EU leaders 'almost unanimous' for second Brexit vote: Malta PM

There is "almost unanimous" backing among European Union leaders for Britain to hold another referendum on Brexit, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Thursday.

"We would like the almost impossible to happen, that the UK has another referendum," Muscat told BBC radio.

"I think most of us would welcome a situation where there is the possibility of the British people putting things into perspective, seeing what has been negotiated, seeing the options, and then deciding once and for all."

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The article mentioned three small countries, no votes, no documents of support or consensus. That doesn't sound like 'almost unanimous.'

I'm 100% in support of another vote, but this doesn't help. It sounds like a weak voice in the dark.

No matter what the outcome for us in the UK is worse off than before the original vote. If we stay it's a tar on our opinions/wants and relationship with the other members. If we leave we'll likely be worse off and lose all the personal level benefits of being an EU member such as free movement.

I'd still much rather we stay, but it's a constant frustration knowing 51% willingly chose this. I don't even mean this faffing about situation which they didn' t forsee, just leaving in general.

100% this vote would've gone the other way if people my age actually went and voted.

Hopefully they've learnt their fucking lesson whining on Facebook about it and actually go vote next time something like this happens.

Malta is invested deep in the UK. They were part of the United Kingdom until just recently.
They have a biased interest in a new Brexit vote.


OK, look, EU leaders. We'd hoped that the referendum was enough of a lesson for you to grasp the point but as that's clearly not happened allow me to say this slowly for you.
I hope that clears up your confusion on this point.

I get pleasure out of this, libtards and politicians crying because they didn’t get the outcome that they wanted. Fuck open borders and the EU puppets, Brexit means Brexit :)

Cry harder.


EUSSR won't allow Brexit. Britbongs put under siege when they voted exit to change their minds. Western democracy and freedom are illusion and this is proof. Your master will do what they want since they control media and have countless numbers of atheist and degenerate pets.

Don't forget the Jew worshiping christians, and the (((pope)))

I actually voted to join the EU in the 70s.

This was NOT what we were sold. We should have never joined.
They even called it the common market. Not the European union. So we thought it was just about trade.

>(((European Union leaders)))

fuck off kike-brained idiot

Christians, at least in the USA, support Brexit.

You're an idiot that fell for marketing lies. There is no need for a "trade union" of nations because nations already deal with trade agreements among each other. The only reason there would ever have been any calls for an union of any kind among European nations would be to contest the power of the USA and the Soviet Union (and later, as we have learned, provide a pathway for a totalitarian federal governing body built as a kike version of the USG).

UK should just use force of arms. Mean would the world notice if Brussels got nuked?

Oh look, undemocratic cunts are in favor of keeping their vassal states in the """""""union"""""" where they can dictate and control these countries as they see fit without pesky peasant meddling. The EU is a cancer and needs to burn.

The EU does not have a democratic mandate. It's all a sham. Smoke and mirrors to hide a plutocratic dictatorship facilitated by hand picked bureaucrats.

there is literally nothing wrong with hard brexit done right

With jews you lose. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to join the jew union.

It's not like anyone got to choose.


Reminder if Brexit doesn't follow through, you're stuck with the EUssr's meme and link ban and will truly be cucked.

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Leaders, not the people within the countries. The leaders are elected by the people and can and will be deposed by the people. For the people, by the people, or else you lose your job and depending on how much a despot or authoritarian you are, your life.

It's a tale as old as time. Leader gets big, his ego gets bigger, he abuses people, he gets killed or punished by people. You'd think they'd learn for once.

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In other news, criminals almost unanimously claim they dindu nuffin.
Reminder that any and all pro-EU leaders fully deserve to be tried for treason in their respective countries as they willingly hand over sovereign power to foreign hands.

Paris and Berlin need to go. Unfortunately there'll be no way to remove the architecture or artwork from those cities beforehand, but that's just a loss we'd have to accept.

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>(((we))) didn't get what (((we))) wanted the first time

Don't jews do this a lot? At least one country only joined the (((EU))) due to this.


The people spoke and their vote stands. Let the EU bleed another willing country dry, and destroy it with forced immigration.

"Don't worry Adolf, we'll get 'em next time."

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I don't have the pic, but yes, a lot of European countries had their vote overturned or redone until the (((correct))) option won.

Sadly, leaving the EU isn't the end of our problems. Conservatives have a plan for the internet worse than what the EU has in store for us. Then there is the immigration issue which will not change. I keep seeing them mention EU immigration only being the one affected and stopped, but conveniently, immigration from non-white countries is left untouched and unmentioned. Mark my words, the numbers will shift from majority EU immigration to Commonwealth immigration. More non-whites than ever.

Also consider we do not truly leave for a years after we finally being the leaving process next year. That's a few more years where things can happen, can go wrong, that the demographics shift enough to get another vote in the bag.

I don't have the list to hand here but yes. Look up the wikipedia list of EU Referendums and pay particular attention to Ireland, their constitution requires a referendum on every new treaty and they've been forced to revote twice.

No wonder the potato farmers revolt so much.

But at least its easy for us to change that in future.
We could even vote in a party with the specific goal of opening up the internet.

Where as if the EU decides what your internet rules are, you dont have any realistic way to change them or evolve them over time.

Yea like Labour and nobody else

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Seize your country back from the globalists. Reignite the flames of the British Empire. God save the Queen.