The Bachelor - Two Female Contestants Confess Love At Rose Ceremony… For Each Other

Making things more shocking, Thu then walked over to fellow contestant Truc Nhu, who had been given a rose by the bachelor. To the collective shock of their fellow contestants, Thu then told Nhu, “Come home with me”’, before embracing her.

Adding more drama and conflict to the already unexpected twist, bachelor Trung tried to dissuade Nhu from leaving with Thu, convincing her that she’d “have regret” if she did so.

Nhu returned the rose to the bachelor and said: “I’m sorry, I’m giving back your rose.” Giving of roses play a significant role in each franchise of the show. Nhu tried to console the bachelor with her shocking decision by saying: “I know you’ll find someone who really loves you, who understands you, knows how to take care of you.”

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spoiler]u gey?[spoiler]

but they still wanted a free ride on a man's back.

lesbianism is a myth. it's a meme. whamen do not experience love.

you need to go back

one of the red pills at the intermediate levels.

Cheap trick to try to get viewers

I bet they have femine penises

Seriously this. I’ve never seen a single episode of any Bachelor shit. But the minute I saw this on the board I thought “publicity stunt”

How much do you think they’re being paid to “stay together” for a year or two until they can “break-up” and get news coverage?

Also I thought lesbians and other fags always knew they were that way? How are they on a show trying to get a man if they’re lesbians? Never mind you can’t apply logic to mainstream leftist propaganda.

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I'm not gonna buy it unless I can see the dykechop one wrist-deep in the gook.

At least he's not Bunty King.

When feminists are the ones writing all the "entertainment" shit like this is no surprise.

As someone who works every day on shows like this, this was entirely set up by the producers before the season was even shot.

Reminds me a bit of the movie "Being John Malcovich". The Jews ended up turning that into a lesbian film…degenerate as always.

Where did you get that from this story?

I hate lesbians because they dare make me feel bad

This is profound, but might not be without merit.

Look clam down a bit guys reality TV is fake staged and scripted by the producers this is obviously not a real couple, it was planned as a stunt by the producers. So you should be mad for a different reason.

can the annunaki come kill us already like holy shit
just put this shithole of a planet out of its misery

This is how the story ends with the "romance":

But as if the surprising twists and turns were not enough, and just as the two women seemingly smitten with each other were walking out, Nhu had a change of heart. She returned to Thrung’s arms and said, “I’ve changed my mind to accept this rose and continue this journey.”

I'm happy for those women.


Who wants to watch rich trust fund jews and Asians? Not me. That's who. When I look at the hosts big hook nose it makes me see red.

why am I not surprised? tradcucks are traitors of the male gender, as sick as the worst radical feminazi.

Can't see the forest for the trees incel

Op you still watch tv.

I bet you still watch cartoons, er, anime

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Just because an user said that happened doesn't make me believe it. Show me proof. Until then I'm happy they found happiness

Do you not realize that's a reddit meme now that is constantly on the front page?
Yeah so I don't as out of touch as you still using memes that are even on Facebook now.

Degeneracy? That's a paddlin'.

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You must be so unique and not like the other guys

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