Sesame Street Writer Confirms Bert And Ernie Written As Loving-Gay Couple

If you were one of the many children who grew up watching Sesame Street, you may remember a certain puppet duo named Bert and Ernie. Now, it's always annoying when a social justice movement tries to co-opt a formerly politically neutral topic into something that it's not and that is what is happening to our dear friends Bert and Ernie. A former writer for the show Mark Saltzman said that Bert and Ernie are a gay couple, and secretly they always have been. Sesame Street released an official statement on the matter that denied Saltzman's claims the couple is gay.

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bert and ernie are less degenerate than the average female of 2018 tbh

Who is the top and who is the bottom?

they dont actually have sex, they just hug, closed mouth kiss, and cuddle. they give each other baths too

forgot to add, occasional handjobs

Frank Oz says otherwise.

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I'm siding with the boomer on this one. He created them, not the writer.

In the eyes of soc jus, two male roommates are always homosexuals. Why am I not surprised.

>mark (((saltzman)))

Bert is obviously the top. They have that Ren and Stimpy vibe going on. Ernie is also kinda downsie.

that would make the entire us military is gay. fact is only 40% of them are fags

And he doesn't back down. Nice when someone whose work I enjoy isn't a cowardly piece of shit.

Jesus, if these people could end themselves already that'd be a step in the right direction. Every fucking thing they bring up, every time they talk, and everything they're involved in all has to involve their genitals and what they do in the bedroom.

I miss when being known as gay was a career-ending move, because at least then we didn't have to see fags fucking or hear about fags fucking in every piece of media we watched.

Who could have expected it.

I also miss when the word "white" was never used, simply because it made no sense to refer to the default in each country.
French were French, by blood and birth, English were English and so on.
Anything else was a paki, a spade, a chink, and didn't belong, wasn't of that country, and was almost unseen.
When each country had their own companies, and own food and currency, their own culture.
That wasn't very long ago either. The thing is, with each ten years that passes, the collective memory is being wiped. They make it illegal to speak the truth,so people aren't openly discussing it, leaving the newborns to be fed by (((television))).
Most people also don't remember very well, and have their thoughts regularly replaced. They can't hold two 'timelines' in their head at the same time.
Which is how the "England has always been an African country!!" can work. They repeat it for long enough until the masses repeat it and their memories are wiped.
There need to be solutions to these problems.
Stopping people from going near media is one way to end the reinforcement of lies and false history.
Convince your friends that television, news etc are a waste of time, likewise your family.
Put some negative slants on it without only calling it propaganda and falsehood, because addicts will defend their drug, and they won't like that you are saying that all they believe is lies.
Perhaps encourage them to take up a contrusctive activity, away from tv.

Cool story bro, now I know you are full of shit and totally discredited.. Frank Oz tweeted that they don't have sexuality and was pretty appalled by the homos crying about it afterward. Kill yourself, kike.


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and this is the only relevant info you need

If Jim Henson was still alive they would consider him as a racist bigoted trump supporter.