Kavanaugh - Hundreds Arrested At Supreme Court Protests (Video)

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court continues to stir emotions as 302 people were arrested in Washington DC protests.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/38699-Kavanaugh-Hundreds-Arrested-At-Supreme-Court-Protests-Video

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rioting because a man is innocent of the lies you told.

I wish the cops just brought flamethrowers.

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its the other way around, ya need to prove him guilty bucko

They need AK-47s to kill
The flamethrowers should be for burning the bodies

If I were a suicide bomber, I would have a hard time picking the right crowd to blowup. There's just ways too many these days.


there's testimony against him. a.k.a. evidence. that person said they would be okay with an FBI investigation. kavanaugh refused to answer questions, yelled and cried about a dem conspiracy and did not support an FBI investigation. seems a bit fishy for a supposedly innocent man

but there was an investigation. they just didn't question the accuser or accused :^)

You mean the accuser and the accused they questioned in public for 36 hours? Oh boy, what a shame the FBI couldn't get to hear literally none of the "witnesses" corroborate her story- other than her husband and therapist, who are about as useful as your fucking dishwasher as witnesses.

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There are some unexplained problems with the testimony.

Ah, you mean the majority of witnesses who had been heard during his " job interview" which was a i-cant-believe- its-not-court shitshow? The ones who all but one either denied or undermined Ford's own story? One of which being a close friend of hers?
Those ones?

What a fucking monster, doesnt he know you should just take it up the as and grovel for forgiveness?

(checked and heiled)
Zombies don't have emotions

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Christ what did they do raid a rehab clinic, shoot them up with heroin and tell them to yell things?

What you should all do all Together is join your opposing protests and charge down the government. Freemasons pledged us to Isreal we're slaves.

they werent even yelling in that bit, just mindlessly repeating what the organizer was saying like brainwashed drones

The accused is not required to incriminate themselves in English common law countries today. You have the right to refuse, by remaining silent or by stating your refusal as boldly as you like. He's not a "supposedly" innocent man. No one is suspected of fucking innocence.

You fucking people have no idea the level of fucking state-sanctioned bloodshed you are risking bringing about meddling with the idea of inverting the burden of proof. It's been done before, in fact it pretty much defines human history in its worst moments. It's this sort of pernicious mindset that makes me dread the future.

Women outside doing something socially responsible

As opposed to Useless blobs sitting in front of their devices full of hate

I h8 womyn cause they will never look at me!!!

They are misled by kikes. Kikes want to take away our guns and kill the white race among other things. Kavanaugh could put a stop to that—it's the main reason why kikes don't want him on the SCOTUS.

I honestly wished he did rape that lying burlap sack if nothing else to see faggot little bitches like you riot and cry.

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