Germany Election - Girl (14) Mocked For ‘Racist’ Poem About Immigrant Stabbings (Video)

The upcoming German election has reached school premises after the 14-year-old daughter of a local rightwing Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician took part in a poetry competition. The girl, who spoke about immigration into Germany, was disqualified by organizers even though she clearly got a big applause from the crowds (see video).

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I'd like her to sit on my face and wriggle around.
Then I'd like to live in the mountains with her, surrounded by natural threats that would kill any shitskin before they were 100km from us.

I love her courage for speaking up, but I hate seeing kids being used as political propaganda, especially if it puts them in the line of fire.

I wish organizers will soon come across a gang of rapefugees in a street, and get beaten and raped by them.

Changed my mind.
I'd like her to be the one to cut the ribbon on the newly opened mass deportation centre, able to expel 250,000 shitskins a day.

This makes my blood boil every time

Sturdy well-built Fraulein, just how the Germans like it.

She is prime baby making age and body too.

She literally looks twice that age

anyone have the poem text?

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Für dich.

They grow em differently over in Germanland.

If that was the intent of the parents or political figures that's pretty horrible; however, it's also possible that she actually feels this way and wanted to express it, user.


Her mother sits in the "Bundestag" for Germany's biggest anti-immigration party AfD. She even names the AfD in her poetry.

She definitely has hair on her pussy.

If there's grass on the field, play ball.

The negro isn't a negro anymore,
one isn't allowed to say gypsy,
both are racist,
that's what you hear every day
Who dares to do it anyway gets jeered,
fired and shunned,
in papers, talkshows with much anger,
because that's how the just are.
The censor checks the children's book,
white is the Sarotti-black.
This is moral courage?
You know, that's ass.

From far-off lands came the guest
thanks to people-smugglers
he travels with mobile and without passport
in the famed German lands.
Bitter is the young man,
he's better off financially,
but he cannot get a german girl
he helps himself - with a knife.
A singular case, that's what the experts say,
their culture has to be kept in mind.
Who gets angry and thinks differently,
is just a brown (as in brownshirt) xenophobe.
This is moral courage?
You know, that's ass.

The colorful alliance, civil and wide,
we find it in every city.
They fight for ethics and humanity,
everybody of worth is in it.
Leftists, unions, members of the church,
careerists and traitors to the people.
The refugee and the mohameddan,
they have to be integrated,
if one can pay for that
is not of interest.
When Germans fall into poverty it's irrelevant,
the leftists hypermoral knows.
This is moral courage?
You know, that's ass.

For all that immigrate to us
they demand holy solidarity
the sacrifices are made by others
it's more comfortable that way and doesn't hurt.
Courageous they pretend to be
but do not want to risk anything
they believe in their lies
because they are crafty in their maneuvering.
Colorful diversity instead of brown(again, brownshirts) morass.
The main point is, the city is free of Nazis.
This is moral courage?
You know, that's ass.

There lives and AfD member and a racist,
that know the henchmen and informants
and give name and address
quickly to the Antifa
That guy gets beaten up,
in our city he is not allowed to be!
Dogshit in the mail slot
in night and fog what a joke.
In the fight against the Right all is allowed,
it's about democracy and values.
"Germany, die" they scream loudly,
like a herd of stupid asses.
This is moral courage?
You know, that's ass.

Thanks, user and may she grow up safe.

pretty based

And the child shall say that the emperor has no clothes.

But most of that is her being her parents' mouthpiece.
Could you have come up with that at 14.
Doesn't stop it being truth.

Eh, you can be pretty sharp at 14 if you haven't succumbed to the school system's attempts to destroy critical thinking.

This is 14? Looks too old and ugly something like 30.

probably a larp, but if not very sad.
whatcha sliding rabbi,sad days when a girl makes a legitimate point and is lauded by a scurrilous (((media))) and flagellating twats.
More polarization the better, wake up german people let self preservation of race take root once more.


14 is the prime breeding age, look at those hips.

Thank you user.

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Warms my cold, cold heart.

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