Russian Military Plane Carrying 14 Downed - Did France, Israel Or Syria Shoot?

There is uncertainty over the disappearance of a Russian military aircraft with 14 people on board which was flying over Syria when it apparently went down.

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Whomever was manning that missile defense system must feel really shitty right about now.
Then againt it’s probably Russia’s fault for giving Syria such outdated equipment.

Nothing happened. All bullshit propaganda to instigate the financing of another war. Don't fall for those lies without evidence. Real evidence.

Israel flying behind Russia.
Russia telling Israel over several freqs NOT to attack Syria.
Israel attacks. Russian plane gets hit by the defense.

Both Russia and Syria knows who is behind this(Israel)
A failed attempt by Israel trying to fool all.
Desperate for another war, more money.

No more. Good times ahead, the future is bright.

That's cute.

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Maybe they're wondering why someone would squelch before getting shot down in their plane?

Israel is not even supposed to be in Syrian airspace.

Israel is not even supposed to exist yet here we are and there Palestine isn't

I bet Russia did one of those close-call maneuvers they love to troll US planes with and forgot that other countries might actually shoot at them for playing stupid games.

I bet it was the same guys who shot down MH17. Vlad BUK and Igor 9113

Seems France most likely culprit

The family of man detests Israel.

The jews did this

sure about that Ibrahim?

America did it I bet

Getting guys on the other side to shoot each other, who could manage that…

Good, the fire rises.

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Ahmed Zewail is the the first (and last) Arab to win a prize for a scientific discovery of any note (won in 1999) He's an Egyptian American.

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You know I was about to blame the jews but I guess they blamed the jews before they could blame the jews already.

I wonder indeed.

Pic unrelated

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As if jews don't decide which jew to give a Nobel Prize to.