Largest Ever 26,000 Pound Dinosaur Discovered Called "Ledumahadi"

The Earth's largest living land animal was a 26,000-pound dinosaur, the biggest ever discovered was found in South Africa and is even larger than the previous record-holder, the brontosaurus. Researchers say the newly discovered species was related to the brontosaurus and lived about 200 million years ago. The 26,000-pound land animal has been dubbed the "Ledumahadi mafube" whose name means "a giant thunderclap at dawn" in Sesotho.

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Wait, I thought UltraSaurus was the largest?

Can we all finally get over jurassic park and accept that dinosaurs were cold blooded and unrelated to birds

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Don't speak lies about my ancestors.




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Latin is the standard for dinosaurs.

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It is incredibly depressing that not even fucking dinosaurs are safe now from (((political correctness))), and they've been dead for hundreds of millions of years.

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is it really that hard to find an article from a respectable site?

Here ya go

Goldwater is super dumb. It's not the largest ever. They put a NatGeo video of the largest discovered at the time and then confused it with this relatively recent discovery. This one isn't even close to the largest. I don't even know where they pulled that from.

You're actually right. This article

says it was only the lagest when it lived, not the largest ever.

What the fuck are they talking about? Titanosaurs weighed up to 120 tons, 13 tons is nothing

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It was in Latin, but they ran it through the pidgin translator on the BBC site.
Microcephalusaurus became:
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“Dinosaur is believed to have been gay” say student palaeontologists from Berkeley, prompting an academic debate on whether the new sauropod should called “megasoreass.”

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Except the mesothermy theory explains that dinosaurs only had very limited thermoregulation, so they were basically giant reptiles in a hothouse with a slightly upticked metabolism that allowed them to grow quickly while retaining a little more warmth to help them keep wandering, eating and growing. In a modern temperate climate, they're body temperature would crash and they'd be sluggish just like lizards.

Also maniraptors are not coelurosaurs, they're actually more related to shavopteryx, pterosaurs and lonquisquama (in other words, they're warm blooded squamates unrelated to dinosaurs)

Dinosaurs were cold blooded and unrelated to birds

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