Big Win For Kratom Community On Federal Level

Great news for the kratom community! The recent House Resolution, known as the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act will not include the controversial "Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues" (SITSA) Act. Due to the way the FDA has been defining kratom it and other completely organic medicinal plant products may have been possible to ban by invoking SITSA.

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hoo boy, this entirely
Meth and heroin are so bad around here that all the users are pretty much a 'community' and form a good percentage of the community here.

You have no room to speak here.


Yeah, we know taking advantage of workers is terrible, now how about you move to the PRC or DPRK where the average workers does a 12 hour shift for pennies.

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If I remember correctly you have the choice to say yes or no to employment. If you don't like the wages then leave. Better yet, save your money, get a loan, invest both and be your own boss. You pay back the loan easy and you have yourself a business that you can pass down to your kids. Are you stupid?

I take kratom daily and have the past 5 years. I'm addicted as fuck but that's my fault, not the drug's fault

How can you get addicted to the shit?

You take some every day and your body chemistry changes. It's physical addiction.

The withdrawals are terrible. You have no energy to the point you can barley stand but at the same time you are restless and being still is extremely uncomfortable. You end up laying there covered in sweat with a headache bad enough to make you puke all while jiggling your arms and legs because it hurts to be still.

I'm 27 now, I really want to get off the stuff before 28 so I can enjoy the last 2 years of my 20s without being held to a chemical leash

Curious on how much you have been taking? I take a capsule or two before a good party – it gives me more energy to stay out late and makes me more sociable. I've never had a wind down from using it.

I'm at almost 2 weeks without taking at the moment. I'm pretty sure I'm past withdrawals. No more restless legs, extreme lethargy, and overwhelming dread. When I tried to quit before it was difficult for me to be sure at what point I could say I was sober. But having been at this for almost 2 weeks I'm pretty sure now that being sober sucks ass. At least for me. Absolutely terrible.
I placed an order for another small bag. I figure the fact that I'm a total loser makes sobriety hell for me. To those of you trying to quit, if you're anything like me, make sure you're at a good place in your life so that you dont need to fall back on kratom.
Protip: to take a tolerance break or to quit altogether, take a recreational dose of phenibut on your days off kratom. It completely eliminates withdrawals and gives you a nice mood lift, to put it mildly, while its active, which is all day. However because of tolerance, you have a limited number of times you can use this strategy. But it'll get you through the withdrawals or help you cut your tolerance.

Also what vendors/strains are consistent for any users lurking. Tired of feeling ripped off from buying bunk powder

It takes about 4 months for you to go back to normal. Your withdrawals are still happening which is why the world is so terrible and I bet also very very boring. The reason I haven't quit yet is because there is just never a time where I can do nothing for a few months. I'm trying to find a way to make time.

I use li herbals. Very consistent. I've used many vendors but I just like to stick to one of I can. Kwikkratom used to be the best imo but ever since they changed to kwik botanicals and stopped accepting debit cards I stopped using them. Socal herbal remedies has great strains but are almost always sold out and they don't sell kilos, I don't remember off the top of my head the max size. Li herbal sells kilos for 60-100ish

I've been taking a kilo a month for 5 years pretty much.

I bought kratom once. A huge jar that contained about 60 capsules. I took 30 all at once and felt nothing. This shit os for lightweights or something.

Holy shit, get a job and some willpower. Develop hobbies. Build upon your personality. Addiction is psychological, and you idiots feeding yourselves on a steady diet of pills because of your feels are not helping yourselves or any of the people around you. You've taken recreational substance use - which would have been fine - and turned it into a degenerate lifestyle, which you're now blogposting about online because you don't have anything more interesting to do or discuss.

Do you guys realise what you're doing to yourselves? Doesn't this worry you?

Yea you need a break at least. I bet it does nothing for you. I remember whenever I got to the point I needed more than 8 grams per dose I'd risk getting negative effects.

You sound like you're about 10 years old. I'll grant you that you're proselytizing for what I believe to be a good cause. In fact, I might have a harder stance on drugs that you do. For example, I doubt the availability of recreational drugs does any good at all for a given society or nation or whatever. That is, I'd bet that the impact is purely negative or that if there's any positive, they are far overshadowed by the negative.
However, doesnt change the fact that you sound like a retard preaching to people who are long time addicts about something you sound like you know nothing about. Of the maybe 3 people in this thread that use, I work, and the other dude sounds like he has a job.
I cant even knock too much on what you're saying because if that was a normal cultural viewpoint up to the bottom of the classes drugs would scarcely be the problem they are today. Let me just say it really isn't as simple as you would have those on the end of your propaganda believe. And your propaganda is directed towards those who do not abuse drugs. Addiction isn't simply about willpower, which I doubt exists as you seem to believe it does. Crudely put, Humans are something of rational actors who act to the end of fulfilling various motivations. It is too much to ask of the vast majority of the population to quit given your reasoning. It is far too difficult. The best way i can imagine would be to remove the incentive to take drugs somehow, or introduce an incentive to not take drugs significant enough to deter an addict. These dont really exist today, and so I believe that a majority of those who are or will become addicted are basically fucked, doomed. Likely ain't getting better for them.

You don't understand the special situation Kratom is in. It's a very mild opioid that causes no respitory depression, which means it can be used to treat and wean off addicts to stuff like heroin or oxycontin. Withdrawal is about as bad as with caffeine, and the side effects are things like upset stomach, constipation, etc rather than organ failure. (((Pharma))) is trying to shut it down because it's punching a hole in their userbase, getting people who have been fatally hooked on their bullshit for decades clean. And it just so happens one such company is currently working on the (((synthetic version of a naturally occurring plant))) just in time for the naturally occurring version to be made illegal.

I'd be a pill-addicted burnout if I couldn't use kratom, which deals well with my chronic nerve pain from a spinal injury.

I use kratom for my job.

There are dozens of strains and each has a different effect. My cousin has never felt kratom either but he also doesn't feel salvia or mdma. Some people are resistant to drugs. For me I get full blown nods off a nice red leaf.

I was employed 10 years as security by age 28 and lost it all due to beating my ex over getting into porn. I can't work anywhere now due to nobody wanting to hire me so now I live with my grandma and do drugs all day because it feels better than dwelling over how hard I fucked up and that I'll never be able to support a family.

I really wish people would stop pretending that coming off kratom is a walk in the park. After one day you get a hangover. Every day use for a week and you are physically addicted. Stop spreading lies. It has great potential for good but on the same foot is much more addictive than caffeine

If you brew it as tea with lemon it's extremely effective. I still get the full body euphoria every single day. I've been floating on a cloud for 5 years.