'Anti-white' racism: Australia senators blame 'error' for vote

The Australian government has said that an "administrative error" prompted 23 of its senators to vote for a motion which stated "it is OK to be white".

The motion by Pauline Hanson, leader of the anti-Islam One Nation party, also condemned "anti-white racism". It was defeated 31-28 in a vote on Monday.

Critics noted that the phrase "it's OK to be white" has been associated with trolls and white supremacist groups.

PM Scott Morrison said the level of government support was "regrettable".

Responding to a backlash on Tuesday, the government said its senators had misunderstood the motion due to an internal "process failure".


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What a wretched country.

keep normalizing naziism. that can never do anything but good.

I am glad this vote was defeated. Saying that it is okay to be white is obviously racist. The government was right to find that sentiment regrettable. It is impossible to be racist against white people.

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The absolute state of the remains of Her Majesty's empire. How far you've fallen. Worshipping the shitskins you formerly ruled. You took the land by right of conquest, ruled wisely and lifted up yourselves and the natives, then you threw it all away, believing jewish lies. Sad.

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Good job liberals.

There is no reason to keep the major parties in power in Australia. They will continue to fuck us and destroy everything good about the country.

Well, at least they're not completely retarded. Also does this mean it is legally not ok to be white in Australia?

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I honestly thought the government was going to say the error was the other way around, that the vote was FOR the motion, and it IS okay to be white.


Nope. It's not okay, according to the Australian government.
I guess we're the bad guys now.
pic related

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too real

How insulting but not surprising. Politicians will have to learn the hard way.

So, Australia's official position is that it is not OK to be white?

Correct. A clearer declaration of treachery and reason for expulsion has ne'er been made.

Nice to know politicians hate the people that pay their wage and are not afraid to show it.

Yup this is why the Aussies voted the minor parties in and now they are afraid. They deserved it for backstabbed the Aussies many times.

Holy shit that actually was the first good thing Pauline has done in about a year

nah cunt diz iz ur land Even though honestly the leftist policies will mean the precious Abo will be extinct within 100 years

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that is some really horrifying hollywood makeup. what is that supposed to be, a botched skinjob?

imagine being such a little baby you need your government to tell you it's ok to be you lmao

Abos used to be all over southeast asia.
Until the other asians wiped them out.

Imagine being so disgusting that you need laws to stop people from criticizing you.

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Imagine having enough shekels to buy ALL the politicians in ALL the countries in order to make those laws happen.

in other words, every non white and every woman on earth.