Update: Trump Orders US Antitrust Agency To Investigate Google, Twitter And Facebook


When European President Jean-Claude Juncker visited the White House a month ago to discuss the steel and aluminium tariffs, US President Donald Trump jokingly said at the end of their meeting that “your tax lady, she really hates the US companies very much,” referring to the feared EU’s ‘Antitrust Czar’, Danish Commissioner Ms Margrete Vestager who has been accused of only targeting Silicon Valley companies.

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2 days old, it's already been denied.

sure thing sholomo

sure thing sholomo

I just want to see the corporations go under. That's all. They're terrible, so fucking terrible.

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Dream bigger user, lynched executives in the public square.

i believe trump can fly
i believe trump can touch the sky

4d chess for a million years
i'm really smart and very patriotic

i believe i can soar
4d chess for a milion year or more

if im dead who cares man
being gay is what saves the day

by Dustin Nemos


jesus fucking christ


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Just imagine a world where corrupt slimy big wigs of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and all the other cancer together with their family get dragged out into the streets to get publicly raped, lynched and drowned in pig shit.

front page won't update, wonder why?

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: >>>/prepare/20 | archive.fo/XA02u


Dear God, please let this happen.

Pleeze tell me it's da joos!

I wish for a better world where something like this would finally happen. The central bankers need to get it too.

Dream bigly user.

I must kill everyone at school.

I must kill everyone at school..


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I don't want to watch them get raped. Let's keep this lynching wholesome.

Awesome news!

Why isn't the front page updating, Jim?

So you guys would back a Socialist revolution?….

Because that is how you end up with Communism

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Fuck off.
The US is already a fucking socialist state, and you /leftycucks/ fucking despise it.

Ironically true. We already have the biggest welfare state in the world. We constantly bailout our own insolvent banks, and most of our major industries (including Tech companies) are subsidized by the government.

Leftists don't like to hear this be we already are living under socialism, what they want is full-blown communism (and that doesn't work well either).

What goes around, comes around, you little fucks. Be thankful he hasn't declared them public utilities, yet.

Since all the corporations are in bed with government, killing all the owners would be a free market revolution lol

Corporations are bullshit anyway because to be incorporated means the government lets you not take responsibility for your investments through the use of corporate personhood. Valid property is built on responsibility in the market, and rising or failing based on your investments, not having a handy shield, and if corporate personhood wasn't enough, they get bailouts for being too big to fail. It's horseshit and would be abolished in a state based off real competition and responsibility.

Good! These tech companies need to be BTFO, especially google who has already been fucked up by the EU and their anti-trust laws. This has been a while in the making




ATTs merger with Time Warner is also being examined

History of ATTs run in with government over Anti-Trust laws


Hey google, remember around 2000 when your motto was "don't be evil" and you were just a sinple white page with a single search box and everyone loved you for being a non intrusive way to search the interwebs? Yeah, good times right?

iirc, they actually removed their dont be evil sign after they agreed to work with the chinese government in their censorship campaigns. They also keep a list of people caught searching for non politically correct ideas

way too quick. Hung Drawn and Quartered.