Study Finds Girls Are Better Readers And Writers Than Boys

For years now, the far left has been crying out that the sexes are equal, and that there are no biological differences between the sexes. States like Washington, Oregon, and California have already begun implementing third-sex gender options on identity documents like birth certificates. This straying from the social norms of the past really started many decades ago, ever since the 1950's, traditional gender roles have been on the decline virtually under attack from every angle and the result has been the slow erosion of morality.

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It’s fucking nothing!

These bitches better be reading cook books.

Sure doesn't seem like it…

Study finds natural male attraction is to grandmas and any male attracted to young females should be killed.

study finds anti male blood libel.

women are insanely insecure. they should be: they're shit compared to men.

I must've missed the part in storytelling and script writing where shitty, hamfisted memes and politics were classed as good writing.

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Who'd have thunk it?

Posting shitty emo quotes on twatter and facekike don't count.

Code for "bullshit".

It's true that girls are better readers than boys on average, but the reason has more to do with how we teach reading skills than any biological difference between the sexes.

I remember reading an article that explained that until a few decades ago, boys were the better readers; then the school system started using a new method to teach how to read, and girls' grades improved while boys got left behind.

Whether this was intentional, I don't know, but I think it's obvious that males and females should have separate schools where they can be taught and evaluated in a way that best suits them. For example it's well known that boys do better on exams, while girls prefer to be graded on coursework.

Boys are more motivated to work harder when it's in the context of a competition, while girls prefer cooperation. And of course it also depends on what material the teacher chooses to use: a boy might not be very much interested in reading a romance novel, but what if he was asked to read Conan the Barbarian? And since the vast majority of teachers are females, the reading curriculum will probably not include traditionally masculine material.

Not only this, but with sub-groups that specialize in fostering children based on their specific strengths, rather than trying to force everyone through a one mold for every child template.

My work here is done

First off it's intentional. Our american public schools are runned by batshit crazy dingbats whose main religion is feminism and communism. I had to deal with alot of that in the 90's and 00's.

(Personal note: they kicked me outta school while I was going through a heartbreak because they thought I was on the verge of committing a school shooting. I was in middle school.)

Second off. Don't they already have "All Girl schools" and "All Boy schools" already?

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Find age group. I believe this study, but it's correlation without causation. Believe it or not, but WAY more boys jerk off than girls, and believe it or not, but there are side-effects to wasting semen all the time.

separate schools ruins the social development factor and makes for clueless people, mainly the boys, since all girls have to do is open their legs and they will have a queue.
education being a male-only thing was the right way to go about it.
women generally aren't innovators, and simply maintain or operate as drones.

Shame they suck at anything else.

Does anyone have that comic that compares female and male brains to wines?
Basically female brains are cheap gas station wines that develop real quickly but have little quality. Where male brains are like a fine wine that takes 25 years before its fully developed and ready. Would you rather drink a bottle of 7-11 white wine or a fine red wine from 1993?

Explains the preponderance of amazing female authors.


Women are all drug cheats.
Go ahead and ask how many of them dope with contraceptives to prevent their monthly periods. Literally can't compete on the same level as men without performance enhancing drugs.

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women and men both mature according to their own circumstances and gender role. Trying to compare it to wine is beyond brainlet tier.

Better readers? If you mean in overall consumption, then yes. My Gf "reads" hundreds of e-books a year, literally several each week, she has a voracious appetite for books. Ask her about any of them and you'll get.."Umm, it's like some cop drama/zombie/romance thing" Thats it. I've made the comment to her before that she reads just as a form of entertainment and not to actually learn anything, like watching garbage tv and I think that's pretty accurate. When I was young boy. my mom used to read to me before bed, I used to be a voracious reader as well but a curious thing happend in my teens, I started realizing that most of the newer books I was picking up, just, kind of, well sucked. I didn't want to waste my time reaing them after a few chapters. They weren't as good as things I had read before. I discovered I had become very discerning and that's the REAL rub. Men are discerning, if somethings crap or appears to be crap, they aren't going to waste their time on it. Men read not to just consume but for actual knowledge, either practical every day "how-to's" or "big picture" how the world/universe works knowledge. Women just read like eating junkfood.

Says the guy on 8ch Zig Forums
Says more about you than this place tbh

Oops! I meant /newspus/

This is just libel against men. Women don't even approach the higher levels of IQ, much less beat out the men there.

You mean the school system men started?

Study finds women are other than baby incubators, just garbage. Men are the real prize but society conditions men into thinking women are the prize.

Girls read more fictional stuff than boys.
Boys tend read stuff about history, vehicles, sports, etc…

Until the high teens*

Yeah fuck tolkien and jules verne, I will take twilight or harry potter any day.

Yeah, the one kikes subverted, that one

If you think school systems now have any resemblance to the school systems men started, I recommend a lead gargle at least 3x daily until you finally hit the 2 remaining living brain cells that allowed you to type that post.

They told me this when I was kid. "Girls are better at language arts, boys are better at math".

It's not really true. Girls are better at emotional politics, which involve language and communication. But when communicate (speak, write) more logically.

Oh no how will we males ever recover?

At first people were taught the Trivium method(classical education) but this system creates people that are able to think for themselves and people that can critically think are inconvenient to the elites so another system has to be created.

The system that was created to serve the elites but fuck everyone else is called the Prussian model of education and this is used today. It creates people that can't think for themselves and just follows. The elites don't drink their own poison though—their kids are sent to special schools to get a proper education.

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STUDY: boys-more-victimized-by-teen-dating-violence-than-girls-study-finds