Athlete banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant for eating too much

A German triathlete was banned from an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant after eating nearly 100 plates of fish.

Jaroslav Bobrowski, an Ironman competitor, visited Running Sushi in Landshut, Bavaria last weekend for a never-ending meal.

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"you've eaten too much, get out"
It's not an all you can eat resturant then.

They'll let you do it once. But since it's a private establishment, they can refuse to serve you thereafter. Besides, a reasonable person would assume that they mean a single meal, with an amount of food that an average person would eat. Otherwise, you could just hang out at a table all day and slowly eat non-stop, which is probably what this asshole did.

haha such a similarity to Kyle Broflovski from Southpark. Fucking jews always taking advantage of any situation and crying foul when called out on it

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Pick one

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… but did he really, i mean how much did he discard or leave on the plate, most of these places have a "food waste" policy clearly posted

I usually eat 2 big plates at these kinds of places, and no one has ever even looked at me sideways for eating too much. And that's a ton of food. I eat Chinese buffet regularly for lunch. Usually takes about 20-30 mins to eat. But it's different when you eat 100 god damn plates of sushi. He must have been there for hours. I know this is the internet, and all, but use some damn common sense.


In sushi restaurants, one "plate" of fish is two pieces of sushi. He probably ate around 200 pieces of sushi.

LOL. Son of famous German coach Nicholi Ivanoslav Stalinovic Kalashnikov

No, thats called a normal restaurant. "All you can eat" means eat until your belly is about to burst. All you CAN eat, not all you should eat. Why advertise all you can eat when you really mean jus
All burgers naturally understand this concept.

Every all-you-can-eat sushi place I know of explicitly says you have to eat the whole piece of sushi. So, no magically changing maki into sashimi and throwing away all the rice. I could put a place out of business by myself if they tried all-you-can eat sashimi. I bet that's what he did, just all fish, no rice.



t. kitchen heeb

Near the border between germany/austria and their old eastern territories is an ethnical mix between slavs and germanic that formed itself over several centuries.
Although he might as well just moved there a few years ago

Shit was amazing and disgusting to watch. Big black mother fucker ate 47 plates and the manager had to kick us out cause he wouldn't stop eating. I got meat sweats from watching.

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He's going to die from fucking mercury poisoning.

Tis’ no man, but a soulless eating machine. Argh!

I saw this episode


"It's all you can eat, not eat all you can. You come, you eat, you go home

I forgot the actual quote but it went something like that


The jewness is too stronk with this one.

ISPs use a similar tactic. Buy our unlimited plan for xxx goy. Average joes think unlimited is unlimited right…..not to ISPs—to them unlimited is y amount and after you use y amount they throttle you to near unusability.

restaurants should clearly have stipulations, declarative statements like "all you can eat" are exactly that. A declaration of free-for-all, in essence. Toss on an asterisks for Terms and Conditions. Otherwise fucking deal with it, kitchen kikes

-sky is the jewish Slav-emulating surname suffix.