UK schoolboy dies after classmate puts cheese down shirt

A UK schoolboy died from an allergic reaction after another student threw cheese down his shirt, an inquest has heard.

Karanbir Cheema, 13, was severely allergic to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs and all nuts, the UK’s Telegraph reports.

The London student went into cardiac arrest after suffering from an anaphylactic reaction at his school on June 28.

He was taken to hospital where he died 10 days later.

Giving evidence at the inquest, Kieran Oppatt – who was the first paramedic on the scene – said he was told by school staff that “perhaps someone had chased the patient with cheese and had proceeded to throw it down his T-shirt”, The Independent reports.

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It's more the other way around, allergic reaction means your immune system is going nuts when in contact with certain stuff. It is hyper sensitive.

True. People tend to measure the presence of an immune system in terms how of how well it works in terms of producing good results, not how well it works in terms of sheer amount of response to an invader.

it’s not impossible that his parents are to blame. Unfortunately that seems to be the case for many such allergies in kids today. Parents not embracing the anti-fragility of their children and so on.

An allergy is a medical condition, you don’t CHIOSE to have them or give them to your kids on purpose. You aren’t bad parents if your child has an allergy!

Sometimes years of desensitizing treatments don’t lessen the fact that even skin contact with a substance will kill you.

What does it say about the parents of the child that thought taunting another kid with a lethal weapon was a joke? Shouldn’t some of the responsibility rest there? Would you blame the parents of the dead child if he’d been killed by a knife or a gun?

Geez, sometimes i wonder if kids back in the day had this or they simply died as toddlers and parents blamed it on something totally foreign like bad luck or poisoned foods

Will the kid that threw the cheese be charged with murder? I tend to go with act of God. That is one less allergic breeder for the world. Blessings and wonderment that God will love in such a way. The adversarial nature of Satan and the fact that the kid must have been already week. Please pray for the mother. She must be grieving hard.

How the hell can you not only be allergic to something like cheese, but SO allergic that skin contact is lethal?

What you say makes perfect sense, obviously, but you're talking like a hystrionic woman or a faggot, so fuck off.

Two words: "Home Fucking Schooling."

Or Vikings.

That's what I'm wondering as well. It's not like he at the cheese and it got stuck in his system.

or just some reddit faggot

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shouldnt be in england, where cheese has reigned for tens of thousands of years.
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How the fuck is somebody allergic to most food groups holy shit

That kid looks retarded lol. I'm glad he is dead. If eating cheese or peanuts kill you then eat up. If touching cheese or peanuts kill you the we should rub them on you.

Seriously do people not understand that if we let these monsters live they may taint the gene pool in an unfixable way? When will we wake up and restart our eugenics programs. We used to allow people to defend their right to procreation in courts of law. With todays medical tech we wouldn't have to cause lack of sex drive. Back then it was only hysterectomy and castration. But now we could tie the tubes and vasectomy. We no longer need to butcher. We need our eugenics programs to keep mosters like this little retard from being born or conversely from tainting the broader gene pool.

Cheese and dairy is commonly eaten in India you fucking moron. Don't you remember they worship cows?

Yes you fucking do. Allergies are often hereditary.
Family needs to fuck off back to where local food doesn't kill them. Stupid fucks.

I don't want a world that ban mazapan

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well lets be honest if he didnt die today, he wouldnt last for 10 more years. this nigga is allergic to everything

That doesn't sound right. I'm going to say this is a case of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy.

this is called 'improving the gene pool', he was naturally-unselected.

Back in my day our parents made up go out and run and roll around in the grass and mud. Scraped knees and shit everywhere. Not only did we get healthier we actually built up a tolerance to allergens.

This kid is what happens when you raise him up at home 24/7 on an iPad and breastfeed him till he's 12. Fucking faggot.

kids raised on farms, who come in contact with all kinds of shit (literally) animals and plants, pollens, dirt, mud, etc. have drastically lower rates of allergies than the helicopter parents who snatch a dropped toy away from their kid and promptly swab it with alcohol or antibacterial products. kids used to go outside to play in the morning, parents wouldn't know where they were until they got back home when the street lights came on, and they didn't get allergies like this.

I hope Netflix get the rights to make a movie about this boy, it could be done in a horror film where the kids malevolent ghost comes back to get revenge on kids at a school sleep over where each death is dairy or cheese related. In the final scene the ghost manifests into a huge humanoid shaped blob of melting cheese, scalding or suffocating anyone he can get his hands on. Eventually the only guy and girl left alive trick the cheese monster into the school hall where they freeze it with fire extinguishers then shatter it into thousands of tiny fragments by playing hip-hop music at it through massive speakers.

After the credits role there is a final short scene where a mouse can be seen running off with a small fragment of cheese, it gets back to it's nest but the bit of cheese suddenly turns into a tentacle shape and chokes the mouse unconscious before wriggling down its throat. The camera slowly zooms in on the motionless mouse and as the screen is taken up entirely by the mouse's face it suddenly opens its eyes to reveal cheese eyeballs!

Nope, nut allergy has been shown to occur mostly in kids whos mothers when pregnant with them did not eat nuts, it was actual medical advice for a few years that pregnant woman avoid eating peanuts etc. The advice was also to not give your baby nuts until they were about 4 or 5yrs old.
Turns out if you follow that advice your kid will end up super allergic to nuts. Now the advice is for mothers to eat from all food groups and for kids to eat all different types of foods as soon as possible.

In fact check out a Netflix show called 'Rotten' and watch Episode 2. It explains what I just said but in much more detail.

Yeah, except i did all that shit and i still have massive environmental allergies. Sometimes youre just fucked no matter what. I just thank God my allergy to dogs got better. I love dogs but I didn't have one until I was 19.

I do know one thing: you can decrease your kids' chances of nut allergies by staying the fuck away from them when you're pregnant. Unfortunately, mothers get weird fucking cravings so sometimes they go for them anyway. My wife was super pissed when I yanked away a bag of them during the first trimester. Easier to take meat away from a starving wolf.

I'm glad natural selection is a thing

your claim is the opposite of and I would agree with . exposing you to more things lessens your chances of developing allergies to them. like the kids mentioned in

It was weak. I don't see what's the problem.

haha craig has the cheesetouch

Oi you got Licenes for that cheese !!

your post hurt my feelings, reporting you to south yorkshire police for a hate crime.

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Too weak to live.


Sure sucks that this kid is the inheritor of a few thousand years of dysgenic (weird how 8ch thinks that isn't a word) stupidity. Imagine being so hopelessly weak that you're killed on contact by more than half the natural food supply. RIP.

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Really he saved this kid a lifetime of suffering, for himself and all the people around him that would have to put up with his extremely specific diet, can you imagine taking this kids order at a restaurant?

Forget his order, this is the kind of kid you accidentally kill because you gave him a fork that was used for peanuts two weeks ago.

That's just bad genetics, and bad parenting by the shitty genetics parents. The parents should never have let this kid out of the house.


It made allergies less common. But I know that my great grandfather, who owned and worked a farm and had life stock. Was really allergic to peas. Just boiling them in the household made his lips and nose go white.

Anyway. Certain allergies are connected. Gluten intolerance and celiack (two different things and I wish people would fucking understand that), are something that can be triggered by genes.

You can get *red*meat allergy from ticks, well from infections carried by them.
You can get allergy if your immune system was under stress, from major infection, parasite or such, and exposed to allergen at the same time.

But… They have managed to treat lethal peanut allergy with controlled exposure of the allergen and a MASSIVE dose of probiotics. And it worked, somewhat. They didn't die from exposure but they did get sick.

But modern allergies have been connected to us being too clean, and the environment being just fucking polluted with shit.

Depends on your definition

Yeah. Imagine being so weak literal nature itself is dangerous to you hahaha.

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That they have a normal child that did not need special handling? Maybe deadcheese parents should have though about home schooling or a private babysitter instead of the free babysitter. No one can protect your children but you.


Imagine being that fucking physiologically fragile that touching cheese kills you. Jesus fucking Christ, the world is better off without his genetics…

If your body is so weak that it dies when exposed to cheese then your death is a good thing for the development of the human genome.

He probably committed sudoku via cheese slice

No. They correctly blamed it on jews.

then they can go and worship cows with the other streetshitting subhumans and wait to be nuked.
you can fuck off with them too, cancerous cunt

simple, regularly douse schools in each of the major allergens and the weak can die off.
I'm pretty sure that the first thing to flood schools with is pigs blood with chunks of bacon floating in it, and shit smeared korans. see which ones are allergic to that.
fucking invaders, they all need to die.

It's not even that he had allergies. This kid was so weak that even WITH medical attention he died.

Generally a hospital can save someone having an allergic reaction, but he was so physically frail that he suffered for more than a week and still died. I'm seriously wondering how he lasted 13 years.

back in my day we did too
I remember scraping my knees all the time, in gravel and other things, and ending up with a weird yellow soft scab there the next day. happened quote a few times, don't think it ever scarred or became red, inflamed or infected.
food was a lot more real at that time, and I ate almost no sugar or chemicals. played outside every day, climbed trees.
never had a yellow scab like it in my adult life, think the last time I had one I was under 10.
my immune system must have been quite adept at that time.

I'd like a double decaf non-dairy foamer latte with no traces of soy, wheat, gluten, rice, cereals in general, meat, vegetables, cheese or any organic compound, chemical, element or anything not screened by magnetic fields.

maybe he was allergic to death, but then that spontaneously resolved itself.


Check those repeating digits
Also ban assault cheese !

The kid's days were numbered. Some how, some way he would have copped a lethal dose of all these 'poisons'.

Whoops. Looks like darwinism in action.

Good grief could this kid actually eat anything without dying?

it's amazing he lived to be 13. also, nice free health care system, couldn't save a child from a slice of cheese.

Henceforth they should be called patricians double-dubs.

Poor kid didn't have the genes designed for dairy. Well of course he didn't, he wasn't a native.

I'd like to report a hate crime. I hate the faggots who run the Yorkshire police department. I hate them because I'm prejudiced against fuckfaces who would defend invaders over their own people. Traitors get the bullet first.

And you are allowed to do so. My son is nearly 19, and back in '98, the medical concensus was what I stated: no nuts means no nut allergy. Research that came later may have changed the theory to the other side of the argument. I don't know, as I would have stopped reading about such thing after my second child was born. All I know is that neither of my kids have nut allergies. Whether that was because of denying them to my wife or just luck, I can't tell you. I doubt anyone could with 100% accuracy.

Why are you such a hateful racist?

Who woulda thunk it!

And nothing of value was lost.

against a person's race, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity.
Also, this doesn't include white, Christian, straight and "CIS" men.

I believe this is how the kid looked like but all over the body. Just one little piece of cheese making contact for a fraction of a second kills a life, meanwhile the red head living in cold climates can go for a vacation at the equator and just get a sunburn, a first degree burn that doesnt even really hurt and goes away in under a week.

I can tell you were home schooled.

It started with acid attacks. Now it's cheese

The Browns fear the Lactose!

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