UK - Iranian Father Sobs In British Court Explaining “Virginity Test” For Daughter

At the second day of the by now infamous ‘virginity test’ trial, Mr Ali Safaraei, the Iranian father accused of marching his daughter to a UK doctor asking her to perform a virginity test (see our related coverage) because she had a secret boyfriend, sobbed in the Crown Court as he claimed he only wanted to check if the boy had raped her.

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The Virgin white father vs the Chad Muslim father

Wait, so what is he in court for? Slut shaming?

Holy shit.

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Should have just taken her back to a muslim shithole and slaughter her for disgracing the family or sell her to sex slave traders for shekels. Raising a boy= time and resources well spent, raising a girl=potential family disgrace…and people wonder why mudslimes kill their girl babies at birth.

They must think people are stupid.
A virginity test doesnt tell you if she was raped or if it was consensual sex.

This is why they get what they want and passive whites get shit on.

There I was assuming he fucked his own daughter as was upset when there was no blood.

Dubs confirm

Lad, if she's a virgin, she can't have been raped. That's what the dad was getting at. What's your IQ?

Proceed to post pajeet picture.

I agree Abdul… gotta raise those boys to suicide bomb the West to oblivion because a book told you to

If only whites had a reputation for something besides watching anime and being traps

Redpill of the day:

There is nothing wrong with keeping your children pure until marriage. Maybe in the 90's it was different, but we've seen what happens when we do not value marriage, or at least proper relationships that lead to a stable family.

I couldn't care less what fags, trannies, 21+ adults do, but for actual teenage children? Just keep them pure for fuck's sake. Or if they won't be pure, make sure it's true love that will lead to marriage.

But you've gotta be both strict and lenient at the same time, in some ways. I guess that's the gift of consciousness and being able to be rational.

Whites have a reputation of taking women seriously.

It's the norm here in arabia. Having sex outside marriage is adultery so they normally won't do it not that all people are good. It will bring huge shame and people won't want anything to do with you for their reputation. Westerners societies are atheists societies and people raised as such even with their fake "Christians".
Then why try to protect them if you don't mind them ending up like that? Doesn't make sense. When they end up like that and they want more people like them they will get involved in politics and change laws to support their degenerate way of life. You can even see the international atheist cable changing same law in many countries at same time. I'm sure it's not pure coincidence. Not that you don't support it yourself you leddit fedora.

They also live under women boot and follow all their demands. At least follow women with brains and not these mental homosexuals not that any women opinion should matter at all.

It is generally obvious that religions are meant to keep people in line, hopefully for their own good.

That does not mean that religions are true. It is obvious that religions are made up and that there is no god. I work with the assumption that religions are useful, but if you want to know the actual truth: It is all made up.

As far as atheism and politics go? I have no opinion. I just want the people to be happy, and to live in a pleasant culture that gives them both stability and security, but also freedom and happiness.

Religions were made up by the rich to rule the peasants without (or with less) violence. They used superstitions and morals to trick the peasants into following their rules (rules that always protect the rich) and gave them in return something to believe in (in other words nothing substantial).

I guess they are starting to assimilate finally. making false rape accusations.

Disagree. Religion put alot of limits on rulers and they are trying to remove it worldwide. Rich are ruling today in most atheist countries with empty promises like freedom to fuck or abortion or drugs. I don't care about debating but body parts working perfectly with each others etc seems clear case of upper power involvement. Most of the rich are doing what they want under atheism polluting nature and few elites holding all wealth while some people starving.

Religion back then and Religion now are different. Back then Religion was the only tool to rule large quantities of humans with as little violence as possible. But there were people who didn't fall for it, the believer coined them Atheists. Fast forward and the rich perfected their systems and found out that they can freely manipulate believes with fear and lies. Ironically that concept works way better on atheists than on religious believers, who are holding onto their written laws. Which brings us to the present where the rich are controlling all the atheists and using them to destroy the believers with corruption from within.

Jokes on you, all PIV sex is rape, didn't you know? Ahahahahaaa

You've confused looking after your family, with not letting juden corrupt every single last facet of civilisation.
Learn the difference.

You can bet your last buck that if he is told she was not a virgin she would be loaded on to the next plane to Iran and she would as good as dead when she got there.

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