FBI Recalls Agents Worldwide Amid Prostitution Investigation

There have been arising allegations the past months against FBI agents assigned across East and Southeast Asia pertaining to partaking in prostitution and partying. In response, those involved have been recalled back to Washington as a probe on the matter is ongoing.


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Israel won't be amused.

Around here one of them was at a club and his gun fell out while doing a back flip on the dance floor and when his gun hit the floor it went off and shot a civilian.
Now those are some KILLER MOVES.

Can't imagine attempting back flips while strapped.


Jim's area of expertise!

what a shock

They really don't understand what "Federal" means, do they?

It's not unusual to search under tits for contraband, but it should have been done by a female officer. Lucky bastard

you mean like this?
it's not rape when we do it

You're a liar. He dropped his gun and then when he went to pick it up he grabbed it by the trigger, because they can't afford to train trigger discipline into limpwristed agents anymore. No wonder they couldn't handle 10mm.

Prostitution and human trafficking network recalled back to the United States for prosecution by waiting sealed indictment.

Q finally got tired of being called a cock sucker.
Good job Q.
Round their ass's up.
We support you 100%!

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You know damned well I didn't.
Man, she really got up in there, didn't she?

Hillary Clinton surrenders security clearance and is awaiting formal charges.



fake and ghey

sage disarmed, soyboy

It's mainstream news [ABC] stupid!

Basement communist!

I heard Kanye has a new rap called [going to GITMO].

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It will be terribly difficult for her to steal the White House furniture a 2nd time from where she is going to be.

I heard Bill has requested a separate cell.