Male Students Under Attack By "Make Them Scared" Website For Uncorroborated Sexual Assaults

The website is being run by University of Washington students and allows individuals to publicly accuse people of sexual assault without any shred of evidence required, not a police report, not a photo, not a statement, not even a witness is required. The website calls itself "Make them scared UW" and was first registered in November of last year but didn't launch until September, according to the Daily UW campus newspaper.

Just as you might expect, the list of accused rapists and sexual predators has substantially increased in the wake of the rape claims against U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, another case of a sexual assault claim being levied against a person of high credibility without a shred of evidence. But because of today's politically correct, women-first, social justice culture, the accusation was enough to cause the entire country to be put on hold and national hearings held.

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We might as well use it to accuse homos tbh, maybe we'll be lucky and catch a boy fucker

Any way to accuse female staff and students of unconfirmed sexual assault? Or have they learned what happens when you give tools like this to everyone?

It's institutionalized sexism.

Won't that site just get inundated with troll responses?

That's one way to keep down riots.

Wew lad

You are just as bad as the people who would make false rape claims.
If you would actually do this please go fuck yourself.

Spotted the faggot

spotted the white male

We'd only be accusing the bad guys user. see: comuno-libshits and the best part is that the tool would remain effective until they realized their own stupididty.

If this makes me a faggot because I don't want to waste the system's money and time on false claims and ruin people's lives for no real reason I'm quite fine with that. At least I'm not a horrible human being making false rape charges, again if you would really do something like this please go fuck yourself.

Ah no.

Being accused of a crime even if it is small but big enough when you haven't actually done it is one of the worse things that can happen to you and god help you if you are accused of a sex crime and are innocent and I do hope you guys never have to deal with that.

You ever get accused of doing something as a kid that you didn't do and having said adult not believe you? Do you remember how that made you feel? Well times that shit feeling by a 1000 or so and come back to me if you think this is really ok to do to someone.

ignore dumb women, focus on self improvement anons. this will all blow over with time

You know, I always thought about the possibility of a race war but I never thought there would ever be a gender war!

There was a hot comic about that. I lost the link to it, though.

what is the link to the website. i would like to report a homosexual man who made a pass at me 20 years ago.

Who won the war?

The older I get, the more absurd the world seems. I checked out the website and it's not restricted to students from the University of Washington, moreover it seems to be unrestricted as to location and time of the purported crime. In other words, a supposed victim can report Any unsubstantiated event from any time that happened anywhere in the past. What's next? Public humiliation in the stocks were the public Can hurl rotten vegetables and abuse solely on the basis of some crazy females allegations?

Additional information about incident: We were consensually making out (naked) and during this he put his penis in me without a condom and without asking. Later he denied this act and blamed me.
Have you reported?: No

(Excerpted from website)

Shut the fuck up, retard.

So the exact same as the legal system.

Sure would be a shame if someone were to accuse the faculty that thought this shit up was accused without any evidence.

Just a heads up for anyone planning a raid. They require 'your facebook/social media, and email' along with the unfounded accusation. Make sure you've got a few dummy accounts to burn before you start.

From rape culture to rape-accusation culture

Only in Murrica.

Maybe "someone" should start accusing every single staffer at the UW of sexual assaults that happened 15~30 years ago

I remember when it was a bad thing to act like Jews, when accelerationism was looked down on. I guess you want a culture where an accusation is proof. Thanks.

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We found a bum-pusher. String him up!

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Male students already suffer discrimination. They are constantly looked down and teachers disrespect them.
But I guess that wasn't enough…

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I remember when the police here in the UK set up a webstie for muslims to complain about islamophobia.
And you bunch of glorious bastards posted thousands of fake complaints.


David Hoggs groped me.
What do?


I feel a ddos coming.

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What the fuck do they think is gonna happen once all women villanize. All men.

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>She then proceeded to hit on his best friend who already has a girlfriend
>My son is redpilled as fuck. He knows what's (((going on out there))).

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Go ask Gamergate how "the high road" went for them.

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I know you won't accept this because "muh Aryan race" but there are a lot of traditional virgin QTs left in the world, but almost none of them are white or live in Western countries.
Helping your son find a compatible life partner is probably the best investment you could make in his present and future happiness, but if you're serious about doing this, you'll need to look outside of Western culture and will probably need to race mix.
Or he can just marry a White feminist used up thot once she wears out the cock carousel at >30 years old and starts getting baby rabies.

concernshill identified. There are plenty of good women left if you go to the country and look around.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, user. Rural girls are some of the biggest whores around.


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good luck looking for your aryan virgin waifu wandering around some wind-blown wheat field, cuck

good luck shilling on a anonymous ainu pottery board, how much do they pay you for this again?

You're pretty delusional if you think you can find a unicorn out there.

Even conservative rural white girls crave that Mandingo ding-a-ling

You're more delusional if you think the whole country listens to your (((typical tricks)))

alguém aí fala portugues?

Islam will fix this mess we're in. I'm at the point where keeping women under house arrest and stripped of all rights is a very attractive alternative.

Hablo Español, macaco

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You don't need to be an inbred arab to keep your women under control.

I'm willing to compromise to (some) Asian racemixing, but only as a last resort. I have no idea what his standard is, but I suspect he's trying to keep it pure.
Yeah, no. I agree with . It's not a lost cause, yet. Maybe he can land a hottie from the former soviet areas.

biggest thots and gold diggers on earth.
do your research, user

only after millions more innocent men and boys are destroyed.

it will only get worse before it gets better.


women want to be hated because they crave drama. well this will work.

nothing more pozzed than a white knight male playing captain save a ho

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So all homosexuals are communo-libshits? Please tell me you aren't one of those people who follow sand-niggerism.

Your son in on the right path.

This woman is functionally retarded, and does it due to her manager's bidding. Kinda goes to show how little anyone actually wants to be with a pavement ape.

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That's a good strategy.

Shut the fuck up faggot, you have no idea how a culture war works. The other side doesn't give a fuck about the Constitution or the concept of innocent until proven guilty. They just want you dead. When the other side uses mustard gas on you, you don't fucking write whiny letters about it, you use the mustard gas back on them and harder until they surrender, THEN that is when you set up the rules that mustard gas must never be used in war. We must win this culture war first, THEN we can make the rules governing future culture wars.

You're also a faggot. There are plenty of white, Western traditional virgin girls. You're just not going to find them at the bar.



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So how about we falseflag this shit until they're no longer taken seriously at all?


Fuck off /imperium/

That's typically what it means, yes.

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I wonder who could be behind this post…