Mitch McConnell: ‘We’re Not Going to Be Intimidated’ by Protesters Camping Outside Senators’ Homes

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued a stern message to protesters opposed to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a fiery Senate floor speech Wednesday: Your intimidation tactics will not stop the full Senate from voting on the judge’s confirmation.

“Colleagues, including my friend, the Democratic leader, have tried to get Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw from this process because of these uncorroborated and sometimes absolutely ridiculous allegations,” McConnell began. “When that did work, then the far-left tried to bully and intimidate members of this body, Republican United States senators. They’ve tried to bully and intimidate us.”

Without referencing the senator’s name, the Senate Majority Leader lamented how organized far-left protesters recently drove Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife Heidi out of a Washington, D.C.-area eatery, Fiola, over the lawmaker’s support for Kavanaugh.

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"We need kavenaugh goy, don't you understand we're trying to keep america as gods chosen? this is like a anoddah shoah!"

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I don't give a fuck If he is a shill or not. It's innocent until proven guilty. Period. End of story.

lying to congress about your drinking doesn't help your innocence but you shouldn't fear investigation. nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide, right friend?

Proof? Also a lie about drinking doesn't mean he is a rapist. No human can talk at length without saying something that can be used in some incriminating fashion

An observed life isn't a free one retard.

if hillary can be investigated for Benghazi 7 times i think kavanaugh can be investigated for rape once

I think you have your numbers backwards there buddy.

that's rich coming from the GOP, kings of slander and libel



snowflake syndrome over here! waaah they say mean things about me!

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Each side of the partisan divide is made up of individuals. The GOP isn't a living entity and is unable to slander a person. People within groups slander people. People like you are trying to attack politics you don't like and are using this topic as a way to do that. There are good and bad people on both sides of the partisan divide

Another shill tactic. You are making it seem like defending yourself against accusations that could land you in prison is just getting mad over names. Why do you proactively try to foment contention?

sorry did you miss all the accusations against hillary that could land her in prison, shill?

My god the left couldn't meme their way out of a Starbucks

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my god the right is like a vampire and can't even see themselves in a mirror

She didn't do her job, she wasn't accused by a stranger about something that happened 10 years ago. It's not an accusation for someone to call out another person for not doing their job the right way. Stop trying to make it seem like the same thing. You know it isn't. It'll just help your agenda to push your narrative



How many people did Bret's drinking kill again?

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Nope. Haven't missed a single one. Problem is, they're focusing on the wrong things about which to accuse her.

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donald zog doesn't care about you

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That's liberalism in a nutshell

you can open an IMAX with that quality projecting


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the senator doth protest too much

The leftist should be hanged. I'm not trying to paraphrase a quote; I just think that your deceitful and dishonorable ways warrant murder.

Seriously, I am disappointed with the reality of this president, but you are so blatantly biased that I can't even stand reading your post. Kill yourself please.

Shhh… No tears. Only dreams now.

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that doesn't sound like the justice and family values party, typical hypocritical right at it again

Probably because I'm a Locke-tier lolbertarian, not a Republican.

Disregard Locke, I'm a Bastiat-tier lolbertarian.

Cardinal Richelieu was right.

Heh what a retarded Neocon you are

I wish these people would mention when they are being harassed so honest citizens beat the shit out of these spinless protesters.

justice is a value that you see in direct contradiction with family values? what kind of nigger tier logic is this? how much talmudvision do you watch?

i kum on ur face bich

Shoot them if they are on your property an threaten you! I would!

You see, this is why you don't use mudraking tactics like you just did, because the name of the game is innocent until proven guilty, and you can't be a reliable source of information if you create a witch-trial environment.

You've failed here. Either he goes free, or he goes guilty and you piss off the hive.

You fucked up.

so where was that attitude for hillary?

There was tangible proof that Hillary was a criminal going back to the '90s. All you have with Kavanaugh is the heresay of some #NeverTrump NPCs who can't stop contradicting themselves.

Come home, shareblue. The money isn't good enough to sell your soul like this assuming your checks aren't bouncing anyway

tell that turtle to go fuck himself.

How does an invertebrate show spine? Buzz buzz

by saying an fbi investigation is needed before asking for it to be limited in scope

if there was "tangible proof" where is it? why isn't she arrested already? because you got nothing except conspiracy theories. 7 full investigations into benghazi and you can't even let FBI take more than a week to investigate sex assault