Georgia - Teacher Sent 14-Year-Old boys Nude Pics Of Herself

A substitute teacher in Georgia has been arrested after she sent inappropriate messages and nude photographs of herself to "several" 14-year-old students. 35-year-old Amanda Lenea Pardue has been charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with electronically furnishing obscene materials to minors and electronic pornography and child exploitation.

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Why are they always 9's and 10's

why didn't I have this at school.
it would have been more important than any of the rest of the idiotic "education", and I would have been less of a spurg.


It's Georgia.

Nuke her entire existence and all family from written historical records. She has committed a Sex Crime, the worst of all mortal actions in this New Age. She is guilty and must be sentenced immediately by the Tribunal. In fact, just looking at her triggers me. I'm suing this website and anyone who ever visited it for participating in this abuse.

they're assuming she's white

Right. All my teachers were either dudes or ancient sea hags in HS. Fuck this gay earth.

Those naughty Eastern European ladies…

Where are the pix?! I want to at least know if she was an ugly roastie or not!

She's a woman. She'll be fine.

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Ugh, nice to know the double standard is alive and well.

Had one pretty and young, 24, teacher, all the guys wanted her, but it was a fantasy. She married shortly after she started at the school. We were her first class.
Walked by the school perhaps 6-8 years afterwards and saw her through the window, still pretty, still cool, and still with her own personality and style.
She is the kind of woman who should definitely have children, four would be good.
Better if she had sent me n00dz, then kidnapped me and forced me to impregnate her, then convinced my parents that I should marry her the very next day.

Every single damned teacher I had was a dog or 50+ years old or male. What the actual fuck.

What are the odds? Go be a kike somewhere else.

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That is a 7.5 at best, and only because good lighting and makeup.


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I'd hit it.

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There's only one question here that cries out to be answered. That 14 year old that got the nudes sent to him.

What are the odds he's a nigger?

Preddie gud i'd sey.

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Shes a hero.

Thanks Muslim AI.

There might be a token niglet in there tops

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lol no, you're just a porn addict and it fucked your scale up. That woman is hot af.

There is no need to simp so hard.

She's pretty attractive. This is what they should base the legal system for this stuff off of by the way. If a woman is hot, this is okay. If she's ugly, it isn't and she should go to prison. If she's really really hot, then she should get a reward for enriching the boy's lives.

Ugly old hag will imprison her for that as for the rest who cares. Nothing special about seeing ugly tits and vagina. Maybe some eye hazard

but she's hot, so…nice

a man cutting your baby penis off was more important

Stupid predator. How did she get the job in the first place? Probably another alt-left feminazi who abused many hardworking innocent men who wanted to get to know her better. There is a special place in hell for scum like her.

Female pedophilia is trad though. It helps boys grow into healthy heterosexuals. Only male pedophilia is bad. Equality between the sexes is a leftist joke, and that doesn't suddenly change at the times when that's unfair for men.

this, so this.
dear god if you could have seen my French teacher…


Imagine my shock

This thread is full of thirsty virgin incel simps.

come on now we already know

"The racial makeup of the county was 97.51% White, 0.63% Black or African American, 0.49% Native American, 0.38% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.20% from other races, and 0.76% from two or more races. 0.90% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. "
As much as I want this chick to be a queen of spades, the census says that chances are some young Chad got them nudes.

Not true, my old friend was molested a older women and is fucked in the head. But not like life ruined, just depressed and not able to hold relationships. He has a therapist but idk I stopped hanging out with him because fuck that my life is difficult enough.


Nope Just Black

How long until she takes a note from the #metoo playbook and accuses the children of rape?