

He was Asian.

For $64,000, which continent are the following countries in:
Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq

his motives remain unknown

There wasn't much here to stop. Inept motherfucker plowed into a crowd of fifty people and only managed to injure two.


Now look at the headline of the article, realize that this is international news and that they chose this oddly specific picture to show to the world. Kinda in line with an aggressive narrative pushed upon the whole world. Or is this just another coincidence?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves! Islam had nothing to do with it! It was actually

>man shouting [UNSOLICITED OPINION ON ISRAEL?!] and [A LOT OF MYSOGYNISTIC FILTH] drives car into crowd

For 34 liters of nigger cum, how many bulls has your wife enjoyed this week?

He was muslim.

It's not about geography faggot it's about the media double standards and protecting mudslimes' crimes.

Well that's who the newspaper chose to show for their story. Can't really blame the cops for something the media is doing.

I remember when I saw a porn magazine from UK and the cover said "hot asian babes". I was puzzled that there were no chingchongs, only curry. Very disappointing. And puzzling, until I realized brits use that word a bit differently.

To most of the world, asian = pic related.

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a real peugeot would have at least killed the driver
t. peugeot fan tbh

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They breed horses now?

Ban assault cars

Britain conquered most of asia, ruling over india, defeating china and leaving Hong kong as a gateway/trading post.
Europe discovered asia from west to east, we called it all asia of different categories.

America on the other hand, never saw a paki or an arab until 1970, and had no knowledge that they existed. Instead they went west across the Pacific and found a bunch of gooks in EAST asia, and thought that was asia. Then the chinks came over, and what the rest of the world called orientals, you called asians.
America, 5% of the population of the world, speaks as though it is 100%.

Normally newspeak propaganda is the reason, but in this case it is just a broad term for anything brown and not from niggerland.


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Haha, not a real muslim you stupid idiots.

Reported for hate speech.

It's called capitalism. The narrative is money, that picture was chosen to send a message about diversity while generating as much heat as possible (no matter the consequences) to keep the shekels flowing. Those cops are paid to protect the interests of capitalism. They are indoctrinated to put those interests before human life. They are responsible for their actions and the very least thing in terms of justice that can reach them is our collective blame. So FUCK THE POLICE for not only letting a country be overrun by invaders, but also acting against their on citizens by further pushing the fascist media worldview of censorship and degenerate greed economics.

You dumbfuck nigger, this is in France, a socialist country.

Oh cute, he thinks the politics enforced on him has anything to do with how the country is being run. Meanwhile Nike just sold out all their fashionable masks to the "dark ones" so that they can hide their faces in style, while they rule the streets of France in terror. A Jewish banker running your country is laughing about your comment right now. Now go back to playing FIFA and buying lootboxes, oh you pitiful socialist.

You got nothing, got it.

I certainly have a foreskin…have you?

You can go ahead and stop speaking Our english and practicing Our culture the moment you desire - except that your lungs are so used to this brand of oxygen that you could scarcely breathe without it.

The European concept of "Asia" is even less useful than the Japanese concept of "the west", which oys why the rest of the world outside the Eurocuckistans are abandoning the word's use.

Just once I’d like to read « after crashing the terrorist was promptly and forceably extracted from the car by and angry mob and his spleen removed before his eyes before being torn to pieces by the enraged mob. »

Never got that either. Literally a world full of cowards ripe for the picking. So brainwashed and conditioned to fear the wrath of their own laws, that they rather see themselves and their loved ones die, than standing up to injustice happening right in front of their eyes. This totally defeated state of mankind must keep the Jewish brain in a constant state of euphoria no drug could ever deliver. Must be awesome to be born a kike.

Those awful 'French Nationals' at it again.

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If only we knew the meaning of the phrase "allahu akbar", maybe we could figure out why this keeps happening.

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Checked. Leave to a libtard to mistake "food" for culture.

I dunno. On the one hand you get to be as much of a lying, hypocritical deadbeat as you like and never face any consequences for it, but on the other hand you get your brain pathways fucked up at birth, to grow up surrounded by fucked up families and perverts, you're propagandized from birth, everyone hates you, and then there's the mirrors. Meh, they deserve it.

Meh, they deserve it.

Motive unclear.
Race and ethnicity of alleged suspect unknown.

This is what happens.

That isn't even islamic food. That's islamic food when the west gives them the ability to have a food.

Like ebin African food. Until there are restaurants serving dirt patties to eat with grubs in them then it isn't authentic African food.