Restaurants face ban on taking share of tips

Restaurants will be legally barred from keeping tips from staff under plans to be announced by Theresa May on Monday.

The move follows a public outcry in 2015, when it emerged that many High Street chains routinely took up to 10% of tips paid by credit and debit card.

Most chains have since stopped this practice, typically charging a much lower fee of 2.5% on tips paid by card.

The hospitality trade body said the fact restaurants had acted voluntarily meant new legislation was unnecessary.

"We developed a Code of Practice - together with Unite - which deals with the fair distribution of tips among all staff, not just waiters," said UK Hospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls.

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Restaurants should take 100% of tips, it is their income and their credit card machine that the customer is using to pay with.
Waiters are parasites and should be on minimum wage.

It should all go to the chefs tbh

The customer gave it to the waiter, the customer decides where the money goes

Here you have the chance to directly judge another human being for a service provided to you by paying pay him accordingly… and instead you willingly let a (((third party))) fuck you over, fuck the waiter over, fuck the restaurant owner over and get filthy rich on money you already payed taxes and your lifeblood for. WHY?

Nah fuck the Customer, they're fucking retards that businesses are forced to comply to no matter how retarded the request

Only if the person is black, a tranny or a faggot. Otherwise you can do anything.

I thought tipping was primarily an American thing. When did the Brits pick it up?

So we have to pay the wait staffs wages instead of the owner?

So much for the free market lmfao.


and the owners only charge a 2.5% fee on their wages, what a great deal

As they should. And there is a limit on requests that are actively detrimental to the company anyway. like "give me all your food for free".

Businesses aren't forced to comply at all, they just want the customer's money and it's an incentive to comply. It's not a fucking communist regime m8.

Tipping should be abolished entirely. Raise food prices by 10% and pay 10% more, or whatever. Just get rid of this stupid fucking concept of tipping.

Hello Mr.Pink, how are you?

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The practice of tipping is so fucking Jewish that it's ridiculous.

Jews don't tip…

Jews don't tip jews, but jews do encourage others to tip that way they aren't forced to pay minimum wage to their employees in the usa

10+ million juden in the US, more than Israel itself. They saturate the media with tipping, waiters expect it, waiters turn into entitled fuckwits who accept $2 an hour because they think they deserve 10% pay beyond the food.
Note that most of the other civilised countries have tipping as optional, for particularly good service, or not at all. Because they pay their waiters.

"Be a good goy and pay your fellow goyims wage from your own pocket. Me, mr resturantownerstein cannot afford to pay their wages because I spent all my money on a new condo in Isreal."

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good. because sometimes i get shit service from the waitress, but the other waitresses were good, and the busboys were fine, and the food was good… but my waitress never refilled my drink, stopped at my table after ordering, or even brought me my food; thanks busboy.

if you do just as much as a cashier at mcdonalds (take order, give food). you dont deserve a tip. sharing the tip jar makes it so i dick everyone over, when i just wanted to insult the waitress.

Nope. It is entirely at the customer's discretion whether to tip or not in the UK, and failing to tip has zero social consequences, unlike in other parts of the world.
If a customer tips, it is intended for the server. He enjoyed charming, polite or interesting conversation, he enjoyed the attention to detail, he found the waitress sexy and wanted to impress her - whatever, when a customer tips that money is intended for the person who served him.
The fucking waiter/waitress.
If a customer wishes to tip the chef, then he would ask to speak to him and do it directly, however no person with any class and sense of propriety would insult a chef by offering him money in front of a room full of customers. The correct way to "tip" a chef is via complement and recommendation.
The only possible non-kiked justification for taking any cut of tips is to cover card transaction fees relating to the tip. This is fair.
If the restaurant has to pay £1.20 to the jew card-handling service, on a £100 bill plus £20 tip for the waiter, then it's only fair that the waiter pays his share of the transaction fee (£0.20).