Sex robot brothel in Italy ‘shut down by police less than two weeks after it opened’

A SEX robot brothel in Italy has been shut down by police less than two weeks after it opened.

Lumidolls latest bordello in Turin was closed after alleged infringements of Italian property law, Italian media reports.

The closure comes after the firm’s second brothel in Barcelona was forced to move to a new location after the building's landlord cancelled the lease.

Lumidolls also has a brothel in Moscow, Russia, and the firm has plans to open other sex dens across the world.

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When is the Diana Printz fleshlight sleeve going to be available?

Yet there are actual brothels taking part in sex trafficking functioning just fine

Of course. The robots were taking away profit.

and cops are on mafia payroll so they need those eastern yuropean whores to bring profits to their bosses so they can get their bribe money

Tradcucks in Italy. They censor the Zig Forums to virtue signal, and now they're carrying water for roasties. European rightists are so disappointing.

Onaholes are a million times better.

Then why are they cheaper?

Oh good goy!

cheaper materials = shit quality

Remember this: women are society, so no matter what movement, left or right, it will always ultimately be operated in the interests of a different faction of women. Tradcuck movements are to stop men avoiding marriage, and leftist movements are there to replace marriage with a system where women can dictate to men without needing to be chained to a single one of them for life. The only thing rightist movements have over leftist movements is that their form of slavery for men is time tested and won't destroy society. That's the fundamental difference between the two when you get passed all the sloganeering.

Sexbots, no, waifubots are the only thing that can transcend this vicious trap. Any political movement that isn't investing loads of RnD into lifelike androids is a crock of shit.

women are mad the value of their pussy
going to ZERO

Similar thing happened in Canada, where they're less likely to be mafia stooges.

I hope they open again soon. The sex robot brothels are a step in the right direction for a better world.

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Roasties and their allies will always try to close down places like these.

Canadacucks, not even once.

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Nigger Canada is one of the most corrupt mafia ridden shitholes in the world what are you talking about?

They really aren't. You're putting them on a pedestal, like they somehow have this power over men when all they have is a nice gooey hole. I mean, yeah, the hole feels nice but it's not the end all be all. I mean have you talked to a woman? They can barely decide what they want to eat today.

Have you ever talked to a man? Most will give their right nut for half an hour in a nice gooey hole.

And those aren't the men running society now are they? It's like Scarface said "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women." They're not society, they're the prize.

A better world would be men overcoming their base desire to stick their dick in a wet hole embedded in a female body, bio or not.

Well, at least not bio means extremely low economical, logistical, societal, intimate and health costs and far closer to your better world that a version with bio

After all, what drives the known world forward? Old emergent genetic homo sapiens program

Gotta do anything to protect females privilege I guess. Not long until they blanket ban all sex dolls, maybe even fleshlights.

Fucking a textured silicone orifice is literal rape.

Onaholes are smaller and tighter. Memelights are made for chads with footlong dicks. Even the small can version.

A desire easily ovecome by chopping off your balls.So why not do it faggot?

What are legitimate motives to justify such policies? It's disgusting. Literally no one is hurt in the process

Do you even know what materials are being used?
It is stupid assumptions like yours that cause people to get ripped off on price.

There is no legitimate motive. These creatures simply fear beauty and innate goodness.

Females. The only value they have is sex and sexbots diminish that value even though just by a tiny amount because it targets the lowest of men. It's still enough for them to freak out.

I had to look up these Lumidolls™ to see what all the fuss was about. NGL, those are some good looking, high quality dolls. All sorts of different shapes, sizes, ages, colors. Pretty much anything you'd want to fuck, other than fat chicks, they have something that looks like it. I'm not a dollfag, but this really is a shame. Robots are so much cleaner and safer. You can't flush out a roastie's gash with antibacterial soap and bleach solution. I doubt you could catch even the most viral of niggerAIDS from a robot, considering you clean it properly.

This. 100%.

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better future would be fucking real women you fucking imbeciles

Women are complex and difficult creatures and expensive to cater to regardless of the limited traditional relationships you have to choose from.

Chopping down your balls wont make the desire to go away. Did you ever read the tragedy of eunuchanon the Jew?

That implies that we want life to go on.

Chaim pls

Lol it's masturbation.

Way too many problems.

They may be too far gone at this point. Time to put them back in their place. We need to hurry up and perfect and market the Artificial Womb for "reproductive rights of traps and faggots" ASAP. All men start knocking up their robo waifus with 12 white kids each. The pussy pedestal gets shattered and real women are reduced to egg donors and groveling on their knees for men. Women will fight the Artificial Womb like their futures depend. (because life on easy mode will end) Bitches would start suicide bombing laboratories and killing scientists. That's a future I hope to see before I die, along with my robo waifu and kids.

We the Borg now! Space, here we come!

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Albanian mafia is.

The men in power unless they are MGTOWs would see that cunts retain their privileges. Those faggots are the real enemies. They have their harems of rotating members while the common men have to deal with toxic cunts.

Oh look the roastie mafia exists in Italy just like every type of mafia they have there



Yeah, these dolls look great. Want to touch them, desu.

I'm gonna spend my next tax refund on a doll. Even without AI, they are still better than dealing with roasties.


Don't forget about the photos.

The good news is, if they go this far, it means it is working, and the pussy hegemony won't last much longer.

Chads and feminists have always been allies in screwing everyone else over. Notice Chads supporting tradcuck crap? It's their version of feminism, all custom designed to ensure that they get all the best pussy and you get nothing.

If they're too far gone, attempting to put them back in their place will do nothing even if the attempt succeeds.

They're already infiltrating the laboratories and the scientific community and censoring the shit out of anyone in it who expresses any disagreement with liberal bullshit, which is a lot more effective than suicide bombings. Of course, this has the opposite effect of making a ton of men investigate MRA/MGTOW views.

Chads simply have game to keep them rotating. They don't get "the best", they simply discard them after they are used and find a new specimen to have with.

Aneros Prostate Massager is still better.

THIS. Feminists want to ride the Chad cock carousel in their prime years and expect all the non-chads to eagerly line up to fulfill their long list of demands after they are damaged and used up—in essence to pay full price for what they gave away to chads for free. This only benefit Chads and women.

They hold up half the sky.

the only wise choice is using a 100% silicone fuckhole with water based lube.
fleshlight and onahole are not silicone.

haha they used to say the exact same thing about internet dating and now it's the norm.
only the dumbest of men would surrender all his freedom, finances and future just for the chance to dip his dick into a wet biocunt but only when she's in the mood

this tbh fam

Lust is just a trade-off of testosterone. Natural productivity enhancement drug. Males produce more than females and it affects the brain a lot

U want to go to the stars, solve all the puzzles, compete with your buddies, but u also want to fuck. I like doing all of the above