Orthodox Jew Attacked On Film in a Brooklyn Beatdown


As the man approaches the victim, he strings a series of punishing blows to the face of the Hebrew eternal victim, with an iron-fisted elbow drop to follow after he rolls the Jewish Talmudist into the street.

We clearly cannot be sure as to what the “victim,” the recipient of the attack has done to encourage the act of violence.

A second Talmudic Jew, likely a New York Democrat, can be seen getting chased away by the New York champion.

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pisswater btfo
fuck kikes though

The shilling in this thread. Yuck!

sage negated

of course they're allowed to
spread whatever viewpoints
that they feel like spreading


and readers are allowed to
show these radical viewpoints
to whoever they choose

have you ever considered
renting your teeth out by
the hour to a horse ?

Why are you writing like that? Is it to single yourself out from the rest? Readers can show it to whoever they choose, of course. I dont know why youre being so sarcastic, acting like a smartass isnt conducive to the discussion. Now, readers showing it to others with malicious intent of shutting out or de-platforming the writers voice and viewpoints, should not be allowed. Not you, the ADL, or anyone else, should have the authority to tell me what I can or cannot read, hear, or say. That is the classic liberal freedom for all that the entire west has its foundations set on and truth telling is the sport we play. Now stop being so rude and please try to receive this courteous comment in a pleasant manner as Ive given you no reason for outrage that I can note on. So please, feel free to continue your point.

The whole thing is as fake as all fuck. Come on now, the jews can do better in their acting skills. I demand a refund.

as of maybe 4-5 years ago this would have upset me. but kikes have done so much since then to make me completely dehumanize them. i know i'm not alone.
the next holocaust will be real, and their imagination will become a reality.

maybe using the empathy of whites against them wasnt a good idea.

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Looks staged, don't think he was really hitting him.

Orthodox jews aren't as bad as the zionist kind.

news flash:
I'm Jewish, and
this video doesn't bother me
not at all….
in fact, I don't care

but what DOES bother me
who wrote this
original 'article'
for the Turdwater

I've had her Twitter suspended
and I'm working on having her
new Twitter suspended as well

hint: 100% true- she lived in Hawaii on somebody else's dollar, but she had to be taken to the psychiatrist so often for her bipolar, that she ended up having a psychotic breakdown, and had to be flown back to her SHITTY WHITE TRASH LIFE in Mobile Alabama

Tripsss ^ kek wills it.