South Africa - Student Hannah Cornelius Raped And Murdered By 4 Men (Video)

Someone who thinks of others before thinking about herself, that is how South African Cheslin March (22 years old) described his fellow student and girlfriend Miss Hannah Cornelius (pictured on the left, 21 years old).

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tbh if I was in Africa and saw those two in the street i probably would rape them as well.

GOOD! those poor africans don't have enough, it's a shame her friend wasn't there to give more as well.

Aww, those poor boys need to be let free. She probably wasn't respecting their 'unique' culture. I for one think that these potential scientist and engineers need to move over to america or europe.

why didn't she just use feminism to overpower them?

toxic femininity triggers criminality in men


realise that as has been well shown, when you ironic shitpost enough, you make the newcomers believe that that is what you really think, and they follow mindlessly.
you attract the sjw and other mentally ill who see real likeminded posts, and they stay.
then you try to post something real and they shut you down, you become the outsider.
seen it happen over the years.

This is ANC policy in kafferland. Mandela is turning in his grave.

I see no men.
just four niggers.

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She also showed me a picture of my great grandfather Cornelius who visited Nazi Germany for the olympics and desperately wanted to stay, but had to continue his university courses here in the US. He thought the world of Nazi Germany, apparently, though my PC grandma disclaimed, "Well, of course nobody had any idea what they were doing to the people over there…" I suspect she might also know that the Holocaust is fucking bullshit, but would never admit it at her age, and at that age I don't expect her to change

But I digress - kill all the fucking niggers.

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t. NPC


Or as they call it in South Africa, "Wednesday".

seems like a pretty tame day to me

They were prolly dressed like they wanted a gangbang…and a gangbang they got.

I'm giving them the rope to hang themselves with, you're welcome.

Explain how he's an NPC? At this point, it's been used so much in just a few days, if you don't explain why you think his points mean he's unable to think for himself, then you're just an NPC parroting what you hear others say.

So, pathological altruism? Kind of how whites ended up in this mess to begin with, that and our big nosed friends.

That's pretty impressive tbh. Normally niggers get to them before their 5th birthday.

Its the only way you'll ever lose your virginity. sad

t. NPC

The rapists thought of that already. They killed her before she could use the ultimate feminazi weapon: #metoo

What bugs me is why haven’t the white South Africans fled the country by now? Their properties are worthless regardless of expropriation and the blacks will continue raping white women because they see it as avenging apartheid. Even China will take in and protect these white people:

Where's the video?

being who
The 99.999% of humans that aren't aware of what is happening. Nice, perfect plan. While the negroid bio-weapons eat their way through europe, the US, and everywhere else at the puppetmaster hands of the juden, you will aid them by providing rope.
Yes, it is all so clear to me now.
No need for allies or red pilling, just hang the whites, race war now.


don't try to reason with faggots, it is a waste of your time.

they have no wealth, it has been stripped from them, and they were denied "refugee" status in several countries.
(((they))) want them to stayed trapped their and be killed off.
Zig Forums setting up crowd funding or a charity to pay for these people to be evacuated and resettled in human countries would be better.

PoundMeToo isn't rape. It's just cunts attention whoring. Real rape is when they get beaten up savagely to the point of near unconsciousness to prevent them from resisting.

Ill bet while shes siezing every hole is as tight as a two year olds

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take your own advice

Knew a guy from there who fled with his pregnant wife, (((French))) authorities not only denied them refugee status they also wanted to forcefully sent them back, even do they where here legally. At which me and some friends smuggled them into Ukraine where they now live. All payed for by family and friends. Europe is whites killing cancer.
Ps: his wife was raped and had her face slashed in front of him by their nigger neighbors wile 7 months pregnant, she got some STD's out of it as well. Thats what made them leave, too bad France didn't think they where in danger.

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