"Dangerous Dehumanization" And The NPC Meme

Have you ever been called a Russian bot or a "sock puppet?" I know I have. Of course, I just have to shrug it off and get back to my life. No sense in trying to focus on it and feeding the trolls is always a bad idea but apparently, in light of the NPC (non-player character) meme becoming so widespread, Twitter has decided that this sort of "dehumanization" can actually lead to "world harm." Go figure, they didn't seem to have any problem when it was just folks like me being dehumanized but now it's an issue so great it could literally cause the whole world grievous harm.


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shut up and let the people with souls make the decisions. haven't you "people" done enough?

Dehumanized by useful idiot media darlings > Dehumanized by a knife

I struggle with this concept a lot. I've been around the world and met lots of fascinating people. But there truly is a caliber of individual who is a mover and shaker. This tier of human is full of surprises and constantly evolves, especially when you are not watching them.

I know lots of talented people that only seem to evolve or express desire to when around me. Their art expressions only exist when i help them. If i am not there then this caliber of human simply will not push on their own.

(Theres another tier of absolutely shit humans who refuse to treat life like anything other than an on rails cutscene)

I don't want to judge people based on a vague concept of "go getter" but as i grow older i see the truth more and more. Some people consume more than they produce. It doesn't matter what culture you're from, we can all agree that this type of muggle ass individual is unpleasant to be around.

My close friends who i live with also are a tier above the NPCs (muggles) ((people who lack magic in their lives)) they have multiple hobbies and are talented in lots of areas.

My parents told me i could do or be anything i wanted when i was a kid. I figured it was standard business. Do parents not tell their kids that?

I never want to be a racist but as i grow older i see more and more how immature some of the other races and or cultures are.

I don't think the NPC meme is bad. I say push it all the waym because then we can judge people based on the merits of their character rather than the color of their skin.

Call em muggles

Have you ever been called a jew or a "kike?" Have you just shrugged it off and gotten back to your life?
Apparently Twatter sees this as "antisemitism" and that this sort of "dehumanization" can actually lead to "world harm". Go figure, they didn't seem to have any problem when it was just the goyim being dehumanized but now it's an issue so great it could literally cause the whole world grievous harm.

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One of the key tenants in the brain-in-the-vat theory is that a brain will say they don't believe in it, while in practice they do.
NPCs seek out any means to find a "correct" route to enlightenment (the term NPC itself isn't great, but I would concede that it is appropriate). This is why they cling to Red vs Blue, Right vs Left, etc etc. They are already lost at this point.

I've watched a friend succumb to NEET/chan lifestyle where the only talking points are what he sees on the front page of this site. In essence, he is becoming an NPC because he can't extrapolate or have thoughts outside of the chosen mental ecosystem (go on Zig Forums, see what is going on, adopt the lingo, adopt the mentality). Two sides of the same coin.

Be very careful what you attach yourself to, because before you know it you are steeped in a particular ideology, which is like being locked in your own personal Matrix. General NPCs that are the drones you see walking around cling to whatever is moral *at the time* (read: conventional morality) and will nod their head yes as Saladin rapes his sisters while the government asks where his fucking TV license is. Likewise, NEET NPCs sit at home in their chairs quoting MDE, not realizing that as they marinade in the same environment, they become unable to break free and, in a way, are more easily manipulated. I hope someone gets some use out of this. DO NOT STOP PUSHING YOURSELF, PERIOD.

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No human can ever be a player.

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It's only bad because it's a 4chan meme. Fuck 4chan.

Funny coming from people that dehumanize anyone that disagrees with them.


I made this one

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The balls on these fuckers. What about their "russian bots" bullshit?

How's the weather in Moscow?


it's an interesting one

it's the kind of thing that may make it esier to call out shills or bots. A person forced to follow a script and use social pressure really has logic as their greatest enemy and when the label of npc hits, it's what you might call "problematic", unlike just using the label of shill where shills can just call everyone else shills too, this vector leaves the shill or bot having to alter it's behaviour to fit in, to be believed, it has to make an effort or leave.

lets see, the lefties kept screaming that anyone remotely skeptical of their views were racist, homophobic, sexist, mysoginistic, nazis, literally hitler, russian bots, alongside a plethora of deameaning slurs, insults, and call to violence.

but calling them branwashed NPC in return is dehumanizing! oh noes!

btw, NPC is 1 letter away from MOB.

lets see the right kept screaming anyone skeptical of their views were racist, pedo, communist, literally stalin, soros shills alongside a plethora of demeaning slurs, insults and calls to violence.

but calling a spade a spade is apparently too much for those snowflakes

You don't see the right react to every little thing like lefties do. They're NPCs because all they can do is react not act for themselves. Yes the right has them too but when's the last time you saw the right get upset about some niggers in a coffee shop?

Funny it wasnt an issue when it was simply the timfoil hats saying this shit but now that our words are parroted by the masses its a problem. Weve brainwashed their zombies and they hate it.

not bad, spread it

What a world to live in.

I like this one too.

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they kicked half the fathers in western civilization out of their children's lives, but this is dehumanizing?

guy making faces at trump rally triggered them pretty hard

Big Tech companies know what is best for us. We can trust them.

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whens the last time the left got triggered about a nigger at a march in charlottesville?