Campfires and cannabis: Parks Canada says it's OK to smoke pot at campsites

Campers heading out to one of Canada's national parks can start adding cannabis to their kit.

Parks Canada confirmed this week that marijuana can be consumed at its campsites — part of a policy of offering visitors a "consistent and predictable" experience at national parks across the country.

"While Parks Canada campgrounds are public areas, the agency treats individual campsites as temporary domiciles for our visitors. For this reason, at Parks Canada campgrounds, consumption of cannabis will be permitted in campsites," spokesperson Marie-Hélène Brisson wrote in an email.

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Yeah, that will totally not create more wildfires and other accidents by idiots who drug themselves into even less perception to danger.

Because we didn't have enough forest fires this past summer.

T.person who doesn't go outside or ever have fun


We're not talking about your anti-depressants here..
Dude, it's just Weed LMAO!

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Lol you can smoke weed in the woods we just got the OK? what a joke if its legal id assume you can smoke at a campsite

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Something about being stoned in nature makes you hyper aware of your surroundings. Starting any sort of uncontrolled fire is in the forefront of my mind. Plus most people will smoke around a campfire and just throw the blunt roach in the fire. The amount of wildfires will be realitivley the same. The Canadian wildfire rate wont rise 420% just because you can legally smoke at a camp site. Plot twist, people have been smoking weed at camps long before it was legal.


The illegal weed you smoked in the last decades has it's origins in Afghanistan, which is Jew controlled (they even had to construct a war to get it). But let's ignore that and go over to the legal dope, which is now called a pharmaceutical product. PHARMA-ceutical. That should give you a hint on who's running that show from now on. Also once the slave masses are hooked on their next drug of choice, you can say goodbye to local dealers, to growing plants yourself, and to getting somewhat clean weed. Instead we will get new laws that will really butt-fuck anyone who tries to make money on dope alongside the pharma industry, and of course big pharma doesn't sell natural implements, they will drug that shit up with all kinds of nasty supplements.

In short: say goodbye to chillin your dope, and hello to deadly Jewish cannabis addiction, marketed to you from every direction.

Again..once weed goes pharma all other avenues will be forced out of business or heavily regulated, capitalism style.

You forget that the legalization will fill your little crew of stoner buddies with millions of mindless drones following the latest capitalism craze. MJ going mainstream means blunt culture to die, like every other hobby Jewish capitalism corrupted into a state of enslavement.

I wonder if it needs to be put in a bear bag at night due to smell

What, exactly, is your point? Normies kill weed culture so less people smoke? That's probably a good thing to be honest. I'll probably be consuming weed till I'm an old ass man because I've had chronic back and knee pain since I was a young man cause I'm so fucking freakishly tall. Doctor Goldstein would rather I kept refilling that pricey hydrocodone prescription but I dont particularly want to get addicted to heroin. I'd rather have a free option that doesnt fuck me up, thanks.

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Hank no! That's not propane!

No. The existing weed culture is gonna be destroyed by normies and legal regulations.

The opposite. Weed will be as big as cigarettes once were. Humans forced into addiction by marketing.

You'll only get your hands on the official product, which like every other product under capitalism, will be altered to archive maximum revenue with minimum expanse. Just like many other medicines, weed will be transformed from something natural into something artificial and toxic to the user. Just look what the did to something as simple as an apple…they changed the taste, they are filled to the brim with sugar, the prices only ever go up, and more and more humans have never tasted an natural apple.

I really dont care much for weed culture because I dont use it just for recreation like stoners, so I dont care what happens to the culture. Also, who said anything about buying anything? Let alone buying sand nigger camel dung boo boo weed?

See, with pharma in charge weed regulation will become a capitalistic movement, just like copyright, to make it impossible for anyone to benefit from weed without paying them first. Therefore dealer will not be targeted like before (to keep drugs away from citizens), but this time with the full power of protecting Jewish revenue assets. Home growing and getting seeds will also be regulated with a new set of laws that will prohibit this because of not endangering the mandated purity level (I just made that up, but I know they will come up with something even more insane). they will try to force anyone into only having access to the legal product.

Yeah, like all those regulations about keeping weed illegal really stopped anyone before?

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This makes me wonder something. If they just straight up legalize weed, what the fuck are pot smokers going to talk about? Because I've known a few people that smoke pot and "Dude it should like be totally legal. It's less harmful then cigarettes" is all that comes out of their mouth.

ya know compared to people who smoke regular cigarettes and toss butts out into the forest. "oh shit im out camping and weed is illegal. better hold off on smoking that bro, people might be looking". legalization changes fucking nothing other than where people buy weed

you go back to the regular conversation topic, talking about all the other times you smoked weed and how great it was

part of the legalization is you can have one or 2 personal plants iirc