Teacher Sexted 100 Kids on Facebook, Molested Dozens Near Brooklyn

There's news tonight coming out of the Brooklyn, New York area, where a teacher from Leon M. Goldstein High School for Sciences in Manhattan Beach is facing charges for sexually enticing over 100 students to make child pornography.


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Juden chad, harvey "harvester" rapestein collected 100 pokemon balls from one school.

He's a homo, right? The only way he got away with it for so long was probably because he targeted kids who were at the age of, and at risk of, being turned gay by the liberal media.

looks like Zig Forums

factual overload


Wow he's so hot. Those kids are lucky. He shouldn't get convicted, just lose his job.

What the feck. He's ugly.

Obviously he was pointing out the double standard that exists with female teachers.


The double standard exists for a reason. Equality is a lie. The majority of boys are straight so would be harmed psychologically by a gay come on from a teacher, and for girls, their perception of what is attractive is massively skewed compared to men, so that the average man is under average attractiveness, and only a small % of men are considered physically hot (check OKcupid data on this, it's true!), therefore most girls too wouldn't be into it unless the teacher was in the crazy unlikely 1% of attractive males. Overall then, because the majority of males are considered generally less attractive by the majority of people, the same rules don't apply as apply to female molesters. Most boys are straight, and most girls have really high standards for male physical attractiveness. It's that simple. It's fair.

There is tremendous psychological, emotional, and damage to trust caused by shit like female teachers raping underage boys. Even 15years old.
The (((belief))) that there isn't is a kike enabled lie that is meant to further destroy men, from boy on.

You're right, it's more like "underaged boys" at hannukah parties.

This is just the result of the education system being liberal.

Philip, don't tell me that you still think fatass Courtney DeAnne Tubbs-Moseley is 'hot'….

she's a fucking pig

white trash

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I just got off the phone with Katie Tubbs (Kaitlin) and I learned some hilarious info

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do you ever feel bad or guilty that you're the one who got Courtney DeAnne Tubbs-Moseley involved with The Turdwater?…..

after all, she's only making $50 a week, and thanks to idiot Trump's China Tariffs, prices at Walmart are increasing 10% Monday morning, and increasing another 25% by January 1st

…. and everybody knows the only place she can buy fat girl clothes in Irvington Alabama is at Walmart

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'Tubbs' is an ironic name, considering how 'tubby' the women are in that family

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Holy shit, user! Dumb sluts who use dating apps are shallow? I would never have guessed it in a million years?

she's horrible

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what the hell was she thinking doing this to her eyebrows?

it looks like shit

it looks weird as fuck!

her face is already hard to look at, with her weird nose and huge head…. but these creepy tweezed eyebrows look AWFUL !!!

I guess women don't know anything about makeup or fashion in shitholes like Mobile or Irvington Alabama

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until I got Kaitlin Tubbs on the phone, I had no idea that you were the connection between Chubby Tubbs and Chubby Watkins

do you know Brooks Miller Parker?

Mary is a real piece of work

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Ashlee Tubbs Seamen is a charming name

she looks down syndrome

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Kaitlin's the only one that's not a fat pig

she's pretty cool on the phone……………

hideous, but cool

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I have reason to believe that Kaitlin is on drugs

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this is embarrassing as shit!!

this is insanity….

it's like when an Elvis fan starts using the last name 'Presley', only even creepier….

it shows that she's not stable……

also…. look how ridiculous her stupid photograph is !!! she's using cheesy filters like little girls use on Snapchat, trying to hide how old and fat she is….




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yeah, Kaitlin told me some pretty funny shit about Courtney….

it turns out her family don't think very highly of her

good damn, she's ugly as shit

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2243 Woodlea Dr E Mobile, AL 36695

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Mr. Goldstein may not be the hero you want, but he's the hero you need…
(mind you, this is legal in a fuckton of the world)

Kaitlin Tubbs just told me that house is where fat Courtney and her white trash ex-husband Adam J. Moseley used to live together.

Kaitlin Nicole Tubbs


Nice Hole, Nicole

you're the only Tubbs sister who isn't a fat pig

oops I meant ADAM L. MOSELEY

it sure looks like big fat Courtney's ex-husband Adam L. Moseley got a good deal by divorcing chubby Tubbs, and now he's fucking the shit outta Katherine Seymour

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Adam told me that Courtney burned all of her bridges with her family, that she has bipolar disorder, doesn't take her medication, and she's a slob.

Adam says Chubby Tubbs doesn't ever clean up after herself, leaves her house a mess, and he says she's just cheap and tacky.

he told me that Katherine Seymour is classy and sophisticated, whereas Courtney is low class and embarrassing

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>Leon M. (((Goldstein))) High School
I guarantee he's not the only progressive pedophile that works there.

which would explain the tacky white trash embroidered fat girl t shirt on the desk.

Adam took this photo…. notice the cheesy greeting card stuck into the mirror frame.

Adam described Courtney as 'the cheap low-class scrapbooking type' of fat woman

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nice fat rolls, Chubby Tubbs

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at first, Courtney's fat rolls appear to be breasts….. until you realize they're on her back

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it's kinda ironic, how much Jim & Cubby Tubbs have in common…..

they're both Trump idiots

they both have disgusting bodies

nobody wants to fuck either of them

they both have dumpy breasts

their families are embarrassed by both of them

and they're both associated with The Turdwater, the most laughably amateurish 'news' organization on the entire internet

Kaitlin told me that Courtney used to mooch off her.

yeah, like i said, ive got good reason to believe that Kaitlin Nicole Tubbs is on drugs (according to Adam L. Moseley) but Kaitlin told me that she really likes animals a lot, and she's the only sister that's not a fat pig, so I think I'm going to continue my new friendship with Katie….

I kinda want to fuck her

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it's only a 5 hour drive to Irvington Alabama where Katie lives………..

something tells me she'd fuck bother Wendy and I…..


Katie's pretty cool and funny.

and she does NOT like Courtney