The next PlayStation is already in the works, says Sony's new president

Five years ago, in 2013, the PlayStation 4 launched. If history is any indication, we're due for a new PlayStation in the next five years or so.

Sony apparently agrees: "At this point, what I can say is it's necessary to have a next-generation hardware," new Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida told the Financial Times in a recent interview. Yoshida stopped short of calling the console "PlayStation 5," but it's widely expected to be the name for Sony's next PlayStation console.

Most interesting is the fact that Yoshida referred to the new console as "next-generation hardware." Rather than focusing on streaming games over the internet — a la Netflix — Sony is apparently working on a more powerful box for running prettier games.

It's the traditional format for the video game business: Produce a new, more powerful game console every 5 to 10 years that's distinct from previous hardware generations.

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Well, that was quick; I was still waiting for one of them to cough up a game that would get my attention. There's negligible differences between either console and hardly a single worthwhile exclusive game between them. I'm not going to piss away a small fortune for a pre-built computer with barebones features that you can't upgrade just to play one game I can't already play on my PC; I can live without Bloodborne.

Hell, It's a crime for consoles to have exclusive games that can't be played on another console; it's not at all like their hardware is vastly different, like how the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were, and much more like needing to buy different VCR's to play movies owned by different media conglomerates.

Let's be honest at this rate consoles are going to be over glorified anti piracy computers.

Playstation lets you stream Playstation games on your PC, including Bloodborne.

Remember when consoles would come out and stay relevant for however long dev's wanted to make games for it? Lilke the snes? Now its "Every 5 yrs must have new tech! MUST MUST MUST!" I still have a PS3Fat that I got for xmas in 2008-2009. Have a handful of games for it but it's mostly just been my blue ray player. Never got either a ps4 or xbone, I have a PC same as you.

That's already what they are.

if it's backwards compatible to PS4 and lets you bring all your digital games over; there is literally nothing wrong with a PS5.

I was under the impression that a lot of folk got their bloodbornestation few years after the the premiere, to actually have anything to play.
If the numbers are big, wouldn't an early ps5 be a backhand to the face for them?

I don't know why I even bother with gaming news since I can't be bothered to even play them anymore.

wow the ps4 is 5 years old already and I haven't even considered buying one.

I meant to modern standards. in the past consoles were a little behind compared to computers. now they are practically on the same level. now there is no differentiation between the two since console graphics have evolved the same as computer graphics but computer graphics are still a nudge better.

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t. PC scraps mustard rice

Fuckin' Gooks. How about making GAMES I want to play.

Still funny

Isn't that always the case with vidya hardware compabies

But Mr. Yoshida, you forgot to release any games for the last one!

who buys this crap?
of course, retarded normies who let themself be fucked in the ass by SANY

PlayBone X confirmed

I quit at PS2, and game cube, I seen the consent roll out of new systems. Now they are all Online, and wireless. Read about the dangers of wireless tech…

And it still won't have backwards compatibility.

Is this one not going to suck?

It's going to be a shovelware box for devs who don't want to deal with Steam Direct's oversaturated market.

with all honesty i wish i could exchange the retarded ps4 for a brand new ps2.

Last gen

Necessary huh
Is it just the specs or new horizons in SIMD or something

fuck sony. fuck microsoft. fuck apple. fuck nintendo. fuck ea. fuck all you big money corporations.