SpaceX will fly Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as the first ever private tourist to the moon

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa signed with SpaceX to fly around the moon on the company's next generation rocket, CEO Elon Musk announced on Monday.

Maezawa will attempt to be the first to return to the moon in nearly half a century, launching aboard a Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), which SpaceX is developing. BFR is the flagship for Musk's vision of creating a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars, and testing on the behemoth rocket is expected to begin next year.

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He will also be the first space tourist to die in an accident.

Who gives a shit

I wish Hitler won at least we would've had permanent moon colonies in the 1950s like in wolfenstein instead of a dude weed company that had literally invented nothing

Yakuza vs. Tiandihui 2: Lost In Space WHEN?

Fuck Yakuza tbh

Fuck that, either you're ON the moon or nothing. Also drop some robots/chems off to start a space war. Once its up there it doesn't really matter the ownership.

it'll never happen. at least not when they're planning, nor will it be done by SpaceX. musk is a fucking idiot, and none of his plans ever work out.

HOWEVER, you chose a stupid as shit illustration to accompany your stupid fucking story. look at the perspective on the 'engine' of the stupid space shuttle looking transport craft.

the spaceship itself is perpendicular to the viewer, but the base of the engine platform is at a 38° angle.

are you Eastern Indian or something? this seems like the kind of error that an Eastern Indian would make.

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I'm much more interested in seeing whether or not Elon Musk can develop a technology that's capable of making Diana finally get a job and stop costing Jim money, and maybe she could even pay her fair share at that tiny little 375 sq foot shithole at The Eton Emerald

speaking of space, 375 square feet is not a lot. in fact, it ain't shit. my kitchen is almost 450 square feet. I find it amazing that anyone could spend their existence in a shitty fucking 375 square foot shoebox.

what's even more impossible to fathom is the fact that Diana is willing to trade sex for a roof over her head and a used laptop.

I mean, of course I know that all Filipino women are prostitutes, because their parents urge them to turn tricks for food and cigarette money, but I'm just amazed that Diana is willing to trade all three of her holes for only 375 square feet.

that come to only 125 square feet per hole.

technically, Diana mooches 376.6 square feet from Jim, which comes to 125.5333333333333 square feet per hole.

125.53 square feet with her vagina

125.53 square feet with her throat

125.53 square feet with her butthole

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but although Diana is a prostitute, she's obviously not' a cool, laid back, open minded prostitute. she's uptight, and a square. it's apparent that she's not the type to take it up the ass.

I find that ironic, that she's enough of a scumbag to trade sex instead of getting a job and paying her way, but she 'draws a line' with anal sex, insisting that she's 'better than that'…

self-righteousness is a humorous trait for a prostitute.

So, since Diana is too much of a stuck-up prude to take it in her asshole, let's recalculate Diana's payment system at the tiny cramped little shithole at the Eton Emerald:

188.3 square feet with her vagina

188.3 square feet with her throat

0.0 square feet with her butthole

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when you take Jim's bisexuality into consideration, and in particular, his tendency to lean towards sex with men over sex with women, it's quickly apparent that Diana is rare

and she gives a lot of handjobs

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Johnny pneumonic is a danger to humans everywhere

so, recalibrating the formula for diana's rent in the tiny, cramped Eton Emerald, per month, she trades out:

125.53 square feet with handjobs

125.53 square feet with her throat

125.53 square feet with her vagina

although Diana would insist she trades out:

251.06 square feet with handjobs

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which would leave:

62.765 square feet with her vagina

62.765 square feet with her throat

It's an official promotional image from SpaceX they themselves provided to promote this exact business venture. Don't blame the OP for this one.


a job's a job

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yes sir
I'm well aware
of this fact

like I said…..

you chose a stupid as shit illustration to accompany your stupid fucking story. look at the perspective on the 'engine' of the stupid space shuttle looking transport craft.

the spaceship itself is perpendicular to the viewer, but the base of the engine platform is at a 38° angle.

Diana will do in a pinch

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but we all know what gives Jim's 'base' a Hot Launch

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If you'll notice, the right side is the upstairs floor plan, and the upper one third is empty because that's the Loft overlook

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So I have eliminated that area in the sexual floor plan

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and here, you can see the division of sexual favors for how many square feet of roof Diana gets over her head

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But like I said, a job is a job… And she's got to pay rent one way or another

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And don't forget that Jim threw in his used Mac laptop…..

….Philip and James only got crappy old used ThinkPads……

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And just because she trades for vagina, throat, and handjobs for rent, don't go thinking she's a whore….

….because that buttpussy is a no-go

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which doesn't really make sense

because ANY filipino woman knows you can't get pregnant in the ass when you're paying rent

for example, this picture of Diana was taken while she was at home, recuperating from her 'minor surgery'

(an abortion)

but maybe it was worthwhile, because she got to play the sympathy card, avoid all responsibilities for ten days, sit around surfing Facebook, and she had her MOTHER move in with her and Jim, helping her mooch….

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and for those ten days, she wasn't expected to have any sex

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that's 1/3rd of a month RENT FREE

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But eventually all good things come to an end, and after a while she had to tell her mother to go back to her nasty little tenement, with the other 14 siblings….

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And when Jim wasn't busy at the ladyboy nightclubs, Diana had to get back to the bump and grind

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Still, Jim is never completely satisfied with Diana's bedroom bump and grind and I think we all know why

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speaking of the planned
SpaceX Slanteyed
Moon Mission

don't count
on it

ain't gonna happen

This moon mission is less likely to happen then the entire Eton Emerald Loft suddenly becoming the same size as my kitchen

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Dear Diana,

you should seriously consider coming to America and trading out your butthole for free rent at my house… Wendy and I would love to have you as a housemate, and you're not getting any younger so there's no time to waste regarding your first anal experience and learning how to eat snatch

Wendy and you can go down on each other while I take turns and taking my testicles into both of your buttholes

my kitchen is larger than your entire Loft condo, plus I'm in America, where there's all kinds of opportunities… I'll even give you a free laptop

trust me…… you don't want to stay in the Philippines… It's full of Filipinos, and they're disgusting! They're like monkeys

SINcerely, Neptune

Dear Diana,

There's another benefit to you moving to America and paying rent at my place with your butthole.

Unlike Jim, my breasts don't need two wheelbarrows to transport them, and I dont need to wear a girdle.

hmu, trick

I forgot……

what's this thread about?