Gender Markers Removed From "Woke" Children's Hospital

The bizarre separation of science from reality when it comes to gender by some medical professionals is scary, but for an entire children's hospital to lose gender altogether seems like they are forcing kids to be gender neutral. The idea started when the Children's Hospital of Colorado got "woke" and decided a gender diversity task force would be a good idea. Their strategy when it comes to getting rid of gender is planned on being used across the Aurora hospital.

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Why the fuck does a hospital need a 'gender diversity task force'. JFC the state of the world. It's almost as if there's some sort of plan to foster gender dysphoria amongst children….

I wonder (((who))) could possibly wish for such a thing?

What could go wrong.

Now now, you don't have a vagina, you don't have a gender!

The pedophiles must be lining up.

While they're at it, they should remove all the useless classifications in the medical field. All cancer is now the exact same, in fact, all diseases and disorders should be the same and get the exact same treatment, opioids. Just wait til a kid dies over some stupid shit like this

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There is no such thing as gender
The term you are looking for is 'sex' as in biological sex. XX, XY, sundry genetic disorders; that's it. Always remember that 'gender' is a term made up by sociologists when they realized they couldn't win on the science and just wanted to fudge the issue enough that they weren't just laughed out of the room.

Gender is a thing - in grammar.

Sex is for fucking. Keep that in mind the next time your daughter asks what the hell it is.

Well, kinda, they're trying to change the way the words are used. Previously 'sex ' and 'gender' were informally used more or less interchangeably. Now the sjw retards are trying to draw some idiotic distinction between biology and what you 'identify' as.

I was going to say the same as
Gender used to simply be a synonym for biological sex. It was used interchangeably with the word sex on medical forms, birth certificates, and similar things. Then this crazy pedo (((psychologist))) crusaded to redefine a commonly used word to have a new fucked up meaning. I think his main motivation was probably for wider acceptance of homosexuality as normal. And it has done its part in making this become a reality.

A child was born and after an (((accidentally botched circumcision))) made him lose his penis, a pedo psychologist named John Money saw this as an opportunity to perform an experiment, and made the boy a makeshift "vagina" and fed him female hormones. The boy eventually discovered he was actually a boy instead of a girl and died of anti-depressant overdose at the age of 37. It's like the perfect story of how kikes are a force of corruption that can't be trusted. Yet his case is somehow used as evidence for gender dysphoria.

reported for anti-semitism.

A transgender child is like a vegan dog: we all know it wasn't their own idea.

lol and what, get him promoted to a mod? Everyone hates kikes here



Dysphoria is a mental illness, brainlet.

Sex was used in a medical or biological context. Gender was a synonym for sex used on tv, around children, etc. Basically to avoid having to say "sex" around delicate ears

kek you may of just made him a vol with that one.

Stop kiking.

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The trannies and shooters show it was a bad idea.

You gonna take that nigger cock out of your mouth soon?

GEMATRIA Effect News
Gematria is the Masonic and False "you know what" language
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no medical reason needed to know if you are about to perform a life threatening operation on a child with a terminal illness right shitlibs?

Don't be a brainlet. Gender dysphoria is what it was called when it was still considered a mental illness. Then this whole transgender movement started and it was no longer consider an illness and the phrase dropped out of use. Do you consider autism a ``made-up word by the kikes and the attention-seeking "genderfluids", "nonbinaries", etc.``?

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It seems like the medical community is exercising their normal discrepancies. The medical community does nothing to determine the sex of someone. All they do is say, hey, this user (((faggot))) has something wrong with her/him. How do we fix this?" (regardless of who it is). As a true med professional you want the most extreme cases you can acquire.

Back then people called it being a faggot, retard

lmao at all the idiots who cant detect obvious sarcasm.

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He wasn't quoting but thanks for proving that he was right about calling you a brainlet.

American golems are so inhuman that they seek the denial of basic human reproductive roles instead of fighting against it.

You need an IQ of at least 80 to participate in this discussion.

Not my fault he's got his panties in a knot because what I'm saying is true

Speak for yourself

>crazy pedo (((psychologist))) crusaded
Don't you blame this on psychology nigger. Psychology fought tooth and nail for decades to keep mental institutions open, and keep faggots considered mentally ill. It has and always will be (((sociologists))) and their liberal enablers who drive this crap.

Havent laughed this hard in a whime

Perhaps you are right. I don't know enough about those sciences to know one way or another. I just know many have historically been filled with dirty kikes.

Yours must be at least 80 but under 100, correct?

Don't worry if you guys can't understand the distinction

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I wonder when that (((dominican theological bloc))) will be finally outed. Muchos mios.

Just how dense are you? You need to have a name for each of the illnesses. Can a brainlet like you not even understand that? When this was still considered an illness its name was gender dysphoria. Can you get that through your thick skull? Its a rare honour to discourse with a clinically retarded person who knows how to operate a computer and post on the internet. Well done you, you special retard.

Kids today are so mindfucked by the social media madness.

The slippery slope, you know anons.

Heres what you basically have faggots planting their mindfuckery with use of their colorful accounts twitter, jewtube etc.

Not to mention the shows on Nickolodeon and Disney Jr., aimed at children. Put a few gay characters here and there, make the bullies white, and create the perception how you like.

Though the internet in some respect has shifted that, but (((they))) are slowly trying to make the internet a safe haven for the pedophiles, degenerates, and turd worlders. So no feelings get hurt, and noone focuses on the Jew.

Some of it is on the parents too, they rather are focused on their own social media life.

GEMATRIA Effect News

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Seriously satanic shit, these fucking psycho bastards have gone way too far, this is just stoopid