Resistance Witches - Feminist Performing Rituals To Bind President Trump

Journalist and feminist activist Laurie Penny-“Resistance movements seek to change the story of power, and what else is a witch but a breakpoint in that story? Traditionally, witches did not do magic in order to rule the world or damn it. Witches worked in their communities for the common good, as well as their own. Witches took control of their own destinies and helped others do the same—and there’s a danger whenever a woman decides to do that, whatever the cost, no matter what she calls it. The magic might not be 'real'—but it works anyway.”

These witches perform a spell to “bind” the administration from causing any harm. The bind us meant to channel energy to limit President Trump’s power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm.”

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JFC, women should stop trying already

he's helped america more than any president in 30 years but he makes women look like the stupid idiots we all knew they were, so they go about proving it to even the most blue pilled saps.

Traditionally, witches do not exist, and neither does idiocy mean taking control of anything.


sea hags

Bring back stake burning for witches.

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Cursed Trump
Cursed KKKavanaugh
These people didn't pay attention in charms class, obviously.

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If you can prove that it" works", then it can be proven in the court of law as a form of assault.

Magic Courts when?

Burning of all kinds: At the stake, on foot, without a head, without limbs, etc. Bring back the fucking Witch Hunters.

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I think Saudi Arabi already has one.

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Fun fact of history, ancient people used to burn witches centuries before the carpenter was nailed to the cross.

False sexual assault accusers need to get the old witches treatment—burn at the stake. I just found another witch. This one is a jewess.

It didn't work the first four times you idiots did that, it's not going to work this time either. Because you should be manifesting a positive outcome rather than intending something negative where the forces in the person's life are enough that it won't work but that negative loosh needs somewhere to go so it ends up coming back. You would know that if you weren't so stupid that you couldn't control yourself emotionally like a fucking adult.

wicca is just female compensation for their inherent powerlessness in a male-dominated society.
it makes them feel better that their ritualistic gibberish is having an "effect" on the world.


Jokes on them if Trump is really the good guy their spell won't do anything

Witches were helping him all along.

They keep losing and losing. Now this, it's like they're desperately just trying anything to stop trump not matter how loony it is

They never read any history books and learned what happens to witches?

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Fucking this. If their majickal spkellz couldn't get Hillary elected, they're not going to do a damn thing now.

They're so desperate they've actually turned to magic. Holy-fucking-shit.