Natalie Keepers Found Guilty Of Helping Boyfriend Murder 13-Year-Old Girl (Video)

After deliberating for two and a half hours Friday, the jury recommended a prison sentence for 21-year-old university student Natalie Keepers. The jury walked into the courtroom after recommending the judge sentence Keepers to 40 years in prison with no fine. Her official sentencing won't be until November 27. The baby-faced student was found guilty for killing 13-year-old girl Nicole Lovell who was bullied at school over a scar on her throat from an emergency tracheotomy.

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We all know kids are assholes, but what the fuck kind of monsters would go at her for that?

The only reason that this is allowed to happen at all is because sleeping with 13-year olds is illegal and you all know that. Without that, the jealous thot wouldn't have had a leg to stand on and nobody would have died.

inb4 (((judge))) ignores jury and gives her 5 years

I mean I would actually agree with you 100% if not for the fact that is was the bf who killed her and then thot just helped hide the body. On one hand yeah it was obviously cause "oh no people will know I am with her cause she wont stop bragging" and society is so fucked that despite nothing actually being wrong for real yet that would have ruined his life. but on the other hand he is just a fag anyways because if his life is about to be over either way why fuckin kill her. This entire statement was just a gradual realization that I dont even disagree with you at all and I just think the guy is a faggot anyways on top of this. Ok friend I hope you are having a good day.

People are shit, user.

Fucking White devils.

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They were Jewish, what are you talking about?

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Haha, how about getting off with less than a year? We'll see whose right.

Ah, so it was probably a ritual murder.

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No user. A woman who has been told all her life that she's important.


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I know, but it just pisses me off when kids torment someone for something they can't change. Shaming can work positive change, but they made her feel ashamed of something that saved her life. If I caught my kids doing that, I'd tan their fucking hides.

Based father. Abolishing corporal punishment was a mistake.

But none of this makes sense. Why would 20 year olds kill a girl like that?

i was talking about the roastie murderer, retard
you seriously think the us wasn't fighting for the jews during wwii?

>she's not at fault, it's just society™ and her boyfriend. 100% his fault.

women are too weak and pathetic to kill anyone on their own, but they are also somehow the equal of men.

slenderman attempted murder. victim was the strongest


Go take her phone and lets see if it's true.

So when do you go back to school user?

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I'd like to see you survive an ambush from a man in the woods at night when you're a fucking middle school girl with her guard down.

^this idiot thinks weakness is about physical prowees and not about total context.

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