France - Le Pen, Media Slam President Macron Over ‘Gangsta’-Selfie

Another week, another scandal for French President Macron apparently. The leader of France, desperate to get his tumbling approval rating back up, went together with his wife Brigitte to the Caribbean to visit the youngsters in the French part of Sint-Maarten, a trip some claimed was simply another vacation.

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Clown. Nobody wants to see politicians pretending to be 'hip and trendy'. cunts.

especially with the creatures that they're bludgeoning their population with like a weapon

Just imagine the crazy world we live in: a far right woman is cucking a socialist feminist soyboy who's married to a woman old enough to be his mommy

I bet Macron had less than 10,000 votes.
Patriotic people voted and Supported Le'Pen.

would be Nice to see the voting scam exposed in all of Europe and the states.

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All he needs to do is follow Trudeau's lead and fire up the Tickle Trunk.



Loled my ass off, there is another thread about it and a pic seriously looks like gay porn !

It reads like a fotonovela :

1. « Look people, I'm a nice guy, I'm on a picture with some nigs I paid to pretend to like me ! »

2. « Let's hug. The bigger, the better it works. »

3. Suddenly, the guy starts caressing and the second guy takes his shirt off and a soft funky music starts playing. « Er.. Wait, I thought we agreed on 16.000€ and nothing else… » « Too late Manu, you should have read the fine print, you're about to be blacked. »

Seriously, does he really think people will fall in this trick ?
Now what, next step is a rap album ?

♪ Wesh wesh
♫ Emmanuohramed is in da place
♪ Stealing votes and fucking up Gall
♫ I had Rothschild cumming on my face
♪ And now niggers are rapping my a-hole

♪ Alright, every migrants in da house
♫ let me hear you say "Yeah"

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top kek

Macron is probably gay. He went to the Caribbean so he and his wife could get stretched out by Jamal.

Faggot went for the publicly & stayed for the LBC -

Faggot why do you perpetuate the bbc myth? It's not bbc its the Lbc get it right.

Macron more like maricón, amiright

Once again confirming the wrong side world war II.

The wrong side won world war II.*

We all knew he was going to be a faggot if he won the election.
This isn't news, just proof of his absolute cucking faggotry.

Please go easy on Macron. He is a victim of pedophilia.

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you are a leek and you will forever be one Marshmacaron
No matter how much protection money you might pay them you are a faggot until end of time

Macron just got blacked


Literally nothing wrong with this.

Goddamn french cuckold.

I'm ashamed to have some french blood in me.

As you should be
All frogs should prostrate head first into.the dirt in the presence of the Anglo and his mighty Anglo Empire

Anglos are cucks, user

Can't hear you over the glorious ascendancy of our commonwealth diminutive hominid variant that you are

you losers were on the frog's tailcoats as they went to become enriched

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fucking wew

I like when pollies are seen as real people, even if it means I won't vote for him
Ie Jeb seems like a real nice guy IRL, who was forced into politics something I doubt he wanted to do

Macron administration is the one the made flirting with women a crime. Paternity tests are banned in France—it's a country of cucks. Macron probably jacks off to niggers fucking his wife.

Talk about BBC coverage