Real-time Grooming, Predatory Commenters And Kingpin Child Abusers Run Free At YouTube

It's obvious that YouTube has a huge exploitation issue. After investigative reports by BBC News and The Times, it was estimated that YouTube had "between 50,000 and 100,000 active predatory accounts leaving indecent comments on videos of children." And these are just the ones who have made themselves easy to find.

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Easy way to generate more prison revenue is to declare everyone a criminal.

Well the potheads are wiggling out of the private prison death grip so they gotta squeeze on the pedophile teat a little harder to keep slavery alive in the modern day.

Confound him! Spiderman has meddled in my plans one step too far this time. My youtube empire will not be jeopardised!

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Oh, the fun for them is just getting started. Up until now the cops were utilized to keep the drug at bay, so that the demand doesn't cease too much. Meanwhile the laws where corrupted from within to legalize the drug. As soon as the legalization is complete cannabis will become another Jewish revenue asset, and with that the entire arm of the law becomes their tool to go against dealer, home grower, alternatives etc. But this time will full force. Also watch them protect certain plants and mixtures under copyright laws to really get the full power of the law behind it.

Everybody is this thread is a fucking retarded nigger. (Chan-speak, everybody.)

It's a opening to 'do something' about a 'major issue' that's going to get normies behind censorship of comment sections.

The Gigarich like pedos existing because it's one more 'evil' int eh world to ruin the world and bring to messiah - to the 'failure state' of mankind. (Two ways to get jewish messiah: Failure State or Successful supersized 'Holy land'.)

American Weed becomes as shitty as American 'Beer'.

One more thing I never did and so will never know how 'bad' it's gotten.

Oh boy wonder how YouTube is going to censor their comment system.
This surely isn't another editorial hit-piece because they host content right of center

shitty youtube kids videos are the hiding place of major pedophile networks.

pizza menus are coded for child sex slavery.

enough of these absolute brainlet paranoid boomer conspiracies please. i bet you all subscribe to the backwards record message conspiracy too.

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"…and you can now simply and easily gauge the meme acceptance rate by how long the right arm grows. We just built it in."

Map-face was here

well once weed becomes legal everywhere and you can't put so many black people in jail for it, they're going to have to make up their quotas somehow. classifying youtube comments as child abuse, elder abuse, sexual abuse, mentally scarring, libel, false accusations, and anything else that's actually a serious crime will both devalue the victims of those real crimes, but help fill the jails, so that's all that matters.

As a consumer of the videos in question I can tell you from experience that it's mostly Mexicans who seem to think that YouTube is Chaturbate saying "open pussy baby" to ten year olds.

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But keep feeling like you're making a difference by harassing people.

actually I'm guessing the "kingpin" would be the child molester who was paying out $20k/month or more to some of the girls in his "network."

There's a big difference between "shitposting" and paying six figures a year to some parents and then convincing them to drop their daughter off at your hotel where you try to force yourself on them.

the fuck are you even on about?

No conspiracy theory. A guy who is paying out millions per year to his "talent" was caught trying to rape one of the girls on his "kids network" on YouTube. He was arrested and this comes a year after Daniel Tosh was talking about the same thing.

The pedo apologists are out thick, must have hit a nerve here.

Neck yourself pedo.

and I'm guessing you're a huge faggot whos paying thai ladyboys $5/month to sucky sucky and love you long time.

This isn't Ping Pong Pizza.

Well maybe he's a child, every think about that?

That's funny. Usually people who want to convince others of something would provide evidence of the thing of which they are trying to convince others. I'd personally like to know if this encounter actually happened and, if it did, whether or not the encounter was rape as defined logically, or "rape" as has been legally redefined in the past decades.

not one spidey
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This is how men naturally are. One day cucks and feminists will realise this.

When you rip the panties off of a child that's considered a "lewd and lascivious act" and is classed as child molestation. Several of the kids that worked with this dude said they thought he was creepy. Evidently the money was good enough for the parents and a lot of times the kids were just excited to be "stars" and didn't know all of what they were getting into.

Why go to so much trouble to defend someone who molests children though.

"legally redefined" fuck you fucking chomo the guy is a child molester and you are trying to justify that. kill yourself.

not all men want to groom or molest tweens. you can just go ahead and do the world a favor and end yourself as well.

What brought you to the low of moralfagging on Zig Forums of all places? You're trying to shame people for not being as hysterical about supposed pedophiles as you are and its just pathetic honestly.

prices are bad, but selection is excellent. You do know pot-heads are about as picky as sommeliers?

You're stupid.

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It's all just ironic riiiight? Just like the /b/tards who collect gigabytes of CP are doing it ironically. Sure.