Border Patrol Agent Arrested, Serial Killer Who Preyed On Prostitutes

The Goldwater supports our fellow countrymen who serve and protect with their lives, but just as we report on the courageous accomplishments of our U.S. Border Patrol, we must also report when one of their own goes astray. That appears to be the case after a U.S. Border Patrol agent named Juan David Ortiz was arrested early Saturday. Ortiz was charged on suspicion that he murdered four prostitutes and abducted a fifth but his last victim managed to escape.

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should be pretty easy to blame drumphfhfh and rethuglikkkans for this.

she pretends to be a news reporter, yet she can barely construct a coherent comment.

uneducated and oblivious, she mooches her way into a free laptop and a roof over her head in the tiny 375 square foot condo at The Eton Emerald

my kitchen is 450 square feet

lol @ Grammarly™

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she had an abortion

she called it 'minor surgery'

she convinced Jim to let her mother move in and mooch, too

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it's almost 1 AM, Elmer

get some sleep


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The ironic part is although you and Jim and Diana used to whisper about how Phillip doesn't fit in, and how he's a left-wing treehugger, it turns out he's the only thing of value in your entire organization….

Philip is the only thing you've got going for you

He's the only thing about The Turdwater that doesn't turn people off

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by the way, I hope you invested your gasoline and bullets wisely

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375 sq. feet is smaller than my god damn KITCHEN

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375 sq feet !!


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hey, Fudd….

who's the genius that sold the advertising space to this 'mhfap' faggot?

he's one of the WORST artists I've ever seen in my life. his work is AWFUL !!!

and his stupid fucking website is almost as embarrassing as Donald Trump. He has THE most ridiculous, amateur, pathetic biography on his stupid webpage. he may as well just BEG…


and anybody who's into the sissy anime shit has no money…. certainly not enough to make it worthwhile to illustrate for them. plus, his work simply isn't good enough to charge money for.

his artwork is ugly

it's hideous

(he's not going to continue paying for advertising space much longer, because he's losing money)

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I guess it's safe to assume that Vivian is Jim Watkins' mother?

Nobody in the past 50 years has named their daughter Vivian… it's an archaic, ugly, awful name for a girl…