Germany – Afghan Asylum Seeker Stabs 3 In Ravensburg (Video)

German police arrested an Afghan teenage asylum seeker after he stabbed three people in a small southwestern town. In a stunning turn of events, he was in the end apprehended by the local mayor who was passing by and who was able to reason with the attacker to put down the knife.

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I'm glad the press keeps calling them asylum seekers. It memes the association with violence in the minds of the normalfags.

Clickbait. There's no video of the attack, just a reporter talking over a shot of the yellow tape scene.

Can't hold him accountable. He was only a kid.

A kid who chose to use a knife to stab 3 people. Can totally hold him accountable.

Not really any good video unfortunately.

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Fucking racist!

I can only see a doctor, an engineer, a doctor and an engineer.

I really would like to see the Germans do what they do best, and become a relentlous killing machine until every last shitskin in Europe has been turned into fertiliser.

Dude that got stabbed in the back is taking it like a champ.


inb4 he's 17

He has been 17 for the last 20 years.

Just a troubled teen

Two of the victims were also young asylum seekers, but Syrians.

this is pure coincidence, and nothing to do with them all being violent savages that should never have been allows within a thousand miles of Europe.

Time to crusade again. Every single one of them stepping foot into europe needs their skulls smashed open with a rebar and kicked into the curve as their goat raper pedophile Mosques are burnt to the ground and torn down.

So if I stab a bunch of people, then run to a church and request asylum can I start stabbing people inside the church too? They wouldn't kick me out for that right? That would be so harsh.

This. That's a lot of fucking blood.


>Mayor: OK, now you are 100% german, here's your ID, the tax form. What's in your wallet? the week food stamps? gimme dat, they are for refugees. Be careful now not to think hatecrime and talk bad about (((random guys)))

Can you imagine that, a total crusade.
Every man over the age of 16 marching along, picking up his body armour and sword and pistol and heading towards the ghettos.
Then once Europe is clear, the phalanx of a hundred million march into arabia and commence the purge, drones swarming overhead, sending 20mm rounds into any shitskins they spot, mosques taken out with artillery drones and fuel air bombs.
mecca being drilled by an orbitally launched tactical nuke. Israel being flattened and doused in neutron bombs.
all of north africa turning into rubble, the Sahara being irradiated so it becomes impassable, then the rest of Africa being EMP'd back into the stone age and left to die out.

Just part and parcel of living in a vibrant society.